Adams Arms Introduces Piston-Driven 300 BLK Line

Adams Arms announces a new line of piston driven 300BLK products, complete with the Adams Arms legendary Lifetime Warranty and accuracy guarantee. Our new line of piston driven 300BLK uppers and pistols are available in multiple configurations and barrel lengths with the same clean running, reliable system you have come to expect from Adams Arms and the accuracy and durability of Voodoo Innovations Melonited barrels, combined with the benefits of the .30 caliber 300BLK cartridge.

Adams Arms 300BLK uppers and pistols are perfect for your home defense, hunting, and sporting needs, where you need more punch than 5.56/.223 can provide, while maintaining low recoil and flash signature benefits of 5.56 in a compact AR design.

One of the main benefits of the 300BLK cartridge is shooting suppressed to increase reliability and reduce sound signature. The Adams Arms piston systems include adjustable gas blocks for your various shooting applications and to accommodate a wide range of subsonic and supersonic ammo. The XLP gas block gives the shooter the ability to fine tune their rifle. The Adams Arms piston systems run cleaner and cooler, offering a more reliable option for shooting suppressed without extreme fouling or carbon build up resulting in failures.

300BLK rifles, pistols, uppers, and barrels are now available at