Browning Introduces BXC Big Game Hunting Ammunition

Browning Ammunition introduces the BXC Controlled Expansion Terminal Tip, which is designed specifically for use on Big Game like mule deer, elk, moose and bear.

The Controlled Expansion Terminal Tip and bonded bullet design allows for deep penetration through thick hide and bone. The aluminum tip and heavy bullet weight are integral components to delivering precision accuracy, maximum downrange velocity and long-range, on-target performance.

“With the new BXC Big Game product, toughness and penetration are paramount,” said Ben Frank, brand manager for Browning Ammunition. “The Terminal Tip bullet is engineered for deep penetration through tough hide and bone, so look no further than BXC bullets on your next big game hunt.”

Available at retail locations: August 2016

Offerings include:
270 Win 145-gr. 7mm Rem Mag 155-gr.
308 Win 168-gr. 30-06 SPRG 185-gr.
300 Win Mag 185-gr. 300 WSM 185-gr.

Anodized aluminum tip for deep penetration through tough hide and bone

Heavy bullet weights for improved penetration

Overall bullet design achieves deep and consistent penetration on largest game

Bonding aids in weight retention, penetration and overall bullet integrity
The Browning Ammunition portfolio includes popular ammunition offerings in rifle, shotgun, handgun and rimfire, featuring advanced technologies for hunters and shooters.

Browning Ammunition is designed to the highest standards of innovation, precision and technology. This relentless pursuit for engineering excellence is precisely what has earned the Buckmark™ its honorable distinction: The Best There Is™.

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