New ICOtec® PD200 & AD400 Electronic Predator Decoys

The NEW Electronic Predator Decoys from ICOtec are the best value on the market. Features include; adjustable speed dial, intermittent motion, two quick-change toppers, LED light for night hunts, connectivity to e-callers and self-contained battery power source, both units require four AA batteries, not included. Designed and manufactured by ICOtec to be durable and effective. These new decoys are essential tools when calling predators, and a perfect pairing with ICOtec brand game calls.

The stand-alone PD200 includes built-in holders for the aluminum stake and spring topper shaft. It also includes the cable to connect the decoy to your e-call via the AUX port for remote activation and deactivation. The PD200 will connect with other brands of callers with a dedicated AUX/Decoy port for electronic decoy. The AD400 Attachable Decoy has the same features as the PD200, however it is reconfigured to attach to an ICOtec game caller. The AD400 fits ICOtec models GC320, GC350, GC500 and the upcoming Outlaw game calls.

The PD200 is $39.99 and the AD400 is $49.99 retail.

Chuck Ames
419-867-6900 x103

Chuck Ames
General Manager
6415 Angola Road
Holland, OH 43528
419-867-6900 x103

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