Strasser Hunting Firearms Enter the US Market

(Midwest City, Oklahoma) – International Firearm Corporation, exclusive importer of an elite selection of European firearms is proud to offer American shooters the Strasser RS14 Evolution and RS14 Evolution Tahr for the first time. Strasser, an Austrian arms maker with a rich history of manufacturing hunting and sporting rifles, has built a reputation on precision, innovation, unsurpassed quality, and elegant design. As passionate hunters, they know what is important. The revolutionary design, and ergonomic operating functions make the Strasser RS14 Evolution a reliable companion for hunters around the world.

The new RS14 Evolution, specially designed for the US market, is a straight pull bolt action rifle that features a removable trigger pack and the ability to easily adjust trigger weight without tools. It also has a set trigger feature that brings the trigger pull down two ounces. The quick change bolt face allows users to quickly and easily switch between mini, standard, and magnum bolt face. It comes with an integrated picatinny rail on the receiver. Consumers are offered two different models on the RS14 with a grade E Walnut stock or with a grey, laminate stock called Tahr. The first 100 of each model will be serial numbered to signify a special edition just for America.

International Firearm Corporation was created with a single goal, to import some of Europe’s most highly regarded firearms and offer American consumers firearms they would otherwise not be able to own or experience. IFC is proud to offer the Strasser RS14 Evolution and the RS14 Evolution Tahr to American shooters and firearm enthusiasts. In addition to importing and the distribution of select lines, any weapon purchased through International Firearm Corporation comes with an additional extended Two Year Warranty for parts and labor, and IFC does custom gunsmithing work in house on all of the guns they sell. Their unmatched warranty program and ability to quickly repair firearms puts their customer service and customer experience in a league of its own.

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About International Firearm Corporation – International Firearm Corporation was founded and created to import and market some of Europe’s most innovative, advanced and revolutionary firearms for the benefit of U.S. consumers. IFC holds itself to the highest of standards and strives to surpass the level of services, quality of firearms and commitment of any current U.S. firearm importer. The Company appreciates and respects the history and tradition of the European firearm manufacturers. International Firearm Corporation will attempt to use advanced sales and marketing initiatives to transform the mechanics of obtaining an imported firearm and distributing it to the end-consumer. From the moment the first part is assembled in Europe to the moment a U.S. shooter fires their first round, IFC will ensure an experience that is unique and above industry standards.

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