Nosler Announces New Products for 2012


Bend, Ore.- 2012- Nosler® Inc., manufacturer of some of the world’s finest bullets, brass, ammunition and semi-custom rifles is proud to announce the largest new product introduction in the history of the company. Nosler’s 2012 offerings include two new ammunition lines, a new bullet line and several exciting additions to the already comprehensive brass, bullet, and ammunition lines. These new products will be available at participating dealers, retail sporting goods stores and online retailers. Please visit for more details. Read more

2012 to See Ammunition Growth

This from the people at Brownells:

Since this is our final WebBench for the year, we wanted to take a little time to review just how the year has gone… and what we expect to see happen in the upcoming year, 2012.

Well, we would have to say 2011 was the year for home defense and personal protection firearms with their related accessories and equipment.

With the of expansion of concealed carry through all the states – except for Illinois, which we understand is working on the issue [and New Jersey which will have to be sued into submission] – this interest in self-protection has fueled much of the firearms sales, training, and accessorizing. When you layer over that the really tough economic times that have been thrust upon us, you get a tsunami of new and re-engaged firearm owners in America. Read more

Military Shredding of Brass – Another Story That Refuses to Die

An “Urgent” email warns of the “Pentagon’s plan to shred brass rather than sell
it to reloading companies”. Don’t panic or be “very, very afraid and angry”. The
story broke in March of 2009, caused a furor in Congress in April, and was a
dead issue shortly thereafter – in 2009. Help stop the spread of this email and
help kill another “zombie” story that just won’t die.

Hodgdon’s 2012 Annual Manual Ready for Delivery


Shawnee Mission Kansas, — Hodgdon® The Gunpowder People® proudly announces its 9th Annual Manual. The 2012 Hodgdon Annual Manual features so much more than any typical manual: 100+ pages of rifle and pistol data with well over 5,000 shown loads, information on 30 Hodgdon, 19 IMR® and 10 Winchester® brand powders, new 300 AAC Blackout data, lead free bullet recipes for 21 rifle cartridges, and seven highly anticipated articles on such topics as economical handloading with lead free “green” bullets by some of the top industry outdoor writers. Read more

Hornady Announces New Products for 2012


Grand Island, NE – Hornady® Manufacturing, an industry leader in bullet and ammunition technology, announces a comprehensive lineup of new products for 2012. These new ammunition, bullet and reloading products will be available from stocking dealers, major retail sporting goods stores and their websites. Please visit the Retail Locator on to find the nearest dealer. International listings are available, as well.

Read more

Weapons of Mass Illusion: Spitwads!

Virgina’s State Supreme Court has let stand a ruling that spit wads are “weapons” and using them is “criminal.”

The argument came in the case of Andrew Mikel II, who was a freshman last school year and an honor student, when he was kicked out of Spotsylvania High School based on a claim by school officials that the “spit wad” was “violent criminal conduct.”


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