Why Do You Need an AR-15?

GW:  This bogus question reminds me of a time in the 1980s when Michiganders had to answer this question posed by gun boards making decisions relative to requests to carry concealed pistols.  We had to prove need.  Just being prepared to defend yourself was not a good-enough answer.  If you didn’t know “someone”  (in power), you didn’t get a permit to carry.  Period.  Now that all states are “shall issue”- based on the clear intent of the Second Amendment – we no longer have to explain why we want “insurance”.  But the power mongers are still out there and always will be.

Watch this video from a Navy Seal and see what points he makes in answer to the lameness of the left.

The Deer Steward’s Guide to Herbicide Terms

This from QDMA

The Deer Steward’s Guide to Herbicide TermsHerbicides can play a key role in your deer habitat management strategy. Their use can assist with creating and maintaining viable food plots, help control non-native, invasive species, and even control less-desirable brush and trees in your woodlands. But using herbicides can be intimidating. There are hundreds if not thousands of formulations on the market, and each has its own unique requirements for safe and effective use. Despite such a wide variety of herbicide options, deciding which one best suits your needs doesn’t have to be complicated. With an understanding of some of the most common terms used to describe and classify herbicides, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and pick a herbicide that meets your habitat project’s needs and requirements. Let’s take a look at some of those key terms.

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Theodore Roosevelt’s Immigration Perspective

GW:  We’ve certainly gone astray.

Roosevelt 1907

Roosevelt 1907

Theodore Roosevelt’s ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907.
‘In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language.. And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.’
Theodore Roosevelt 1907

GW:  And, today we hear from our tyrant in chief and dang good news, as far as I’m concerned: President Obama on Thursday bellyached about a Supreme Court deadlock (his puppets against Constitutionalists) that effectively killed his landmark illegal executive actions on immigration.

In a statement from the White House, he whined about his sweeping actions as necessary to help “fix” the country’s immigration system in the face of congressional inaction.


“The fact the Supreme Court wasn’t able to issue a decision today doesn’t just set the system back even further, it takes us further from the country that we aspire to be,” he said.  Just wondering who the heck are the “we” he references.  Sure isn’t anyone I know.


Obama sought to act unilaterally and tyrannically to protect millions of illegal aliens and permanent-resident children from deportation and expand a similar program that applied to young illegal immigrants.


However, the U.S. Supreme Court tied 4-4, leaving a lower court ruling stand that blocked the programs from taking effect.  Obama just seems a few puppets short, now doesn’t he?


Obama complained that deadlock is “heartbreaking” and “frustrating” for the more than 4 million illegals that he let in and who could have benefitted from the program.


And, just how does all this benefit our low-skilled workforce and the common-man taxpayer?  I must have missed that part in his comments.

Lecanium scales – affecting oak and maple trees – are thick in Crawford, Otsego, Roscommon (MI) counties

Michigan Department of Natural Resources field offices have received a number of calls from concerned residents in Crawford, Otsego and Roscommon counties regarding Lecanium scale infestations and resulting “honeydew,” a sugary substance secreted by the pests as they feed on trees and plants. The Lecanium scale also may be active in other areas of both the Upper and Lower peninsulas.Lecanium scales are small, spherical insects often found on trees’ small branches and twigs. Infestations first are detected in the spring and early summer as eggs hatch and immature scales called “crawlers” seek feeding sites on the undersides of leaves.

Repeated heavy Lecanium scale infestations can cause branch mortality or crown dieback in trees. Honeydew often is mistaken for tree sap as it covers cars and buildings under infested trees. Accumulation of honeydew also can lead to the growth of black, sooty mold. Read more

MI Conservation officers rescue lost kayakers in Crawford County Conservation officers

Two kayakers were rescued early Sunday morning, June 12, in Crawford County by Michigan Department of Natural Resources conservation officers. The kayakers had become separated from their kayaking group Saturday afternoon and became lost in the woods surrounding the South Branch of the Au Sable River.

A 23-year-old man from Queens, New York, and a 23-year-old woman from Grand Rapids were part of a larger kayaking group, which included the woman’s mother and sister. The group began its 6-mile trip at 4 p.m. Saturday at Chase Bridge Road in South Branch Township. The group planned to end its kayaking trip at Smith’s Crossing at M-72.

When the man and woman became overdue at the rendezvous point, the woman’s mother and sister called 911.

A short time later, at approximately 8:30 p.m., conservation officers Chuck McPherson and Ben McAteer – both assigned to Crawford County – were contacted by the Crawford County Central Dispatch. The officers, along with conservation officer Sgt. Jeremy Payne, responded immediately. They began their search on Mason Tract Pathway on the north side of the river.

The Michigan State Police and Crawford County Sheriff's Department also participated in the search for the missing kayakers.

Using GPS units, McPherson and McAteer searched road ends and trails while Payne and Michigan State Police troopers interviewed the woman's mother and sister at the boat launch on Chase Bridge Road, the kayakers' starting point.

"We were informed by the family members that the lost kayakers were only wearing swimsuits, had no shoes and were wet, making them susceptible to the cold," said Payne. "They had no means of drying off or staying warm and they had no food. In addition, neither subject was acclimated to the outdoors or a wilderness setting."

Temperatures dipped into the low 50s that night.

While still at the boat launch, Payne was approached by two anglers who had been fishing on the Au Sable River near Willows Road.

"These anglers told me that they'd had a conversation with a third angler who had contact with two individuals asking for directions earlier in the evening," said Payne.

After additional investigation, officers secured the name and contact information for the third angler and contacted him for an interview. They learned that two individuals meeting the description of the lost kayakers had approached the angler around 7 p.m. seeking directions to their vehicle parked at Smith's Crossing. The angler had given them several options, and the kayakers left the area.

Based on the kayakers' last known location, McPherson and McAteer moved their search to Willows Road. Not long after beginning the search of this area, McPherson, using his flashlight, located the kayakers' footprints. The officers followed the tracks along the river, south into the woods, over several ridges and back down to the river. The officers called the kayakers' names during the search, but high winds made it difficult to hear.

"Minutes prior to 1 a.m., the lost woman heard the conservation officers call her name and responded," Payne said. "They were located in a swampy area approximately three-quarters of a mile from Willows Road."

The officers gave the man and woman warm clothing and reported them found. The man suffered from a minor injury – lower back pain – but was otherwise okay. The woman suffered a sprained ankle.

"Officer McAteer walked back to his patrol truck, where I met him, and we packed water, clothing, shoes and additional lights," Payne said. "We hiked back in to Officer McPherson and the kayakers and, after they applied the
additional clothing and were hydrated, we assisted the kayakers back to the patrol truck."

They were met at Willows Road by the woman's mother and sister. The man and woman refused medical treatment and left with the family members.

"Conservation officers are often the first responders on the scene and routinely conduct lifesaving operations," said Gary Hagler, chief of the DNR Law Enforcement Division. "We are very proud of the actions of Sgt. Payne, Officer McPherson and Officer McAteer and the many conservation officers who regularly perform search and rescue operations in communities throughout Michigan."

Yamaha Introduces 2017 Grizzly and Kodiak ATVs in Realtree Xtra

COLUMBUS, Georgia — Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, announces its 2017 line of ATVs available in Realtree camo — the Grizzly EPS and the Kodiak 700 EPS.2017 Grizzly – Best Overall Performing Big Bore ATV
Boasting superior handling, comfort and performance purpose-built for exploring, hunting and recreational riding, the 2017 Grizzly EPS, outfitted in Realtree Xtra, is designed to be the most comfortable, off-road capable and durable big bore ATV. The Realtree Xtra model features painted plastics, special graphics, machined aluminum wheels, removable fairing with windscreen, heated grips, thumb warmer and heated seat.
The latest generation Grizzly boasts aggressive styling with redesigned front and rear fenders, a handlebar mounted work light, 26-inch tires, twin-piston four-wheel disc brakes, superior suspension, and Yamaha’s proven core drivetrain technologies. Along with Yamaha’s proven Ultramatic® transmission, the 2017 Grizzly delivers optimized engine character for recreational riding featuring a 708cc engine with more power and torque than previous models. Yamaha Grizzly’s handling, performance and off-road capability provide the rider with confidence and comfort. Read more

New Ameristep Tellus And Tellus Lite Hunting Chairs

Plano, IL – Hunters know the rewards of any trip afield aren’t always headlined by downed game. The things that make for a pleasant experience outdoors are actually quite varied, and are often much more fundamental. Something as simple as remaining comfortable can play a significant role in making an outing successful and rewarding.Ameristep strives to make every trip afield a rewarding experience. Known best, perhaps, for marketing the most complete line of ground blinds available, Ameristep also leads the way in practical and innovative outdoor seating, offering dozens of styles and models for any outdoor pursuit.

Ameristep’s NEW Tellus and Tellus Lite compact and portable chairs are lightweight, highly packable chairs that are ideal for not only ground blind hunting, but for any outdoor pursuit – from dove, turkey and waterfowl hunting to camping and ice fishing. Read more

Supreme Court Rules Against Corps of Engineers Rulings

News of the latest Supreme Court of the United States ruling regarding the Corps of Engineer’s very-controversial attempt to regulate “waters of the US’ hasn’t reached everyone -yet- but those who have seen the latest ruling are applauding the SCOTUS decision.

Yesterday, the nation’s highest court ruled that landowners may challenge the federal government whenever the Corps attempts to improperly regulate land use with regulations designed to protect water.

The decisions had been couched as “wetlands protections” but farmers and other landowners have argued- unsuccessfully to this point- that the Corps of Engineers was really only seeking to federalize land where they should have no authority.

Landowners have, in many instances, tried to challenge the Corps of Engineer rulings -known as “jurisdictional determinations” – but the government has, until this point, argued that their determinations were not “final agency actions” and lawsuits were dismissed.

The long and short of the SCOTUS ruling is that when the court asserts jurisdiction over low spots that look more like land than water, they will do so knowing they can be challenged in court. Read more

PahaQue Adds New Dimension to A-Fram Trailers

The new A-Frame Visor from PahaQue Custom was designed to add shade and shelter to A-frame style trailers, which are growing in popularity for their compact size that provides easy, economical hauling.The PahaQue visor attaches quickly and easily to the folding side wall for a precision fit on the side of the trailer. It’s available in two sizes: Regular, 8’x6′ for trailers with box sizes up to 12′; and XL, 10’x6′ for models 13′ and up. The 210D Polyester has waterproofing and UV inhibitor coatings. It’s available in a wide range of color options, with 13 main colors and 13 accent colors to choose from. Read more
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