Successful early elk hunting season in the books

Hunter Dale Grelewicz with bull elk he harvestedMichigan’s early elk season is now over, leaving many happy hunters with full freezers and memories for a lifetime.

“It was perfect! The hunt was above and beyond my expectations, very thorough and very professional,” said Dale Grelewicz of Twin Lakes. Grelewicz harvested his once-in-a-lifetime bull elk, with his wife Jeanne at his side, on Aug. 26.

The early elk season was made up of three, four-day hunts starting Aug. 25. Fifty state hunters had 12 days to harvest their elk, and 43 of them were successful in doing so. The early elk season is unique because it takes place during the rut, when calling can be effective, increasing the potential for some exciting interactions. Read more

Michigan Issues 2015 Deer Forecast and Important Reminders

With archery deer season just under way, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources would like to share the annual deer season forecast and remind hunters of important changes to the deer regulations for the 2015 deer seasons.

DNR deer program biologists predict that, overall, hunters this season will see similar or slightly increased success rates to last year. The forecast is designed to give hunters a better idea of what to expect in the woods this season and includes regional information breakdowns for the Upper Peninsula, the northern Lower Peninsula and the southern Lower Peninsula. Also included in the forecast are overviews of important changes for this license year, considerations for this season, and updates on wildlife health and diseases.

The annual deer season forecast can be found online Read more

State-By-State Deer Forecasts Now Available from Game & Fish/Sportsman

Kennesaw, Ga. — If you’re looking for the best places to hunt deer in your state — or practically anywhere else in America — you’ll discover everything you need in Game & Fish/Sportsman magazines.

In this month’s October issues, readers will find in-depth deer-hunting forecasts for their particular state or region. Each unique article is a comprehensive look at last year’s harvest figures, the top hunting counties or game management areas for 2015, a special statewide hunting map, and much more. Hunters can pinpoint the best places in their state to fill their tag, and find insights about the deer herd where they live. Read more

Midland® X-Talker® T65vp3 Two-way Radio Is A Hunting Necessity

Part of a Family of Radios That Have Been Awarded “Best of the Best” by Field & Stream Magazine,
Radio Features NOAA Weather Alert with Clear Reception, Transmission and Sound Quality

Avid hunters will tell you they want the best gear for the best price. Enter the X-TALKER® T65VP3 two-way radio by Midland®. A company focused on just that: superior products offered at world-class value, the X-TALKER T65VP3 two-way radio will not disappoint offering everything you need for your next hunt including the clearest reception, transmission and sound quality in existence and multiple charging and hands free options – all with Midland’s legendary weather alert radio features. Read more

ThermaCELL’s Heat Packs: Found at Local Retailers, Not Under Your Seat

The bitter cold of winter is just around the corner, which means haters of cold hands will be stocking up on plastic packets of hand warmers that provide one-time inconsistent heat and will inevitably disappear until next summer when they are found under car seats.

But thanks to ThermaCELL’s new Heat Packs, this winter doesn’t have to be the same.

Unlike disposable air-activated hand warmer packets, ThermaCELL’s heat packs provide users with three different temperature settings (reaching up to 116°F), can be turned off and used at a later time, and are completely rechargeable – meaning no trash and no surplus discoveries next summer.*
*ThermaCELL cannot guarantee disposable hand warmers from past winters are not still under your car seats.

ThermaCELL’s Heat Packs are available in two different sizes – smaller Hand Warmers (2-pack) and larger Pocket Warmers (1-pack). They last up to 6 hours per charge and feature materials that have thermal properties that allow for more effective transfer of heat to the body. Read more

Squirrel Hunting Over Work Any Day

By Glen Wunderlich

Gathering firewood is always on the agenda in September, because we all know what lies ahead. For those that burn wood for winter heat, it seems like a never-ending search for fuel. Free heat? What’s that! Wood is work! Period.

The emerald ash borer has provided some fine hardwood by killing our magnificent, towering trees, while Mother Nature eventually brings the timber down to the forest floor. But, getting it out can be challenging; the cooler mornings we’ve experienced lately are all the impetus I’ve needed to peck away at the monumental task. The poison ivy leaves are still on the vines and must be taken into consideration but at least the number of biting insects has diminished. It doesn’t take long to work up a sweat but it is quite comforting to add to the wood pile a bit each day, because soon the pendulum swings the other way.

And, then it hit me: Another picture-perfect September morning was in the offing and I didn’t want to “waste” it hauling wood. Squirrel hunting inexplicably made it to the top of the agenda. Because nightfall had already arrived, I would have to take a .22 rifle that was already sighted in for a morning adventure: a Mossberg model 152 manufactured in 1948.

Mossberg model 152

Mossberg model 152

The diminutive rimfire weighs a scant 5 pounds and sports a beautiful walnut stock, which was standard issue back in the day. It’s a semi-auto, using the same action as other vintage Mossberg models and works well if kept clean. I gave it a makeover with a new stock finish, rebluing, and an inexpensive Bushnell .22 scope set to be parallax free at 50 yards.

I don’t have much use for the high-velocity rimfire ammo that now costs as much as premium target ammo a few short years ago. In fact, the stuff we used to get at the local Cheap Mart for less than $10 per brick is now $60 or more, if you can find it. None of that stuff has the quality control necessary to consistently shoot groups of one inch or less at 50 yards anyway, so for that kind of cash, I opt for the target ammo, which remains available.

With standard velocity ammo, meaning sub-sonic or below the speed of sound, the old guns can be quite impressive at the target range. And, in the woods there is an added advantage of a mild report.

With typical heavy dew afoot, I slung my folding chair over one shoulder and the Mossberg over the other and hiked to the tall timber in the cover of darkness. Wetness provided soft, quiet footing and a silent approach.

The stillness of the early morning air was interrupted with commotion above. The hungry tree rodents began their day like any other in search of beechnuts and acorns and with a bit of patience, two black squirrels had fallen victim to the little Mossberg. I then set up a few hundred yards away and added a hefty fox squirrel to the morning’s take and called it a day.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It was good to be back.

Michigan Gobblers on STYRKA’s Hardcore Pursuit

Eagan, MN – Mike Pelletier is joined by good friends Ryan Grondin, Mike Rasmussen and custom turkey call maker – Ronnie Hardy as they chase U.P. gobblers in the area Mike Pelletier grew up. The area is loaded with toms but the terrible April weather of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan can really make it tough. STYRKA’s HARDCORE Pursuit airs Friday, September 25th at 9:30pm ET on Sportsman Channel. Read more

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