Winchester Safes Announces American Summer Promotion

(Fort Worth, TX) – Winchester Safes, the fastest growing US-made gun safe manufacturer, announces the start of its American Summer promotion during the Memorial Day weekend. The online manufacturer rebate program creates significant savings of up to $250 off any Winchester Safes model currently manufactured in the United States, and applies to purchases made online at or in Winchester’s expanding network of dealer stores.US-made safes offered under this promotion include the Limited Edition 150th Anniversary Safe, Tactical Safe, Winchester Ammo Safe and Closet Safe, as well as the 75-minute Defender series, 60-minute Ranger series and 45-minute Bandit series gun safes. Read more

MidwayUSA Introduces Deluxe Cotton Canvas Scoped Rifle Case

COLUMBIA, MO –MidwayUSA is pleased to announce the latest addition to their shooting gear lineup – the MidwayUSA Deluxe Cotton Canvas Scoped Rifle Case. The scoped rifle case joins the MidwayUSA Deluxe Cotton Canvas Pistol Case as part of a new offering of high quality firearm cases from MidwayUSA. Features include a large external-zippered pocket, a plush micro-suede interior, brass zipper and genuine leather trim. With extra padding, over 1″ thick on both sides, rest assured your investment will be well protected. Read more

Potterfields Donate Over $157,000 to Support Youth Shooting Sports

COLUMBIA, MO – Larry and Brenda Potterfield, owners of MidwayUSA, recently donated $157,348 to the MidwayUSA Foundation to benefit youth shooting sports. This donation stems from a matching program offered by the MidwayUSA Foundation and is further proof of their commitment to provide sustainable financial support to youth shooting sports teams across America.As a result of the Potterfields’ generous commitment to a 1:1 matching program administered by the MidwayUSA Foundation, a donation match is made for all funds returned to Team Endowment Accounts that teams generate from MidwayUSA Foundation promotions. A donation match is also made for all private donations and private donors are given the opportunity to designate a specific shooting team to benefit 100% from their donation. In 2015 the Potterfields’ commitment to the MidwayUSA Foundation match program and youth shooting sports resulted in their donation of over 7 million dollars. Read more

Caldwell G2 Chronograph and Duramax Targets

Caldwell® Ballistic Precision G2 Chronograph
The Caldwell Ballistic Precision G2 Chronograph flips conventional chronograph technology upside-down. By inverting the system, the Ballistic Precision G2 Chronograph is able to more accurately measure velocity from point to point than conventional chronographs, and even works indoors! This collapsible, compact system is quick and easy to deploy, making it the perfect addition to take to the range.

Calibrated to within +/- 0.25% of the true velocity
· Bluetooth® enabled to interface with smartphone app

· Ideal for firearms, archery, airgun and paintball

· 18″ sensor spacing for maximum accuracy Read more

HK SP5K Pistol Comes to the USA

Columbus, Georgia — Heckler & Koch introduced the new SP5K pistol at the 2016 NRA Annual Meeting and Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky. A semi-automatic pistol based on the MP5K, the all-new 9 mm SP5K was developed by Heckler & Koch as a sporting pistol that matches the look and feel of the famous submachine gun.Designed and manufactured as a civilian pistol, the SP5K marks the return of the roller delayed blowback operating system to an HK commercial product. This system is well-known for its accuracy and reliability. Originally developed on the G3 rifle, it has been used on many of Heckler & Koch’s most memorable firearms of the last 60 years. Read more

AR9 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine

The Wilson Combat AR9 9mm pistol caliber carbine was designed from the ground up as the new standard in pistol caliber carbine reliability. The use of common 9mm service pistol magazines makes it an ideal choice for patrol, home defense and cost-effective tactical training.Wilson Combat engineers have designed three unique AR9 lower receivers with last round bolt hold open that are compatible with the most popular 9mm service pistol magazines from Glock?, Beretta? and S&W?.

The Wilson Combat AR9 closed-bolt blowback operating system is soft shooting and reliable with a wide variety of 9mm loads and exhibits flawless feeding with all common pistol bullet shapes, including hollowpoint and +P tactical ammunition. The AR9 bolt hold open ensures reliable lockback on empty with your pistol’s factory magazines. The AR9 proprietary bolt carrier group with heavy duty claw extractor and plunger ejector is tuned for exceptional reliability. Read more

Ruger Introduces Hawkeye FTW Hunter

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. (NYSE: RGR) announces the addition of the Ruger® Hawkeye® FTW Hunter to its line of Hawkeye bolt-action rifles. This new rifle was designed by working closely with the instructors of the Sportsman’s All-Weather, All-Terrain Marksmanship (SAAM) school at the highly regarded FTW Ranch in Barksdale, TX.The Hawkeye FTW Hunter features a Natural Gear™ Camo, laminated wood stock and a stainless steel, cold hammer-forged barrel for exceptional accuracy, longevity and easy cleaning. The hinged, solid steel floor plate is engraved with the FTW Logo and allows for easy unloading of the rifle without the need to chamber each cartridge. Offered in seven calibers, including three left-handed options, the Hawkeye FTW Hunter is sure to be a popular choice among hunting enthusiasts.

Each rifle comes with the Ruger® Muzzle Brake System, which includes a removable, radial-port muzzle brake that significantly reduces felt recoil. For times when the brake is not preferred, it may be replaced by the included dynamically-matched muzzle weight. Switching between the brake and the weight will not change the bullet’s point of impact for a particular load. The included thread protector may be used if neither the brake nor the weight is desired.

The Hawkeye FTW Hunter also includes the LC6™ trigger, which offers smooth, crisp performance right out of the box and increased accuracy on the range or in the field; a non-rotating, Mauser-type controlled round feed extractor, which is the most positive case extraction system ever invented; a three-position safety for easy activation that allows the shooter to lock the bolt or load and unload the rifle with the safety engaged; and an adjustable length of pull spacers and patented integral Ruger scope mount cuts into the receiver. Read more

S&W M&P22 Compact Pistol with Cerakote Flat Dark Earth Frame Finish

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Smith & Wesson Corp. announced today that it has added a new model to the company’s line of M&P polymer pistols with the introduction of the M&P22 Compact pistol in durable Cerakote Flat Dark Earth (FDE) frame finish. Engineered to professional standards, this tactical rimfire pistol incorporates a variety of features inherent to the design of the full size M&P centerfire pistol in a smaller scale version. The American-made M&P22 Compact .22 LR pistol delivers M&P accuracy and reliability in a fun-to-shoot, compact profile. Read more

Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P SHIELD Ported Models With Tritium Night Sights

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Smith & Wesson Corp. today announced that the company’s popular Performance Center Ported M&P Shield pistol, in both 9mm and .40 S&W with factory ported barrel and slide, is now available with front and rear tritium night sights. Whether used as a backup sidearm for police personnel, a deep concealment pistol for plain-clothes officers, or a self-protection firearm for consumers, the Performance Center Ported M&P Shield with new night sights enhances sight acquisition in all low-light situations. Engineered by some of the most skilled Master Gunsmiths in the world, the new pistols are available exclusively from the legendary Performance Center and provide premium features for discerning shooters.

Engineered on a high-strength polymer frame measuring .95-inches in width, the Performance Center Ported M&P Shield is standard with a 3.1-inch factory-ported barrel. The barrel, combined with the pistol’s three precision-cut ports across the top of the stainless steel slide, help reduce muzzle flip and improve the ability to remain on target after firing. The Performance Center Ported M&P Shield pistols have been further updated with tritium night sights and an enhanced trigger. Read more

Comp-Tac Holsters for S&W M&P45 Shield

Houston, TX – Comp-Tac Victory Gear, a leading manufacturer of quality concealed carry holsters and firearms accessories, have once again expanded their holster fits, this time to accommodate the brand new Smith and Wesson M&P Shield .45ACP.Comp-Tac has always maintained the recognition for the need for holster options for the variety of handguns on the market. The new S&W M&P chambered in .45 ACP are larger in width than the 9mm and .40 models and will not work with previously produced holsters. Comp-Tac’s new holster fits for the S&W M&P Shield .45ACP include a variety of holsters covering both inside the waistband and outside the waistband wear. Holsters with the Shield .45 fit include: MTAC, Infidel Max, Infidel Ultra Max, International and Flatline. Read more
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