Boone and Crockett Club to Release Revised Edition of “How to Score North American Big Game”

MISSOULA, Mont. – The Boone and Crockett Club announces the release of the newest edition of “How to Score North American Big Game.” The book offers the most up-to-date scoring techniques with easy-to-follow instructions for scoring all 38 categories of North American big-game animals. The new edition is set to release in July 2016. Read more

Enjoy ‘Coffee with the Commissioners’ July 14 in Lansing

Members of the Michigan Natural Resources Commission will be available to meet with the public Thursday, July 14, in Lansing. The commissioners will be at the DNR Lansing Customer Service Center, 4166 Legacy Parkway, Lansing, 48911, from 8 to 8:45 a.m.

Part of the commission’s “Coffee with the Commissioners” program, it’s a great opportunity for area residents to sit down with commissioners over a cup of coffee and share their thoughts, suggestions and concerns about Michigan’s natural resources.

“It’s important that we give Michigan residents every chance to hear from them on the management and long-term future of Michigan’s natural resources and outdoor recreation opportunities,” said NRC chairman John Matonich. Read more

A Monster Blind in the Woods

PLANO, IL– This beast is no myth. Standing 7′ tall and leaving a 6′ by 6′ footprint, the new-for-2016 Ameristep Sanctuary Blind is confirmed to exist. The largest five-hub ground blind on the market, this monster will change the way families and friends hunt together, and must be seen and experienced to be fully appreciated.This is no Frankenstein blind, cobbled together from spare bits and pieces. Rather, the mad scientists at Ameristep created this new behemoth from the ground up, utilizing notoriously strong offset cable hubs to support the Sanctuary’s extra-large walls – a system that allows for the largest and tallest windows possible, constructed of shoot-through mesh and easily configured for sitting or standing bow shots.

The Sanctuary’s high-tech skin is made from Ameristep’s proprietary Durashell Plus Fabric in the versatile Realtree Xtra camouflage pattern. This extremely durable, dull, woven-polyester fabric is lightweight, soft-to-the-touch, and stealthy quiet. It also boasts the industry’s highest print quality. Inside, a black Shadow Guard coating devours silhouettes. Read more

Stealth Cam’s Ultimate Archery Week 2 Giveaway

Grand Prairie, TX- Stealth Cam, a company PROVEN through continued innovation and production of quality game cameras and accessories, is excited to announce week 2 of their ULTIMATE ARCHERY SWEEPSTAKES.Week 2 drawing starts on June 29th. This prize package includes Stealth Cam’s 4.3” color LCD card reader for viewing and managing your trail cam images in the field, and Mtn Ops will be giving away a $500 gift card for use on their website. Whether you’re getting in shape for an event, climbing mountains in the fall, or simply conquering every day activities, Mtn Op is sure to have you covered. Read more

Cabela’s Outdoor Fund Helps Launch Digital Mentoring App

Wichita, KS — Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors announced today Cabela’s Outdoor Fund has awarded the organization a grant to fund the development of a revolutionary Digital Mentoring program delivered via the Powderhook app. The app functionality will provide hunters and anglers with ready access to Digital Mentors in their area. Digital Mentors who use the app provide advice and tips, making it easier for new people to begin, and helping people of all experience levels enjoy better days outdoors.

“Thanks to the generosity of Cabela’s Outdoor Fund, Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors and Powderhook will be able to provide a valuable resource for new hunters and anglers through an online social support system,” stated Mike Christensen, President of Pass It On – Outdoor Mentors, Inc. “We are grateful that Cabela’s Outdoor Fund shares our vision and is lending their support to our efforts. We believe we can multiply our impact by adding a technology component to our existing programs, and expanding through an app in places we don’t yet work on a daily basis.”

According to Powderhook CEO, Eric Dinger, mentoring has been a hot topic among the 50 state fish and wildlife agencies, as well as leading non-government organizations, but solutions that scale to meet the demand for mentoring have been tough to find. “A traditional mentoring relationship remains the backbone of how we’ll get more people started in the outdoors. Most people reading this can probably harken back to their mentor, whether it was their father, grandpa or neighbor. But, being a long-term mentor to a single child or new person via a traditional mentoring approach requires a lot of time. We believe many people who may not be able to commit the time to a full mentoring relationship will be willing to lend an answer here or there via an app. Read more

MUCC’s 2016 Annual Convention Recap

Michigan United Conservation Clubs had its most important event of the year this past weekend in Big Rapids: our Annual Convention, where delegates representing our 50,000-plus members and 250-plus affiliated local sportsmen’s clubs vote on what hunting, fishing, trapping and conservation policies we will pursue, honor dedicated conservationists, elect officers and even improve local wildlife habitat.


New conservation policies adopted by MUCC’s membership (and their sponsors) this weekend include:

  • Support for the use of centerfire rifles at night for coyote hunting. (Chris Kettler and Michigan Trappers and Predator Callers Association)
  • Banning the use of large quantities of chocolate in bear bait. (Michigan Hunting Dog Federation and Michigan Bear Hunters Association)
  • Educate bear hunters about the danger of using chocolate in bear bait. (Richard P. Smith)
  • Base chumming regulations on the best available science. (Adam Trenz, Metro-West Steelheaders)
  • Creation of a statewide urban deer management plan emphasizing bowhunting and venison donation. (Tomahawk Archers)
  • Define and regulate “airbows” as pneumatic firearms, not archery equipment. (Michigan Bow Hunters)
  • Reverse MUCC’s prior opposition to the use of crossbows during the archery deer season. (Elden Montross, Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club)
  • Support for bass tournaments. (Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation)
  • Encourage the DNR to use adaptive management for bass. (Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation)
  • Increase waterfowl hunting opportunities in county parks and extend liability protection to local government units which allow hunting on their properties. (Macatawa Bay Waterfowl Association and Jack Van Rhee)
  • Create a Federal Fish and Wildlife Disease Trust Fund. (MUCC Wildlife Committee)
  • Reduce the use of chemicals in native aquatic vegetation management, which provides fish habitat. (Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation)
  • Move the start date of the early turkey season in southern Michigan up from a Monday to the prior Saturday. (Millard H. Holton)
  • Allow rough fish harvested during bowfishing tournaments to be donated to rendering facilities. (Rob Miller, Bowfishing Association of Michigan)
  • Encourage the DNR to recognize Michigan’s diverse landscape in management decisions. (Tom Heritier, Saginaw Field & Stream Conservation Association)
  • Increase penalties for hunter harassment. (Jim Pryce)
  • Allow purple paint to be used in place of “No Trespassing” signs. (Jim Pryce)
  • Support the designation of the monarch butterfly as the official state insect. (Tomahawk Archers)
  • Support the designation of a 1.8-mile stretch of county road in a Grouse Enhanced Management System in Marquette County, currently open for ORV use, as a multi-use ORV route to allow funding allocation for signage. (Tim Kobasic, Hiawathaland Trail Association)
  • Confirm an earlier emergency resolution to encourage moose culling at Isle Royale National Park. (MUCC Wildlife Committee) Read more

James Powell elected President of POMA

GW:  Welcome aboard, Mr. Powell!

DU’s Director of Communications will serve two-year term

MEMPHIS, Tennessee – Ducks Unlimited’s (DU) Director of Communications, James Powell, was elected volunteer President of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) at their annual conference in Montana last week.

“It’s truly an honor to be elected President of such a highly regarded organization,” Powell said. “I’m looking forward to working with other outdoor media leaders to help POMA grow and reach the goals set out in our mission.”

Powell has been DU’s Director of Communications for the past four years, and has served on the POMA board for two years. As President, he will preside over all meetings of the POMA Board of Directors and act as the liaison between the Executive Director and the Board. He is also responsible for member communications, the development of strategic partnerships and oversight of strategic marketing programs.

“We learned at the board meeting last week that POMA’s corporate partnerships have grown by 18 percent, which is a big increase from previous years,” he said. “While corporate partners undoubtedly allow POMA to do even more great things, we’re certainly going to be focused on membership growth as well.” Read more

Seek Thermal Announces First Affordable, Pro-Grade Imaging for Smartphone

SANTA BARBARA, CA, JUNE 21, 2016 — Seek Thermal™ announced today the company’s first line of high performance, affordable, infrared thermal imaging cameras for hunting, wildlife and outdoors experts. Available soon, the Seek CompactPRO weighs less than 0.5 ounces and plugs directly into an iOS or Android smartphone device for instant connect-and-detect convenience. The CompactPRO is the first thermal imaging camera built for a smartphone to ever feature 76,800 measurement pixels, a thermal sensor array of 320×240, and an unprecedented price point under $500. The CompactPRO is also an innovative game-changer in helping to make thermal imaging technology and thermal vision more easily affordable and available to those pursuing field sports, pest control, wildlife control, and night optics.”Seek Thermal was founded by 35-year industry veterans in the infrared thermal imaging space who believed that the world hugely benefits by making this technology available to all,” said Tracy Benson, CMO/VP of Global Marketing for Seek Thermal. “The outdoor and field segment has always been an important focus for our company. High performance thermal imaging tools used to be expensive, difficult to carry, and primarily used by few people in military and defense – or those with deep pockets. It is one of the most important sensing technologies that can prevent costly land damages due to overpopulated pests or predators, make it easier to watch animals, scout and recover, and is better suited for conditions approaching absolute darkness. Read more

Boone and Crockett Applauds Colorado’s Fair Chase Policy

MISSOULA, Mont. – The Boone and Crockett Club announced its support for a new fair-chase policy recently adopted by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission. The new policy for hunting and angling in the state is in response to emerging technologies that have the potential to undermine the long-standing traditions of sportsmen in upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct in the field.

The Club defines fair chase as the ethical, sportsmanlike, and lawful pursuit and taking of any free-ranging wild, native North American big-game animal in a manner that does not give the hunter an improper advantage over such animals. Colorado has now adopted a similar definition for Colorado sportsmen and its wildlife.

“Definitions are important, but even more so is a general understanding of the concept of fair chase,” said Morrie Stevens, president of the Boone and Crockett Club. “Fair chase has been a important part of the values of our organization and our members dating back to our founder, Theodore Roosevelt. We’re certainly pleased to see a state with such rich outdoor traditions and values in hunting and angling like Colorado step up to say, ‘how we hunt and fish is just as important as why.'” Read more

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