LWRCI Offers $300 Instant Rebate on Trijicon MRO

LWRCI™, in partnership with Trijicon is offering a a $300 Instant Rebate on the popular Trijicon MRO optic to customers who purchase any LWRCI Gas Piston rifle through December 15, 2017.

This special offer going on now is valid on any LWRCI™ gas-piston rifle, including the IC (Individual Carbine), SIX 8 and REPR MKII, purchased through an authorized LWRCI™ dealer. Customers who purchase an eligible LWRCI rifle through December 15, 2017 will receive a $300+ INSTANT REBATE on a Trijicon MRO Optic (Model # MRO-C-22000005) and full Co-Witness mount, redeemable exclusively at the LWRCI.com Web Store.
For more information on the LWRCI™ $300 Trijicon MRO Instant Rebate promotion, visit www.lwrci.com/trijiconmro.

See the complete line of LWRCI Luxury MSR’s at www.lwrci.com.

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