Hornady Enhances 4DOF Ballistic Calculator

Grand Island, NE – Introduced in August 2016, the new 4DOF™ (4 Degrees of Freedom) Ballistic Calculator has become a popular resource for those seeking more accurate trajectories, especially at extreme ranges. Calculations with the Hornady® 4DOF™ calculator now include earth based effects, zero angle, range units and temperature sensitivity factors.

The 4DOF™ calculator provides trajectory solutions based on projectile Drag Coefficient (not ballistic coefficient) along with the exact physical modelling of the projectile and its mass and aerodynamic properties. Additionally, it is the first publically available program that correctly calculates the vertical shift a bullet experiences as it encounters a crosswind; referred to as aerodynamic jump. The use of drag coefficients, correct projectile dynamics, aerodynamic jump and spin drift enable the Hornady 4DOF™ ballistic calculator to be the most accurate commercially available trajectory program.

Since its initial introduction, many new features have been added to the 4DOF™ calculator. In addition to more projectiles in the library, the following have been added:

· Earth Based Effects: Accounts for effects due to rotational velocity of earth as well as earth curvature.

· Zero Angle: Accounts for any changes atmospheric conditions can have on your zero range and subsequent trajectory.

· Temperature Sensitivity Factor: Accounts for changes in muzzle velocity with changes in temperature. Features custom input or general table with commonly used long-range powders.

· Range Units: Allows for range units to be output in yards or meters regardless of standard or metric inputs.

Other ballistic calculators provide three degrees of freedom in their approach: windage, elevation and range, but treat the projectile as an inanimate lump flying downrange. The 4DOF™ calculator incorporates the projectile’s movement in the standard 3 degrees but also adds its movement about its center of gravity and subsequent angle relative to its line of flight which is the fourth degree of freedom.

Using Doppler radar, Hornady engineers have calculated exact drag versus velocity curves for each bullet in the 4DOF library. Combined with the physical attributes of the projectiles, the 4DOF calculator is simply more accurate for long-range hits than using BC based systems or custom drag curves based on limited data collection points.

Using BC (Ballistic Coefficients) is an antiquated method for predicting bullet flight. The method can be tweaked to work well within a given set of conditions, but will produce errors when conditions change. Using the bullet’s measured flight characteristics instead of comparing it to a standard, results in more accurate trajectory predictions in all conditions.

“The addition of these new features will help guarantee the most accurate trajectory predictions available,” says Jayden Quinlan, Hornady Ballistics Engineer.

The Hornady 4DOF Ballistic Calculator is available at no cost on the company’s website at Hornady.com.

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