Mexico Releases Gray Wolves in Arizona Area

Five radio-collared gray wolves have been released by Mexico near the Arizona border in an effort to re-establish the species in its historic range.

Similar work began in 1998 in the U.S.and has led to court battles between animal rights whackos and normal people trying to make a living raising livestock.–Endangered-Wolf-Mexico/

Wolf Hunt to Proceed in Montana, Injunction Denied

Tuesday,the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals turned down a request for an emergency injunction that would have shut down wolf hunting in the Rocky Mountains.

General rifle season opens in Montana Saturday and it looks like opportunitic hunters will be able to eliminate some of the predators.

The court said it will consider the the animal activist whackos’ motion for an injunction when oral arguments are presented on a pending appeal Nov. 8.

Animal Activist, Arsonist Gets Time

Animal activist “Lone Wolf” gets more prison time for serial arson and unwise comments to District Judge, Ted Stewart. After causing $ Millions in fire loss damages, Edmund Bond claimed his actions were justified because one of his targets “sold animal skins ripped from the dead.” He tells the judge he can take his freedom but “[he] can’t have his submission.”

Where he’s going, others may decide on that submission thing.

Humane Society of U.S. : How it uses Contributions

So how did HSUS fare in 2010? Veteran readers won’t be surprised. Here are some low-lights:

HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle’s total compensation package was $287,786, up roughly 7 percent from the previous year.

HSUS stuffed $2.6 million into its pension plan, bringing the total since Pacelle took over to about $14 million.

HSUS spent $3.6 million on lobbying. (If you see an HSUS ad showing an abused and malnourished lobbyist, let us know.)

HSUS had 636 employees, including 29 who earned more than $100,000. Read more

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