Streamlight Introduces Stylus Pro USB UV

EAGLEVILLE, PA –Streamlight® Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting, introduced the rechargeable Stylus Pro® USB UV, a sleek, compact penlight that provides ultraviolet (UV) light for detecting engine or HVAC leaks, fraudulent documents, or for use in forensic investigations. The new light also includes a USB port that allows for on-the-go charging.

“The Stylus Pro USB UV gives professionals a real edge with its ultraviolet feature,” said Streamlight Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Michael F. Dineen. “Professionals from auto repair and industrial technicians to law enforcement investigators can rely on its UV light to spot otherwise undetectable engine and HVAC leaks, conduct forensic examinations, or detect fraudulent documents. An important added benefit is that this compact light is also USB-rechargeable.” Read more

Farm Bureau Asks Supreme Court to Stop EPA Abuse of Clean Water Act Powers

WASHINGTON –On Friday, the American Farm Bureau Federation and a coalition of agricultural and builder groups asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review a lower court ruling that allows the Environmental Protection Agency to micromanage local land use and development decisions under the guise of implementing the federal Clean Water Act. The lower court’s ruling, according to the petition, “opens the door for a dramatic expansion of federal power” and must be overturned.

Download a copy of the petition filed by AFBF here.

The lawsuit arose in the context of EPA’s so-called “blueprint” for restoring the Chesapeake Bay, but Farm Bureau points out that the issue at stake is national in scope.

“It’s about whether EPA has the power to override local decisions on what land can be farmed, where homes can be built, and where schools, hospitals, roads and communities can be developed,” said AFBF President Bob Stallman. “This is nothing less than federal super-zoning authority. As much as we all support the goal of achieving a healthy Chesapeake Bay, we have to fight this particular process for getting there.” Read more

Winterization and Ethanol Blended Fuels

From BoatUS and American Motorcyclist Association

The coming of cooler weather means an end to the boating and motorcycling season for many. Chiefly important in preparing these vehicles for winter is managing the potential for engine damage from the federally-mandated ethanol blend in our nation’s gasoline supply.

Ethanol in gasoline stored for long periods can damage marine and motorcycle engines: “phase separation” of the fuel can leave a corrosive water-soaked ethanol mixture at the bottom of the gas tank. Half of the respondents of a recent Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatU.S.) survey reported that they have had to replace or repair their boat engine or fuel system parts due to suspected ethanol-related damage, costing an average $1,000 for repairs. Read more

NEW Lightforce LED 180

< The wait is over! No longer do off-roaders and 4x4 enthusiasts have to choose between performance and efficiency as Lightforce introduces the powerhouse LED 180 to its driving lamp line. Available in either spot or combination configurations, LED 180 spotlights are built to the high standard that customers have come to expect from the Lightforce brand. Refusing to compromise, Lightforce's LED 180 is amongst the most powerful 70w LED lights on the market, and the 5000k color temperature of the light ensures the LED range will perfectly combine with your existing Lightforce products. Read more

Lightforce Australia Set to Revolutionize Vehicle Lighting

Known for their innovative design and technology, the team from Lightforce Australia is back once again with a light that is set to shake things up.

The Australian designed and made DL230 HTX is the ultimate hybrid of HID and LED technology, providing the instant flood of LED combined with the unmatched long-distance of HID, eliminating the need for additional spotlights and bars beyond one set of HTX. Read more

Poison Ivy Cure that Works

By Glen Wunderlich

If you’ve ever contracted poison ivy, you already know of the misery it can bring. Those that are allergic to the toxic oil called urushiol have probably discovered their own form of temporary relief through various products or home remedies, or in severe cases of the rash, steroid injections administered by a doctor. What I am about to tell you, should change all that.

With hunting season, many of us will come into contact with the dreaded plant in our ventures into the woods. As the leaves fall, the poison ivy plants are a bit more difficult to identify, but all parts of the plants, including vines, have the potential to deliver the irritating oil to clothing, boots, and eventually skin. Accordingly, step one involves your being able to identify the plant even when the leaves have vanished. I’ll leave that up to you; it’s all out there.

Next, if you realize, or even suspect that you’ve come into contact with the plant, wash those clothes, tools, or pets to minimize the spread of contamination. However, if an outbreak is already present, you are going to want to literally get your hands on some Zanfel – a product that removes the oil and stops the incessant itching in less than a minute!

When I discovered this product, I purchased a one-ounce tube through an online source with full expectation that I’d give it a try sooner or later. Since then, after cutting wood in the midst of the dreaded plants, a small rash began to develop near my wrist a few days later. There was no question as to the cause of the skin breakout and itching: poison ivy.

Following the directions on the package, I wet the affected area. Even though the rash was only the size of a quarter, I squeezed out 1 and ½ inches of the ointment from the one-ounce tube. It’s important to note that using less than the prescribed amount will not work.

Then, wet and rub both hands together for 10 seconds, working the product into a paste, thus activating the ingredients.

Rub both hands (up to 3 minutes, if needed, on the affected areas, working Zanfel into the skin until the itching stops – usually 15 seconds for mild to moderate reactions. Thoroughly rinse the area.

Now, days later, the small, telltale rash is still present, but the itching is gone. In addition, a friend, who was working with me in the woods, had a poison ivy rash developing and with one application per directions, had the same positive results.

So, if you, family members or loved ones are susceptible to the allergic reaction of poison ivy or poison sumac (or poison oak in the western part of the country), you may want to keep this miracle product in stock. I’m glad I did.

The cost was about $30 delivered. However, even though the tube contains only one ounce of the product, it will provide about 15 washes, if used according to instructions. While it’s still true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, this ounce of cure is worth every penny. It works!

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