Zumbo is Blogging Again

GW:  If ever a single individual has been good for the outdoors enthusiasts’ interests, Jim is it.

CODY, WYOMING– Jim Zumbo, former Hunting Editor for Outdoor Life magazine, Book Author, television show Host, and Seminar Speaker, launched a revised website www.JimZumbo.com, to include a new blog and online store. Zumbo’s interest and desire to launch this new site was sparked by an overwhelming number of emails, phone calls, and conversations from dedicated fans, as well as hunting, fishing, shooting, and outdoor enthusiasts with a plea to share his knowledge in a public forum. “I’ve been an outdoor writer all my adult life, and I’m excited to get back into the routine of writing on a regular basis,” said Jim Zumbo. “I think writing is a calling that you never really can leave behind, and I’m looking forward to getting back into it through my blog.”

Zumbo will take his 50+ years of outdoor experiences to educate and inspire others to pursue their passions. In his blog, he plans to share how-to tips through posts & short videos on various topics including hunting, fishing, survival techniques, camping, game processing, and outdoor cooking to name a few. Zumbo will share thrilling encounters, gee-whiz facts, and useful knowledge in the entertaining manner for which he is known through his writing. Read more

Powderhook Gets Major Upgrade

LINCOLN, Nebraska – Powderhook, a website designed to help people hunt and fish more often, announced today a major overhaul to their platform.

Do you hunt and fish as often as you’d like? Neither do we.

The outdoor industry is filled with innovative new products. We’re a couple clicks from owning a camera that let’s us video under water, lifelike decoys, and camo patterns to hide from nearly any kind of terrain, yet we routinely find ourselves missing the most important part: a place to go and the time to go there.

According to Matthew Dunfee, a leading expert on hunter participation for the Wildlife Management Institute, the top reasons people don’t get out more often are 1) they don’t have time 2) they don’t have access to a spot and 3) they don’t have a person to go with.

That’s where Powderhook comes in.

In order to hunt or fish you have to have a place to go. With over 550,000 public and 3,500 private spots, thousands of outdoor events, and chapter information for several leading organizations including Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and National Wild Turkey Federation, Powderhook has a place for just about any pursuit. With a couple clicks on Powderhook, securing a spot has never been easier.

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Pair of Sixteen Year Olds Survive Louisiana Boating Mishap

Two 16 year old boys from the Crowley area survived a boating incident on the Indian Creek Reservoir in Rapides Parish on Oct. 26.

The juveniles were fishing and traveling in a boat channel on the north end of the reservoir in a boat when they struck a tree. Both boys were ejected from the 16 foot aluminum vessel and sustained minor to moderate cuts and bruises.

Because the operator was wearing the engine cut-off switch lanyard, the vessel shut off after the boys were ejected. The boys were able to get back into the stalled vessel where a fisherman found them shortly after the incident and transported them to the boat launch where Acadian Ambulance was then able to transport the passenger to the Rapides General Hospital to treat a leg injury. Read more

Latest round of Asian carp eDNA sampling on Kalamazoo River produces zero positive results

The Department of Natural Resources today announced that the latest round of Asian carp environmental DNA (eDNA) sampling on the lower Kalamazoo River in Allegan County produced all negative results.

Earlier this month the DNR and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) announced a single positive eDNA result for silver carp – a species of Asian carp – within the river, discovered during water sampling efforts conducted this summer.    Read more

New Funding Encouraged for Non-Game Species

GW:  I find this proposal to be a sincere approach to the manner in which funding by animal-rights groups has been decimated through frivolous lawsuits by gaming the system.  Equal Access to Justice reforms have been stalled by Democrat leadership in the U.S. Senate by Harry Reid and will never happen, because his animal-rights supporters count on the money to fuel anti-hunting drives across the country.  “…Goals and actions [include] identifying and developing new sources of dedicated, long-term funding for federal, state, and tribal fish and wildlife agencies to support conservation and hunting…”

MISSOULA, Mont.- Four Boone and Crockett Club members are serving on a panel charged with developing new funding mechanisms for conservation. The goal is bridging the funding gap between game and nongame species – a concept heartily endorsed by the Club.

The 20-member Blue Ribbon Panel on Sustaining America’s Diverse Fish and Wildlife Resources was announced at a recent Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies meeting.

Download Blue Ribbon Panel
brochure here.

The panel is co-chaired by Johnny Morris, CEO of Bass Pro Shops and regular member of Boone and Crockett Club. The panel also includes three professional members of the Club including Becky Humphries, Steve Williams and John Tomke. Read more

NRC Youth Conservation Council invites youth bloggers to share stories about Michigan’s great outdoors

One year after launching its blog, the Natural Resources Commission Youth Conservation Council is opening up that public platform – http://michiganycc.wordpress.com/ – to young outdoor voices across the state. The Youth Conservation Council, established by a Natural Resources Commission resolution in 2012, provides a forum where a diverse group or conservation-minded teens can talk about and take action to protect, promote and enhance Michigan’s outdoor recreation opportunities – including everything from hunting, fishing and trapping to hiking, wildlife viewing and camping.

The YCC blog was one of the council’s first projects, initially providing a place where members could share their own outdoor experiences. Now the Youth Conservation Council wants to hear from the rest of Michigan’s young outdoor enthusiasts. Read more

Lund Introduces 1850 Impact XS

New York Mills, Minn. – When Lund introduced the Impact boat series at the end of 2010, even the engineers of this fully loaded, yet amazingly affordable, rig couldn’t have predicted its popularity, nor the appropriateness of its name. The first of eight new Lund models for 2015, the new 1850 Impact XS is engineered at 18 feet, 7 inches in length with an ultra-broad 94-inch beam, and combines hardcore fishing elements with plenty of features to please the entire family.

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Grand Rapids angler catches state-record quillback carpsucker while bow fishing

Benajmin Frey holds state record quillbackThe Department of Natural Resources confirmed a new state record last month for quillback carpsucker. This is the fifth state-record fish caught in 2014.

The state record for quillback carpsucker was beat by a fish caught by Benjamin Frey of Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Hardy Dam Pond in Newaygo County Friday, Aug. 29, at 1:45 a.m. Frey was bow fishing. The fish weighed 8.25 pounds and measured 22.62 inches.

The record was verified by Rich O’Neal, a DNR fisheries biologist in Muskegon. Read more

Trout Unlimited Essay Contest on Wild Steelhead

SEATTLE–Trout Unlimited today launched an essay contest open to the angling public that will net the winning author $1,000 and a spot in an upcoming edition of TROUT Magazine. Essays must focus on wild steelhead and must be no more than 500 words to be considered for the top prize. The winning essay will be read aloud at TU’s Nov. 20 launch of its new Wild Steelhead Initiative in Seattle. Read more

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