Lehigh Defense 300 BLK Controlled Chaos Copper Ammo

Are you looking for a 300 Blackout / Whisper* Bullet that will work as a Personal Defense or Hunting Round for your 300 Blackout / Whisper* Pistol, SBR, Carbine or Full Barrel Length Rifles?Look no further. Lehigh Defense is introducing the first high velocity multipurpose 300 Blackout / Whisper* bullet that provides ground breaking terminal performance at 10 feet or 400 yards. Our Controlled Chaos Copper bullet is a solid copper bullet designed to provide a Controlled, Predictable and Repeatable fragmentation.

The CCCu bullet outperforms the competition by providing a tremendous energy tranfer whether the bullet is traveling at 1,400 fps or 2,600+ fps. The bullet is designed to fragment into 7 components; 6 Petals and 1 Wadcutter Base. When the Transfer of Energy occurs the bullet creates an impressive wound cavity bloom that measures 5+ inches in diameter and extends for 5+ inches. Read more

Hornady Adds 6.5 Creedmoor to American Whitetail Line

Grand Island, NE – Hornady®, an industry leader in bullet and ammunition technology, is proud to announce the 6.5 Creedmoor as the newest addition to their American Whitetail® line of ammunition. Loaded with a Hornady® 129 gr. InterLock® bullet, the Creedmoor offers precision-based performance at extended ranges for hunters.Originally developed by Hornady as a true match cartridge, the 6.5 Creedmoor has also established itself as an effective hunting round. Well suited for North American game up to and including elk, the 6.5 Creedmoor features light recoil as well as speed and precision. Its legendary InterLock® bullet with pioneering secant ogive design and exclusive InterLock® ring keep the core and jacket locked together during expansion to retain mass and energy. Read more

California Initiative to require background checks on ammunition purchases

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Fox News has a news story on a new initiative being offered by California’s Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom.  The initiative has includes proposals either not approved by the the Democrat controlled legislature because they were viewed as unworkable or vetoed by the governor.

. . .  Dr. John R. Lott, Jr., an economist and world recognized expert on guns and crime who founded and heads the Crime Prevention Research Center, a research and education organization dedicated to conducting academic quality research on the relationship between laws regulating the ownership or use of guns, crime, and public safety, called the initiative “racist.”

“The question is who are you stopping from owning a firearm or getting hold of ammunition – in this case it is law-abiding, poor blacks and Hispanics who won’t be able to afford the cost of ammunition, which will rise with the cost associated with required background checks for ammunition purchases.” . . . Read more

Winchester USA Forged Steel Shellcase Loads

EAST ALTON, Ill. – Steel shellcase ammunition has been a favorite among value-minded shooters looking to reduce the expense of shooting, while at the same time increasing their opportunities to shoot.In the new USA Forged™, Winchester introduces a steel shellcase product that is made in the USA. USA Forged represents the culmination of an extensive development project that resulted in new manufacturing methods.

This new line is proudly manufactured in Winchester’s Oxford, Miss., manufacturing facility and utilizes precision-made steel shellcases with a proprietary coating for improved reliability and corrosion resistance. The noncorrosive boxer primers and clean-burning powder are ideal for high-volume range sessions, while the brass jacketed (nonplated) lead-core bullets can be used on any range and can also be used in any pistol type; including ported, vented or suppressed pistols. Read more

New Buck, Boars & Bears Premium 12-GA Rounds

ALELPHIA, NJ – With uncompromising accuracy, devastating on-target expansion, and rifle-like chambering performance in both smooth and rifled barrels, Lightfield’s Bucks. Boars & Bears premium 12-gauge rounds are the most devastating and accurate shotgun slugs available for hunters after deer-sized game animals.

“These 2 ¾” rounds leave the muzzle at an impressive 1,600 fps with a massive 2,643 ft-lbs of energy and deliver a staggering 1,094 ft-lbs into their target with only ¾ of an inch of drop at 125 yards,” Brian Smith, Lightfield’s director of marketing, said. What that tech-speak means for hunters, he said, is a round that provides a consistent and impressive knockdown punch that puts game down for the count. Read more

Starline Brass Celebrates “40 Days of Giveaways”

SEDALIA, MO – Starline Brass has recently kicked off a series of giveaways to thank their customers for contributing to 40 years of success manufacturing America’s finest handgun brass. The “40 Days of Giveaways” promotion kicked off April 12 and will run through May 21, leading up to a big announcement at the annual NRA convention in Louisville, KY.The “40 Days of Giveaways” celebrating Starline’s 40th Anniversary is a series of online and Facebook promotions giving away a variety of prizes. Starline gift certificates, hats and shirts, Starline brass, Berry’s plated bullets and ammo boxes are all included. For the grand prize, Starline will give away a new Dillon reloading press. The winner of the press will be announced on Saturday, May 21 at the NRA convention.

To enter to win the first giveaway of the “40 Days of Giveaways”, Like Starline on Facebook and enter to win at facebook.com/starlinebrass or visit http://woobox.com/kjdrbs?web=1. Read more

Browning Introduces BXD Ammunition for Upland Hunting

Browning Ammunition introduces BXD Upland Extra Distance, which launches plated lead shot at high velocities to achieve premium in-the-field performance.Nickel plating helps keep the shot pellets round for improved velocity retention and energy transfer as well as tighter downrange patterns.

“BXD Upland ammo is built to maintain consistent, tight patterns. The nickel plating reduces shot deformation, maintaining higher velocity down range,” said Ben Frank, brand manager for Browning Ammunition. “Whether they are in close or flushing wild, BXD Upland provides you with what you need to bring them down.”

Available at retail locations now!

Offerings include:
12 ga 3″ 1-5/8 oz #5 at 1350 FPS
12 ga 2-3/4″ 1-3/8 oz #5 or #6 at 1485 FPS
20 ga 3″ 1-1/4 oz #5 or #6 at 1250 FPS
20 ga 2-3/4″ 1 oz #5 at 1300 FPS Read more

The Top 5 Media Misrepresentations Of Gun Ownership (That Are Actually Totally Normal)

GW:  All good information at the link below, but what I never hear about why someone would want particular guns and particular ammo relates to the real reason for the Second Amendment:  It’s there to protect citizens from tyrannical rule, which by the way, we get closer to with each passing day.  Certainly, government officials avoid such talk at any cost.

“Nobody needs thousands of rounds of ammunition in their home.”

“Nobody needs armor-piercing bullets.”

“Nobody needs a stockpile of guns.”

“Nobody needs assault weapons.”

“Nobody needs…”  You finish the statement.

The logical responses to these bogus questions are here…

Federal American Eagle Introduces Syntech Range Ammunition

Anoka, Minnesota – Federal Ammunition is pleased to announce a whole new concept for range ammunition with introduction of American Eagle Syntech: A smoother way to shoot. Shipments of this new product are now being delivered to dealers.American Eagle Syntech is the first range-specific ammunition designed to reduce fouling and extend barrel life with a high-tech polymer bullet coating. Combined with specialized clean-burning powders, your gun will stay cleaner, longer, so you can shoot more—and shoot better. The exclusive Catalyst™ primer provides the most reliable, consistent ignition possible. The Syntech system offers target shooters the most advanced range ammunition available and the perfect way for handgun owners to protect their investment from the inside out. Read more
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