Subtle Changes Can Mean a New Perspective

By Glen Wunderlich

Whenever sportscasters spew off statistics about certain team rivalries and how two teams have stacked up over the years, it makes me think they don’t have anything better to talk about. It all means nothing, because the current teams have evolved through coaching and personnel changes – any one of which alters the team’s personality, potential, and character. An impending game, therefore, is sure to become a new adventure. So, too it is with hunting. Read more

Colorado Sheriff Arrested for Dealing Meth

Gun-control advocates have lost a mouthpiece.  At least he’s been given a “timeout” – bigtime.  A Colorado sheriff, Patrick Sullivan now sits in the jail named after – wait for it – himslelf!  Seems he got caught dealing meth.

Above the Law: Patrick Sullivan

For 18 years, his rights were above ours.  Sherrif Grayson Robinson had this statement on the case:

“The criminal investigation into this matter was initiated on Nov. 17, after several individuals presented credible information that provided probable cause to believe that Sullivan may be involved in the distribution and use of methamphetamine.”

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