Colt Announces New BowLight™ for Crossbows

WEST HARTFORD, CT – Legendary firearms manufacturer Colt is excited to announce the release of the industry’s first truly professional compact high output Crossbow light, apply named the PGS100 BOWLIGHT™ Predatory System.

With the recent increased interest for bow and crossbow hunting and fishing, the need for a truly professional long-range illumination system has arisen, and the new Colt BOWLIGHT™ PGS100 Predator system answers that need.

Crossbows create severe and an unusual types of “recoil” which can and will destroy conventional mountable flashlight and illumination systems. The Colt BOWLIGHT™ was, in-turn, designed to not only handle this type of severe and unusual recoil, but in addition, was built with advanced machined micro-sized coated reflector optics which allow its single AAA power-plant to throw a 100 lumen beam over 300 feet, and do so within the constraints of the scarce space typically found on today’s modern bow and crossbow platforms.

The head and tail of the Colt BOWLIGHT™ can be swapped allowing for seamless left or right side mounting. The tail-switch features an integral plug connector for easy connection of the optional remote tape switch, which can swing close-to or away-from the rail while the light is on to allow for quick and easy access to the plug even while wearing gloves.

Dual-Recoil internal compression pins combined with proprietary internal recoil-absorption machining and buffering allow the BOWLIGHT™ the ability to handle massive shock, making it one of the most durable professional weapons illumination system in modern times.

The Colt BOWLIGHT™ PGS100 Predator system comes equipped with both a Pure Green LED head and a Pure White LED head, allowing for night fishing and hog hunting for when a stealth approach is critical. A green LED was used to provide superior lighting while still providing 1 hour of continuous run-time on a single AAA battery. The white beam also offers excellent performance, providing nearly twice the range per lumen as many other brand lights.

The Colt BOWLIGHT™ is built for the hunt of a lifetime. Designed to be rugged enough to withstand the rigors of combat when mounted on Colt’s legendary AR-15® platform rifles and carbines, Colt’s new BOWLIGHT™ PGS100 Predator Illumination System is dependable yet compact enough to bring on those hunts when every pound counts. .
Colt Lights are available through and Coming Soon at BassPro stores across the nation.

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