Four New Calibers Join Browning Ammunition’s BXR Deer Loads for 2017

Arnold, Mo., July 26, 2017 – Fall of 2016 saw Browning Ammunition’s BXR Deer rifle loads put successfully to the test by hunters across the country. Now it will only get better in 2017. Hunters will be ready for the rut with more caliber options to choose from.

New offerings include:

  • 6.5 Creedmoor (129-grain)
  • 7mm-08 (144-grain)
  • 7mm Rem. Mag. (144-grain)
  • .270 WSM (134-grain)

Each round features a nickel-plated shellcase and bullet jacket along with Browning Ammunition’s trademarked Rapid Expansion Matrix Tip™. The Matrix Tip is designed to allow for high-downrange velocity and energy retention while initiating rapid expansion and delivering maximum knockdown power on large game such as whitetail, blacktail, mule deer and antelope. Read more

Federal Launches 13 New Options in Non-Typical Deer Hunting Ammo Lineup

ANOKA, Minnesota — July 24, 2017 — Federal Ammunition is pleased to announce its launch of Non-Typical, a full line of ammunition specifically built for the American deer hunter. The competitively priced rifle loads are available in 13 popular hunting cartridges and bullet weight options, including a 140-grain 6.5 Creedmoor. Shipments of this new ammunition are being delivered to dealers.

New Federal Non-Typical uses an optimized soft-point bullet with a concentric jacket to provide tag-punching accuracy and consistent, lethal wound channels on any whitetail, mule deer or other species.

Features & Benefits
• Accurate, hard-hitting bullet design
• Loaded to meet the specific needs of deer hunters
• Consistent Federal primer
• Precision-drawn Federal brass

Part No. / Description / MSRP
243DT100 / 243 Win. 100-grain soft point / $21.95
270DT130 / 270 Win. 130-grain soft point / $21.95
270DT150 / 270 Win. 150-grain soft point / $21.95
3030DT150 / 30-30 Win. 150-grain soft point / $19.95
3030DT170 /30-30 Win. 170-grain soft point / $19.95
308DT150 / 308 Win. 150-grain soft point / $21.95
308DT180 / 308 Win. 180-grain soft point / $21.95
3006DT150 / 30-06 Spring. 150-grain soft point / $21.95
3006DT180 / 30-06 Spring. 180-grain soft point / $21.95
7RDT150 / 7mm Rem. Mag. 150-grain soft point / $27.95
300WDT150 / 300 Win. Mag. 150-grain soft point / $27.95
300WDT180 / 300 Win. Mag. 180-grain soft point / $27.95
65CDT1 / 6.5 Creedmoor 140-grain soft point / $21.95 Read more

Federal Offers Fusion MSR 6.5 Grendel Load

ANOKA, Minnesota – – Federal Ammunition is pleased to announce a new 120-grain 6.5 Grendel load designed for deer hunters in its Fusion MSR lineup. Shipments of this new product are currently being delivered to dealers.

Modern sporting rifles are the most adaptable class of firearms in history, handling everything from tactical applications to deer hunting. Fusion MSR loads provide that same degree of customization in ammunition.

The cartridges are specifically designed for hunting, performing to their ballistic peak through 16-inch barrels for AR15 platforms. The molecularly fused bullet transfers tremendous energy on impact for deadly knockdown power.

Features & Benefits
• New 120-grain 6.5 Grendel
• Primer, propellant, bullet and case are optimized for hunting in MSR actions
• Flawless feeding and function
• Skived bullet tip for long-range expansion
• Molecularly-fused jacket around a pressure-formed core produces excellent accuracy Read more

Century Arms 7.62x39mm Boat Tail Ammunition

Delray Beach, Fla. –– Century Arms, North America’s premier AK manufacturer, has announced they have begun shipping a new version of their 7.62x39mm ammunition under the Red Army Standard brand. The new version features a boat tail bullet for improved performance and sealed neck and primer for resistance to adverse elements.

Adding to the Red Army Standard ammunition line, the new boat tail version is part of Century’s efforts to continually enhance the performance potential of the AK-47 platform. Other examples are the C39v2 rifle (with its milled receiver, concentric bore, upgraded RAK-1 trigger system, and improved optic side mount) and the Micro Dot optic mount. “We are very excited to be able to offer some of the finest 7.62x39mm ammunition we have seen,” said Jason Karvois, the company’s Director of Sales. “We have worked very hard to bring this new product to the U.S. Market to provide a higher quality option for 7.62x39mm enthusiasts while still maintaining a reasonable price point.” Read more

Deer Season XP Lineup Now Includes .223 and 6.5 Creedmoor

EAST ALTON, Ill. – Deer hunting is still king over any type of hunting in the U.S. Deer Season XP was Winchester Ammunition’s first offering made specifically for that purpose. In 2017, it will be joined by one of the most popular modern sporting rifle (MSR) chamberings, the .223 Remington, as well as 6.5 Creedmoor, which has grown in popularity for its flat-shooting, long-range capability.

With more hunters owning and shooting MSR rifles chambered in .223 Rem., the new Deer Season XP offers a 64-grain bullet specifically designed for deer hunting (where it is legal for use in deer hunting). The 6.5 Creedmoor has been growing in popularity, not just at the range, but in the hunting woods as well. The introduction of a 125-grain 6.5 Creedmoor offering solidifies the round as an ultra-effective deer load. The loads will come 20 rounds to a box. Read more

Nosler Mid-Year Introductions

Bend, Ore –– Due to popular demand, Nosler® will be introducing three new offerings to their current Match Grade™ and E-Tip® Ammunition product lines.
To further supplement the incredible popularity of the recently announced 22 Nosler cartridge, owners will now be able to purchase Nosler Match Grade™ ammunition loaded with the new 70 grain RDF (Reduced Drag Factor™) bullet as well as the 55 grain E-Tip® bullet loaded in Nosler E-Tip® Ammunition.
The 70 grain RDF bullet is ideal for target and match shooting with the highest ballistic coefficient compared to any bullet in its weight class. The 55 grain E-Tip® bullet will turn the 22 Nosler into a perfect medium to small game hunting cartridge with exceptional terminal performance and weight retention.
Nosler will also be adding the 6.5 Creedmoor loaded with 140 grain RDF bullets to their Match Grade® Ammunition line. With the increased ballistic coefficient and reduced hollow-point size, the 140 grain RDF will squeeze even more long range performance out of the 6.5 Creedmoor.
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Pricing for the mid-year introductions are as follows:
· Match Grade™ Ammunition 22 Nosler 70 grain RDF #60124 – $27.95/20 ct. box

· Match Grade™ Ammunition 6.5 Creedmoor 140 grain RDF #60115 – $38.95/20 ct. box

· E-Tip® Ammunition 22 Nosler 55 grain E-Tip® #40140 – $31.95/20 ct. box

All three of these introductions are available now so please visit your local Nosler dealer or for more product information.

Rio Ammunition and Special OPS Xcursion Sweepstakes

Rio Ammunition a leader in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of sporting and hunting cartridges has teamed up with Special OPS Xcursions for a special sweepstakes. In conjunction with the Wing & Target product launch, the limited edition 100 round Patriot sleeve gives shooters and hunters an opportunity to win a unique VIP hunting trip by Special OPS Xcursions.

The sweepstakes runs from June 15, 2017 to August 31, 2017, with the winner being announced on September 15, 2017. After purchasing a Patriot Edition box at your local retailer, check the inside top flap of the box for a label with your code. Visit and complete the entry form. Once complete, click the submit button and you’re entered! The winner will receive a unique hunting trip courtesy of Special Ops Xcursions — an exclusive father/son (daughter) Waterfowl hunt with a Veteran Special Operations (SOF) member and their son/daughter. Prize will include travel, lodging, licenses, shells and loaner shotguns (if needed).

Rimfire Ammo is Back More than Ever

By Glen Wunderlich

Some four years ago, an ammunition shortage of unprecedented proportions hit the market and sportsmen and women felt the pinch.  Conspiracy theories materialized in attempts to explain the reasons we couldn’t get what we wanted, but the fact remained:  Factory ammo and components had dried up.

The rimfire segment of the market was particularly troublesome insofar as it represented the most popularly used ammo world-wide.  As supplies continued to dwindle, suppliers gobbled up what remained in an effort to gouge everyday shooters.  Although we’ll never again see 500-round bricks for $10, today’s rimfire options present plinkers a vast array of selections.

As a matter of fact, one of the best sources,, currently has over 80 different rimfire options in stock and available for immediate shipment.  You won’t find this selection at the local Cheap Mart, if you find anything at all, as shoppers continue to grab the stuff as quickly as it arrives.

From sub-sonic to super-sonic, it’s all out there and here are some examples of some rather interesting offerings.

Federal AutoMatch Target Rimfire ammunition is specifically designed for use in semi-automatic firearms with less powder and lead residue.    At 6 cents per round, it is one of the most affordable high-velocity choices.

A favorite among plinkers is the Winchester Super-X ammunition at only 9 cents per round and offers a plated round-nose bullet design with a high velocity of 1300 feet-per-second.
Another popular choice is CCI Mini-Mag ammunition at 9 cents per round.  This ammo sports 40-grain, plated round-nose bullets with a velocity of 1235 feet per second.

Federal’s Game-Shok Rimfire high-velocity selection offers 40-grain copper-plated solid bullets at 7 cents per round.

Not to be omitted is the Remington Remington Golden Bullet loads at 10 cents per round.  The solid bullet is 40 grains with a muzzle velocity of 1255 feet-per-second.

If you are more accuracy-minded, I’ve found nothing better than the Lapua brand but at 25 cents per round, some friends have questioned my sanity.  My choice over the years has been its Center-X loads, because they perform superbly in any rimfire rifle I’ve tried.  Each sub-sonic cartridge is checked individually and tolerances are extremely tight.

Also available in rimfire configuration is the .17 HMR and .22 WMR calibers, which were non-existent to the market for the past few years.

Times have changed and the prices reflect the new normal.  But, the rimfire options have never been as numerous as they are now.

Rimfires are a great way to introduce new shooters to the sport, because of their low recoil and report and relative low cost.  And, once a youngster begins to punch paper and moves onto reactive targets, you’ll want to stock up.  And, for the first time in years, it’s possible once again.

Lyman® Products Announces Summer Mail-In Rebate

Purchase select products between June 9 through August 31, 2017 to receive a $25 rebate per item.

Middletown, CT – Lyman® Products is pleased to announce its special Summer Mail-In Rebate. Kicking off on June 9, 2017, Lyman Products’ customers will have the opportunity to earn a $25 rebate per select item bought from any Lyman dealer, online or direct from the Lyman website. Items must be purchased between June 9 and August 31, 2017 to qualify. The rebate form can be downloaded by visiting

Products included in this sizzling summer mail-in rebate include:

• Cyclone Rotary Tumbler (Item #7631550)
• Gen6 Compact Digital Powder System (Item #7750550)
• Borecam Borescope (Item #04055)
• Case Prep Xpress (Item #7810220)
• AutoAdvance Remote Control Target System (Item #4320051) Read more

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