EPA Denies Latest Anti-Hunting Group Petition to Ban Traditional Ammunition

NEWTOWN, Conn. — The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Monday denied yet another frivolous petition by the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) — an established anti-hunting group — calling for a ban on the traditional ammunition (containing lead-core components) for hunting and shooting. Read more

The LM8 Platform: Rail Platform For Today’s Battlefield

MILAN, IL – Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT®), an Illinois-based company that designs, prototypes and manufactures small arms, accessories and tooling components for the military, government, law enforcement, commercial manufacturers and responsible civilians introduce the new LM8 platform on two new rifle systems: the LM8MRP® and the LM8MWS®. Read more

New Gun Facility North of Detroit

“We are a firearms training center,”  William Kucyk said. “We don’t just throw guns across the counter. If you choose to own and a gun, you need to be educated and trained in that firearm.”   And, Mr. Kucyk is putting his money where his mouth is in a new facility north of Detroit.  I know they hate that in East Detroit, er, Eastpointe but that’s where it is.  More here…

Canada’s Long-Gun Registry is History

“The Firearms Act has been a thorn in the side of hunters, sport shooters,  farmers and heritage firearms enthusiasts for 17 years,” says Tony Bernardo of  the Canadian Shooting Sport Association. “We know the registry was a cheap  political ploy from a previous government that pretended to keep Canadians safe.  It wasn’t gun control, and it wasn’t designed to do anything but frustrate  honest, law-abiding firearms owners.”  Here’s more…

NSSF Invites Shooting Ranges to Apply for $400,000 in Grants

NEWTOWN, Conn. — The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the trade association for the firearms and ammunition industry, invites public and private shooting facilities to apply for up to $400,000 in grants that can assist in developing strategies to put more target shooters on their firing lines. Read more

New Shoot N-C Targets

Since their introduction, Shoot-N-C® targets have been the target of choice. The instant “halo” effect around each shot makes them popular for novice, as well as experienced shooters.

For 2012 Birchwood Casey has introduced a new line of White/Black Shoot-N-C targets. The white targets leave a black “halo” around each shot that can easily be seen at many distances. They work especially well at indoor ranges or in low light conditions. Crosshairs and open sights show up especially well on the white over black design. The bull’s-eye versions also have horizontal posts that make great crosshair reference points.

Three versions of the Shoot-N-C White/Black targets are available; 8″ and 12″ Bull’s-Eye X and 12″x18″ Silhouette. The 8″ come in packs of six targets with 72 pasters and sell for a suggested retail of $7.50, the 12″ come in 5-packs with 120 pasters/secondary targets for $12.50 and the silhouettes are available in packs of 5 with 90 pasters/secondary targets for $14.00. They can also be ordered individually/bulk in multiples of 100.

Click here to view video.  Read more

Colt LE6940P Rifle Features Piston System

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. – Colt Defense LLC, one of the world’s leading designers, developers, and manufacturers of rifles and carbines, has advanced its one-piece monolithic upper receiver to introduce the LE6940P. This modular carbine has an articulating link piston (ALP) operating system and offers shooters a highly accurate, lightweight and easy-to-clean AR-platform rifle with an extended lifespan. Read more

Making the Varmint Rifle Sing

By Glen Wunderlich

April 15th – that mournful day when we must reckon our financial gains in the form of “contributions” to the government so that it can” invest” in the future for us.  The date is also well known in Michigan predator hunting circles as the last day to save a turkey poult or new-born fawn from the mouths of coyotes.  After that, coyotes are free to raise another crop of killers for three months.  And, effective killing machines they are!

In the third year of an ongoing study in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula by folks at Mississippi State University, coyotes topped the charts above wolves and bobcats as the number one predator of fawns.  The study found that predators killed 73 percent of 80 radio-collared fawns that died of the total of 142 being tracked.  Rabbits and hares have vanished, as well.

So, when I spotted a coyote den in an area where I hunt deer, I knew it was time to get a varmint rifle dialed in.  This particular site was in a wide-open alfalfa field, with the best possible ambush site exactly 220 yards away.

I grabbed a true varmint rifle – a Remington 700 in .22-250 caliber – and headed to the sight-in bench.  Because of a concern for wind drift, I selected the heaviest bullet – a 55-grain missile traveling at 3610 feet-per-second.  The computer had me sighting in .22 inches high at 50 yards so that the tiny projectile would be perfectly elevated, zeroed if you will, at exactly 200 yards.  After that, the long-range proposition would be up to faith in a computer-generated ballistic report. Read more

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