USCCA Responds to President Obama’s Executive Order to Expand Gun Control

GW:  I watched the Tyrant in Chief live yesterday, as he continued his assault on my rights to own firearms without registering them.  And, that’s what he’s attempting to do – even though he doesn’t have the authority vested in his throne.  All I heard was we need bigger government and we need to register all firearms.  I couldn’t listen to the entire pathetic speech and had to tune out.

Summary: USCCA President and Founder Tim Schmidt responds to President Obama’s executive action on guns Tuesday morning.

In a statement earlier today, President Barack Obama announced his plan to initiate a new executive order that includes but is not limited to expanding background checks for private gun sellers.

According to Fox News, the President’s actions “mark a renewed bid…to enact gun control measures with or without Congress.”

USCCA President and Founder Tim Schmidt notes that “President Obama’s anti-freedom, pro-socialism executive order—his blatant push for more gun control—is a direct response to calls from anti-gunners—who, by the way, do not comprise the majority of people in this country—to do ‘something’ about the perceived level of gun violence across the U.S.”

He insists, “We absolutely cannot stand for this gross overreach of power that directly and negatively affects millions of law-abiding men and women in this country.”

“It’s been shown time and time again that background checks do nothing to reduce crime,” Schmidt adds. “And yet, the President is determined to appease the people—the media, mainly—who claim they do.”

Concealed Carry Magazine Executive Editor Kevin Michalowski offers extensive commentary on the topic of universal background checks in a short article, “Background Checks Won’t Reduce Crime,” found on the USCCA Blog.

“It’s pretty clear to me that Obama’s endgame is simply to disarm as many law-abiding Americans as possible,” Schmidt suggests. “Not only is it dangerous…it’s unconstitutional.”

About the USCCA:
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  • Terry

    Well, it seems unconstitutional. But, it IS constitutional for the president to issue executive orders.

    However, executive orders are valid ONLY with the ten mile by ten mile square of land known as Washington, D.C. and upon companies incorporated at the federal level. Their authority does not reach to citizens of the several states of the union, except under martial law.

    So, we need to keep that in mind and ignore any attempts to impose false authority upon us.

    • Glen Wunderlich

      It isn’t the first time Obama has over-stepped his authority. The trouble is that it will take a court action to at least suspend the decree and that takes time. The only way for him to force background checks on all purchases – not just from dealers – will require registration of all firearms. It ain’t gonna happen! But, he sure gives a good sounding, one-sided song and dance replete with teardrops and all. Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth!