Food Plots Lead the Way Among Hunter Land Management Practices

FERNANDINA BEACH, FL. —While roughly three out of 10 surveyed hunters are actually involved in managing or attracting wildlife on the land where they hunt, of those who do, more than 80 percent of their efforts are spent on creating food plots. In fact, the HunterSurvey.comsurvey conducted by Southwick Associates found that food plots were the leading practice by nearly double most other practices.

Following are the top five management practices as revealed by the survey:
Food plots 81 percent
Mineral sites 49 percent
Timber management 45 percent
Plant management 42 percent
Feeders 39 percent
Other practices measured included creating man-made water sources (17 percent), controlled burns (15 percent), maintaining water level or flow (11 percent) and other (6 percent).

The survey also examined the interaction of hunters around their feeding sites. Of those hunters who do use feeders (where legal) to enhance opportunities, 86 percent monitor those sites with trail cameras, 67 percent of them do so year-round, 33 percent run feeders year-round, and 83 percent hunt over them or near them.

“This survey shows that food plots and other means of attracting and holding game in an area or on a particular property are important management tools among a third of today’s hunters,” says Rob Southwick, president of Southwick Associates, which designs and conducts the surveys at, and

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