Nosler and MidwayUSA Launch 22 Nosler Sales Promotion

Bend, Ore –– Nosler, Inc. and MidwayUSA have partnered up with an offer to give customers looking to upgrade their AR-15s into a 22 Nosler®, a convenient combo pack available only at The combo pack includes an AR-Stoner AR-15 A3 Upper Receiver Assembly chambered in 22 Nosler and 100 rounds of Nosler Varmageddon® Ammunition.
The MSRP for this combo pack would normally run $583.89 but for a limited time only, the price on the AR-Stoner upper has been reduced by $100 and the Varmageddon Ammunition is FREE for a total package cost of $399.99. Read more

Smith & Wesson Short Barrel Combat Magnum Revolver

Smith & Wesson Now Shipping New Combat Magnum Model 66 & Model 69 RevolversSPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Smith & Wesson today announced that it has begun shipping the new short barrel versions of its Model 66 and Model 69 Combat Magnum revolvers. The new Model 66 and 69 revolvers feature a 2.75″ barrel and are chambered in .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum, respectively. The Combat Magnum revolvers are purpose-built for those seeking a magnum caliber in a medium size frame.

Jan Mladek, General Manager for Smith & Wesson® and M&P® Brands, said, “The two new shorter barrel length Combat Magnum revolvers, the Model 66 .357 Magnum K-frame and the Model 69 .44 Magnum L-frame, offer the consumer a powerful personal protection option. We are proud to continue delivering innovations to our revolver product line, and the new 2.75″ barrel length versions allow for easy carry and concealment of the highly regarded Combat Magnum series in these two popular calibers.”

The new Model 66 and 69 revolvers feature a stainless steel frame and cylinder, glass bead finish, and a 2.75 inch barrel. Innovative new features include a redesigned ball detent feature to strengthen the yoke to frame lockup to support heavy magnum loads, as well as a full length extractor for quick, effortless cartridge removal. Both revolvers come equipped with a red ramp front sight, an adjustable white outline rear sight, synthetic grips, ball-detent lock up, full top strap barrel serrations, and a two-piece barrel. The Model 66 revolver is equipped with a 6-round cylinder to handle both .357 Magnum and .38 S&W Special +P, and the Model 69 features a 5-round cylinder capable of handling the large .44 Magnum caliber, as well as .44 Special.

For more information on the Model 66 and Model 69 Combat Magnum series revolvers please visit

Kahr Pistols in Kryptek Camo

Greeley, PA – In May 2015, Kahr Firearms Group introduced an exciting new Kryptek finish on two of their most popular limited edition Desert Eagles. The pattern was so widely accepted that it sold out almost immediately. Now, Kahr Arms is once again bringing back the popular Kryptek finish, but this time it will be offered on four of their small conceal carry Kahr pistols. These models are from their Value Series and include three 9mm pistols and one .380 ACP.

The CW9093KRT model features a 3.5″ barrel with conventional rifling, an overall length of 5.9″, and a height of 4.5″. All three models offer a trigger cocking DAO, lock-breach, “Browning-type” recoil lug, and a passive striker block with no magazine disconnect. The pistol sight offers a drift adjustable white 2-dot rear, and a white-dot pinned in polymer front sight. Capacity is 7+1. The pistol features the new Kryptek Camo pattern which utilizes a water transfer method which has been successfully tested for durability. The slide, trigger and slide stop lever are all finished in the Cerakote® Armor Black coating. MSRP is $495.

Next in the line-up is the CM9093KRT which features all the features of the CW9093KRT except that it has a 3″ barrel, an overall length of 5.4″, and a height of 4″.The MSRP on this model is $499.00.

The new Kryptek finish with Armor Black slide is also found in the CT9093KRT. Like the other pistols listed above, it has all the same features, except that it has a 4″ barrel, overall length of 6.5″ and a height of 5.08″. The MSRP on this model is $477.

The smallest, most popular conceal carry pistol in this new Kryptek Camo pattern is the CW3833KRT. This .380 ACP features a 2.58″ barrel, overall length of 5″ and a height of just 3.9″. It has a smaller slide width as well at just 0.75″. Like its bigger brothers, it too has a white 3-dot sight, 7+1 capacity, 7 lb. trigger pull, and also ships with one magazine. The MSRP on this pistol is $439. Read more

Traditions™ Firearms Now Shipping New Single Action Revolver Models

Old Saybrook, CT– Traditions™ Performance Firearms is pleased to announce several new models in their popular Single Action Revolver Series are now in stock and currently shipping. Please contact your sales rep, distributor or Traditions™ for more information on availability and to place an order.

These models include the new Liberty model with white PVC grip and blued barrel, new Engraved Nickel models with a nickel finish and walnut grips, and reproductions of models used by Bill Tilghman who was a career lawman and gunfighter. All models have engraving, are available in .357MAG or 45LC, and have a 4.75″ barrel. MSRP Ranges from $624-659. Read more

STI Costa Carry Comp Pistol

STI International has teamed up with self-defense and weapons training expert Chris Costa to design the new Costa series of pistols.The Costa Carry Comp features an island sight, which is attached to the barrel instead of the slide, with the compensator ahead of the front sight. This technology reduces muzzle jump, making it easy to stay focused on the front sight for follow up shots. The compensator reduces recoil by 63% and the gun uses the STI Recoil Master dual spring system to reduce recoil even further, making the Costa Carry Comp one of the smoothest shooting pistols on the market.

The STI Costa Carry Comp is available in both 9mm and .45 ACP in the STI exclusive 2011® platform, which provides higher round capacity. The Modular design of the 2011 transfers recoil along a flatter plain for better control and faster follow up shots. The barrel is 4.15 inches (5.1 inches including the Island Comp) and the gun has a black Diamond Like Carbon finish with tan TreeBark stippled grips and a Picatinny under-rail to mount accessories. Sights are a fixed ledge rear with a fiber optic front. Two magazines are included, both 126mm and 140mm.

The Costa Carry Comp sells for an MSRP of $3,699. Read more

S&W Introduces M&P 15 MOE SL Rifles

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Smith & Wesson Corp. today announced that through a collaboration with Magpul Industries, it is introducing three new firearms to its popular M&P15 series of modern sporting rifles. As the newest additions to the market leading M&P15 rifle platform, the M&P15 MOE SL rifles integrate Magpul’s MOE SL accessories, while delivering the performance and dependability that consumers have come to expect from Smith & Wesson.

Jan Mladek, General Manager of the Smith & Wesson and M&P Brands, said “We’ve enhanced the M&P15 Magpul Spec Series of rifles with some exciting new hardware upgrades from Magpul. The M&P15 MOE SL rifles incorporate many of the popular slim line Magpul accessories that shooters were adding to their rifles in a ready-to-shoot package, as well as a new Stealth Gray option. These additions expand Smith & Wesson’s advanced line of sporting firearms, while addressing consumer demands for exceptional performance and design.” Read more

Boyds Introduces At-One Adjustable Gunstock

Boyds Introduces Revolutionary At-One Adjustable GunstockBoyds, the South Dakota-based maker of hardwood gunstocks, has introduced a new gunstock that lets one adjust the butt pad for length and the comb for proper cheek rest height at the push of a button. The At-One adjustable gunstock lets you precisely customize and fine-tune the fit of your firearm, depending on varying situations. At-One also lets you adjust your gun to fit other shooters.

At-One’s “Bring-It” push-button adjustment technology is easy to use, elegant in its simplicity and completely reliable. And, it allows you to make adjustments in the field in seconds, without tools or hardware.

The butt pad adjustment modifies the stock length from 12-1/2″ – 14.” The comb adjustment has a 9/16″ range. Together, these two adjustments allow any gun to fit anyone! Read more

Colt Announces the New Cobra® Double-Action Revolver

WEST HARTFORD, CT – Colt, historic manufacturer of what many have heralded as the finest double-action revolvers ever made, is excited to announce its re-entry into the market with the release of the Cobra®. The all stainless steel small frame revolver features the classic lines of a traditional Colt double-action revolver, along with some great upgrades and modernizations, including Colt’s new LL2™ (Linear Leaf spring, version 2) trigger spring which offers a premium trigger pull experience without the need for hand-fitting.

“The bar was set so high,” said Paul Spitale, SVP for Colt, referring to the legacy of fine double-action revolvers in Colt’s history. “And the team in Colt’s Innovation Center really knocked this one out of the park. The grip was moved rearward to not only allow for more comfort and recoil control, but this also opened up the trigger guard area to allow for a flatter, more intuitive feeling trigger, as well as easy use with gloved hands. The trigger pull is phenomenal. The feel of this trigger both in the hand and when measured by a computer is very favorable to, and some might say better than, the triggers in Colt’s legacy double-action revolvers.” Read more

The Second Amendment and Conservation

May, 2017

The oldest conservation organization in North America has released its position on gun ownership and its historical influence on wildlife conservation.

“Sportsmen have known for a long time that hunting supports and funds wildlife conservation and management programs,” said Ben B. Hollingsworth Jr., president of the Boone and Crockett Club. “What is often overlooked is that the most successful system of wildlife conservation ever devised – the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation – would not have been possible without sportsmen and their right to own and use firearms.”

Public ownership of firearms was instrumental to the birth of the conservation movement in North America and still contributes to its continued success. The Boone and Crockett Club supports the right of citizens to own and use firearms. This right allows hunters to contribute to and maintain the longstanding success of wildlife conservation and management in North America.

“By the late nineteenth century wildlife species were depleted everywhere in North America,” said Hollingsworth. “It is indisputable that the hunter-conservationist movement rescued many species from certain extinction.”

Early hunter-conservationists like Theodore Roosevelt, who formed the Boone and Crockett Club in 1887, took action to allow game species to recover in the abundance we have today. Sportsmen across the nation joined Roosevelt in choosing to restrict themselves, limit their take, and abide by newly formed game laws and regulated hunting seasons. But they took one more step, explained Hollingsworth Jr.

“Even in the height of the Great Depression, sportsmen voted to tax themselves for the benefit of wildlife.” The Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act (Pittman-Robertson Act), proposed by sportsmen and passed by Congress in 1937, placed an excise tax on the sale of sporting arms and ammunition with the funds earmarked for wildlife conservation and distributed to state fish and wildlife agencies. In 2016, $700 million were generated and to date, nearly $10 billion has been distributed to states.

“As we know, game species did recover, but the habitats that were secured and managed for game species now benefit all wildlife,” said Hollingsworth. “None of this would be possible without the Second Amendment. It is why protecting and maintaining gun ownership by the public is so critical to wildlife conservation.”

The full position statement and video can be found at this link.




Browning Adds New Models to the Buck Mark Line

Several features have made the Browning Buck Mark a popular pistol among target shooters and hunters. Buck Mark pistols are made in the USA on a machined aluminum frame and feature a precision-rifled barrel, blow back action, crisp single-action trigger and adjustable sights.A Buck Mark Field Target Suppressor Ready model has been introduced for 2017. This model features a heavy round 5-1/2″ barrel and is threaded to accept a suppressor. A thread protector is included. An integral optics base is featured, along with an adjustable Pro-Target rear sight and front blade sight. Laminated Cocobolo target grips are included. Suggested retail price is $599.99. Read more
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