Magnus® Introduces Black Hornet Broadheads

Great Bend, KS – Among hardcore bowhunters, Magnus has been a trusted name for over 30 years. From the introduction of their first Cut-On-Contact broadhead in 1984 to the present, Magnus delivers the sting on every hunting adventure from turkeys to big game. Now, Magnus introduces yet another exciting new product, their dynamic new Black Hornet and Black Hornet Ser-Razor broadheads.

The Black Hornet is a 4-blade fixed blade broadhead. It features a cutting diameter of 1-1/4″ on the main blade and features a knife-grade diamond tip. The auxiliary, or bleeder blade, has a cutting diameter of 7/8″.

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4 New Crossbow Models Added to Barnett Core Family

The dictionary defines crossbow as a “medieval weapon,” but there is absolutely nothing archaic about the four new models in Barnett’s highly popular Core line of crossbows. These weapons are designed for the value-minded hunter who refuses to compromise on performance.

All four of the new Barnett Core crossbows feature lightweight composite stocks and CNC Machined 7/8-inch Picatinny rails-the military standard for mounting scopes. They also have “finger reminders” for shooting safety and pass-through foregrips, plus the company’s proprietary CROSSFIRE String and Cable System.

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11-year-old hunter bags rare albino deer

While it was once illegal to kill albino deer, it is perfectly legal now in Michigan as of 2008.

This amendment –

Removal of Protection for Albino and All-White Deer Wildlife Conservation Order Amendment No. 8 of 2008 removes the protection for albino and all-white deer, and establishes the open/closed status for antlerless deer license sales for each DMU.

It is burdensome to the hunter to determine if a deer is an albino deer or meets the definition of an all-white deer while afield. There is no compelling scientific reason to protect these deer.

Details of the deer killed by an Oceola Twp. youngster are here…


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