The New Outlaw Electronic Game Call by ICOtec

ICOtec has a new caller scheduled for delivery to the market place in January 2018. The much louder and larger product has been designed for predator hunters in wide open, windy or mountainous terrain. Adding this larger and more expensive product to our electronic game call line up was not an easy decision since our success has been built on a very low price point. Although the pricing for ICOtec calls and decoys is one of the industry’s lowest, our customers do not sacrifice on quality, performance or value.

The Outlaw will host the following features: 900 feet remote control range, large 10 watt PA speaker, ability to play two separate sounds at the same time, the ability to pause and restart either call sound separately, save up to 20 favorite sounds for instant recall for fast sound file access, large remote display screen with larger font, day and night display settings with brightness adjustment, display sleep mode settings, sound file spacing options for automatic sound delay, external speaker port for additional volume in extreme conditions, a free electronic decoy included, tripod mount and much more.

The Outlaw will retail for $379.99 and will include the entire ICOtec sound file library, more than 250 sounds that are great for attracting multiple species.

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