KA-BAR Acquires EK Commando Knife

OLEAN, NY – KA-BAR Knives is proud to announce the acquisition of legendary knife brand Ek Commando Knife.

Ek Commando Knife was created in 1941 by John Ek in Hamden, Connecticut. During World War II, Ek Commando Knives were restricted to military personnel. The knives featured serial numbers that were recorded and kept for tracking and identification. Luminaries ranging from General George Patton, President Franklin Roosevelt, and actor turned soldier Clark Gable owned Ek Knives during the Second World War.

Ek Commando Knives have served our military in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and countless other hotspots around the globe. Today, Ek continues to be a staple of the United States military.

Ek Commando Knives made by KA-BAR will be available for purchase in 2015.

Anglers and bait dealers reminded of minnow use regulations

The Department of Natural Resources reminds anglers and retail minnow dealers of the baitfish regulations that need to be followed in Michigan. Although the requirement for state-licensed bait retailers to provide customers with receipts upon purchasing live minnows was recently removed, all other regulations with respect to minnow use continue to be enforced.

Baitfish regulations were enacted in 2006 to reduce the potential for baitfish to move fish diseases as the state saw multiple fish die-offs in lakes Erie and Huron from viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSv).

“While fish kills from VHSv have become less common, we do not want this fish pathogen to spread across Michigan,” said DNR fisheries biologist Tom Goniea. “Our regulations are designed to prevent this from occurring.” Read more

Berkley Experience Trailer Rolls into Michigan

COLUMBIA, S.C. (April 14, 2014) – The Berkley Experience trailer is poised to set up in Kalamazoo, Mich. Consumers are encouraged to flock to the D&R Sports Center April 17 – 19. Each year the Berkley Experience Trailer continues to bring new and exciting things to consumers. This year is no different, redesigning the entire trailer for a better experience all around. In its 9th consecutive year, the Berkley Experience is on the road giving families the full Berkley experience. Read more

New senior hunt/fish combo license gives resident seniors price break, refund

GW:  Now, I’d call this giving back.  Very cool.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is making it easier for Michigan seniors age 65 and older to get a price break on the hunt/fish combo license. The new senior hunt/fish combo license includes a fishing license (good for all legal species), a base hunting license and two deer licenses for $43.

When purchasing the 2014 licenses without a senior discount, seniors who purchased the regular hunt/fish combo license paid $76. The only way to get a senior discount on these items was to purchase them separately as senior licenses.

The newly packaged discounted license is available for purchase as of April 14. In addition, resident seniors who paid the higher $76 price for a 2014 license will be receiving a letter from the DNR offering a refund of $33 — the difference between the regular hunt/fish combo and the senior hunt/fish combo. Read more

DNR asks anglers to be on the lookout for tagged walleye

To improve its knowledge of walleye populations in Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay, the Department of Natural Resources’ Fisheries Division is set to tag nearly 3,000 walleye in Saginaw Bay tributary rivers over the next two weeks. A total of 1,000 walleye will be tagged in the Tittabawassee River and the remaining 2,000 in other tributary streams. To get the most information from these efforts, anglers are asked to collect data on tagged fish they catch and report it to the DNR. Read more

DNR again stocks steelhead in Red Cedar River to enhance fishing

The Department of Natural Resources today announced that nearly 3,200 steelhead were stocked this week in the Red Cedar River at Michigan State University.

In 2013, an ordinance was changed by the MSU board of trustees to allow hook-and-line fishing on campus grounds between the western edge of Brody Complex and what’s sometimes referred to as the Sparty bridge connecting West Circle Drive to Chestnut Road. Prior to that, anglers had not been allowed to fish from the Red Cedar’s shores since the 1960s. Read more

DNR stocks adult trout in southeast Michigan,

The Department of Natural Resources’ Fisheries Division recently stocked adult trout in the Clinton River at Riverside Park in Auburn Hills, Huron River at Proud Lake Recreation Area in Commerce Township, and Spring Mill Pond at Island Lake Recreation Area in Brighton.

The Clinton River was stocked with 600 brown trout from 15 to 17 inches; the Huron River was stocked with 1,800 brown trout sized 15 to 22 inches and nearly 1,400 rainbow trout sized 16 to 22 inches; and Spring Mill Pond was stocked with nearly 400 brown trout sized 15 to 22 inches and nearly 600 rainbow trout sized 16 to 22 inches.

This annual activity uses unneeded brown and rainbow trout broodstock from Michigan’s state fish hatcheries to release in special regulation areas. Read more

Bushnell Introduces a Personal GPS Device for Anglers

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Overland Park, Kan. – Bushnell, an industry-leader in high-quality sports optics and outdoor products since 1948, has introduced a new portable, easy to use personal GPS device for anglers. The simple and affordable FishTrack provides anglers of all skill levels with a palm-sized tool to help them spend less time searching for fish and more time reeling them in.

Built on the award-winning BackTrack platform, FishTrack allows anglers to store up to 25 distinct waypoints and provides simple distance and direction back to marked locations while the integrated digital compass provides universal latitude and longitude coordinates. In addition, FishTrack offers a host of valuable information including time, temperature, solunar information, weather conditions and barometric pressure. Read more

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