Which Companies Support HSUS?

ProhibitHSUSThis from humanewatch.org

Just as many donors to HSUS have no idea how their money is being used—or misused—a number of companies have partnerships with HSUS and likely have no idea who they’ve gotten in bed with. We’ve encouraged supporters to contact a number of companies in the past to inform them about HSUS, and we’ve had clear success in getting companies to sever ties with HSUS.

Many of our readers don’t want to support companies that support HSUS. Here’s a list of the companies supporting HSUS. We’ll keep it updated with both current and former supporters. We’ll keep reaching out to current supporters—and we’ll need your help, as always. Stay tuned.


Former Supporters


Bosch North America

Pilot Travel Centers

Precious Kitty

Mary Kay

Yellow Tail Wines

Hill’s Science Diet

Atlantic Publishing

Jordan Vineyard and Winery

Bank of America

Tommy Bahama


Current General Supporters


Grounds for Change





Candle Café

Petplan Pet Insurance


Fred Meyer Jewelers


GIV Mobile

GreaterGood / The Animal Rescue Site





Streamlight Introduces Super Siege Rechargeable LED Lantern

New Model Rivals Brightest LED Lanterns; Also Functions as Portable USB ChargerEAGLEVILLE, PA – Streamlight® Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting, introduced the Super Siege®, a brilliant 1,100 lumen rechargeable light that is one of the brightest LED lanterns available today. The new model is ideal for large-scale scene lighting required by industrial users, first responders and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

The Super Siege also functions as an auxiliary USB power source to charge personal electronic devices. Its rechargeable 8800 mAh Lithium Ion battery provides up to 4 full charges for most smartphones and up to 8 full charges for most Streamlight USB-rechargeable flashlights. Read more

Walker’s New Razor Series

Walker’s® – The shooting and hunting pioneer and industry leader in hearing protection, introduces the all new Razor Series of ear protection. These “Razor” thin muffs were engineered from the ground up with the goal of having the lowest possible profile without compromising the hearing protection and amplification properties of the muff. Delivering an impressive noise reduction rating (NRR) of 23dB, the Razor series are sure to protect your hearing without interfering, allowing you to concentrate on your target. The Razor series also feature Walkers new comfort fit headband for all day shooting, and come in a host of color options. Read more

Hunting App Transforms Your Mobile Device into a Next Generation GPS

New HUNT App Now Available for Download From onXmapsMISSOULA, MT – Available today on both the Google Play and [Apple] App Store, onXmaps offers a new and improved Hunting App that turns your phone or tablet into a dedicated GPS device. onX HUNT 3.0 unlocks the full GPS functionality of modern phones and integrates it with the best land ownership data and mapping tools available. This powerful combination allows hunters to always know their location relative to public and private land ownership boundaries, geographical features, custom waypoints, roads, and trails. For a full list of HUNT 3.0 features, visit www.huntinggpsmaps.com. Read more

HSUS Grades Politicians

For those of you who’d like to know how your local politicians are rated by the largest anti-hunting organization in the world, check out the report cards here: http://bit.ly/1QAHb1M.

Another video worth watching covers the HSUS position on hunting with the understanding that anyone who receives high scores with the HSUS lobbyists is certainly no friend of the North American Conservation Model.

Give this one a look and see if you don’t get the notion that HSUS, like some politicians, is definitely flying under a false flag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qk5rjSJYeKg

Johnny Stewart Grim Speaker GS2 Caller Wins Outdoor Life Editor’s Choice Award

During the recent Outdoor Life field test of new predator callers, the new Johnny Stewart Grim Speaker GS2 caller received the Editor’s Choice award for its excellent performance and price.

Testers were impressed with the call’s performance, as well as the reach of the 110 decibel speaker at ranges over 300 yards. “The backlit LED remote unit was easy to operate with gloved fingers and the remote nests in the back of the caller by means of a magnet”, said one of the testers. “A huge plus is the ability to download hundreds of additional sounds through the USB port.” Read more

Pheasants Forever Annual Report: 1.7 Million Wildlife Habitat Acres Impacted in ’15

Quail Forever celebrates 10th anniversary, sets new membership recordSt. Paul, Minn. – In 2015, Pheasants Forever, Inc., including its quail division, Quail Forever, worked with more than 35,000 individual landowners and its chapter affiliates completed more than 12,700 wildlife habitat projects, which combined to improve habitat for pheasants, quail and other wildlife on more than 1.7 million acres. Read more

Yellow Snow

By Glen Wunderlich

On a recent venture to fill the outdoor furnace with wood in the early evening, the unmistakable sound of coyotes yodeling in the distance stopped me in my tracks. The eerie sound reminded me that coyote breeding season had begun and that means one thing to me: coyote hunting.

Coyotes, like other animals can be particularly vulnerable to certain sights and sounds, if a hunter is prepared to exploit their territorial weaknesses. This time of year, a full-body coyote decoy can be just the ticket to distract the canines’ attention away from my hunting position and toward my upwind setup, which is usually 80 to 100 yards away.

To complete the ruse, cover scent is applied to my boot bottoms with a liberal amount sprinkled or sprayed around (not on) the decoy. However, I’m not inclined to spend up to $10 per ounce on some mystical potion from Hoonosewhere, when I have gallons afoot for the taking. Yes, I’m talking yellow snow.

Nothing can beat the realism of all natural cover scent from the wild deer herd in your own area. Plus, not only is it effective for predator hunting, but the same liquid gold can be used to cover your scent while deer hunting.

Here’s a how-to guide for the recycler in you. First, there must be enough snow to transform the liquid into frozen crystals suspended above the ground. Next, carry with you some 5-gallon pails and a shovel, scoop the frozen concoction into a bucket until full. Yellow SnowIf you want to make it worth your while, fill up as many buckets as you desire. Then, either pick them up when finished or cover them in place to minimize dilution from more snow or rain until you decide to retrieve them.

The next step in the process will require the snow cone material to melt – either on its own or by accelerating the process in a heated garage space. Once liquefied, simply pour the liquid through a paint strainer, which has an elastic band that can be stretched over an empty bucket to filter out debris from the field. Five gallons of yellow snow will produce about 1 gallon of diluted liquid.

Next, funnel the potion into clean containers that can be refrozen. Leave plenty of room for expansion and place the containers within doubled-freezer bags. Mark all containers clearly, so as not to confuse the stuff with anything meant for human consumption.Yellow Snow

The brew can also be preserved by adding some sodium benzoate, then bottling, and storing it on a shelf. However, I have no information as to the shelf life.

To make the cover scent even stronger, water can be removed by partial thawing and then pouring off the liquid into another container, thus condensing it. Boiling is another option that I’ve not attempted – and, probably never will.

The final step for field use is to transfer the material into small bottles, properly labeled. I picked up 100 orange-colored, 8-ounce spray bottles online for less than $.50 each and attached some labels to the home brew.

So, if you watch out where the whitetails go you too can benefit from yellow snow.


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