Revic Optics Introduces PMR 428 Riflescope

Cody, WY – Revic Optics has introduced its first riflescope product: the PMR 428. This truly innovative 4.5-28×56 riflescope delivers everything any serious long-range shooter could need. Using the Revic Optics ballistic app, the shooter uploads all ballistic data to the riflescope via a Bluetooth connection. In the field, once the shooter has ranged their target, they simply adjust the elevation turret to the target distance and it activates the “virtual BDC.” The “vBDC” feature then, taking into account the ballistic data previously uploaded, performs a real time ballistic calculations and automatically corrects the distance for inclination, compass direction, temperature and pressure. Additionally, the total windage correction feature adjusts for information derived from heading, speed inputs and spin drift.

“The PMR 428 offers a sophisticated, but unbelievably simple way to compensate for ballisitics. Just dial the turret until the target distance is displayed, all the angles and environmental data are measured on the device and ballistic correction happens faster than you can dial the turret! As our premier product, it sets the tone for an exciting future!” says Aaron Davidson, CEO of Revic Optics.

The 34mm tube diameter PMR 428 has an elevation adjustment range of 80 moa and a windage adjustment range of 50 moa. The elevation adjustment per revolution is 30 moa. Read more

Colt Announces New BowLight™ for Crossbows

WEST HARTFORD, CT – Legendary firearms manufacturer Colt is excited to announce the release of the industry’s first truly professional compact high output Crossbow light, apply named the PGS100 BOWLIGHT™ Predatory System.

With the recent increased interest for bow and crossbow hunting and fishing, the need for a truly professional long-range illumination system has arisen, and the new Colt BOWLIGHT™ PGS100 Predator system answers that need.

Crossbows create severe and an unusual types of “recoil” which can and will destroy conventional mountable flashlight and illumination systems. The Colt BOWLIGHT™ was, in-turn, designed to not only handle this type of severe and unusual recoil, but in addition, was built with advanced machined micro-sized coated reflector optics which allow its single AAA power-plant to throw a 100 lumen beam over 300 feet, and do so within the constraints of the scarce space typically found on today’s modern bow and crossbow platforms. Read more

Ultra Shot M-Spec FMS Carbon Fiber Reflex Sight

Same trusted M-Spec, now with real Carbon Fiber!(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – Hunters, competition shooters and law enforcement have come to trust Sightmark’s Ultra Shot M-Spec series to help them make their mark. Now, this dependable line of reflex sights is adding a new variant to the mix: introducing the Ultra Shot M-Spec FMS Carbon Fiber Reflex Sight (SM26015).

Taking advantage of the same robust optical design as other M-Spec models, the all-new Carbon Fiber FMS is a special offering for Sightmark’s 10 year Anniversary and features a carbon fiber protective hood, helping it weigh-in 30% lighter than other popular reflex sights at just 7.1 oz. Boasting a 65 MOA circle dot crosshair with 2 MOA central dot reticle, the M-Spec Carbon Fiber is as durable as they come with a scratchproof lens, cast magnesium alloy housing, IP68 waterproof rating (submersible to 40 ft.), Interlok™ internal locking system and a recoil rating up to .50 caliber. Read more

Firefield Barrage Riflescopes

Stay on the attack with all-new Barrage Riflescopes!(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – Equipping shooters to engage their targets with extreme precision, new Firefield Barrage Riflescopes are ready to advance at any distance. Every aspect of these riflescopes has been redesigned and improved based on common industry suggestions to make them the highest quality price point hunting riflescopes available. Don’t waste your money on scopes that promise big and deliver small, the Firefield Barrage allows shooters to spend more money on ammunition, so they can spend more time doing what their gun was designed to do…SHOOT!

The perfect scope for hunting and target shooting at close- to long-range for all ages, Barrage Riflescopes feature an effective mil-dot reticle and protective capped turrets. Light transmission in low-light hours is superb thanks to fully multi-coated optics and an illuminated reticle. Barrage scopes boast a robust construction and an advanced single-piece mount design, cutting down on moving parts, improving overall reliability and ensuring problem-free performance with a recoil rating up to .308. Read more

Sightmark ReadyFire G6 Laser

Sightmark ReadyFire G6: Acquire targets with laser speed!(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – When low light conditions hinder your close- to mid-range shooting, Sightmark’s new ReadyFire G6 Laser Sight (SM25008) allows for lightning-quick target acquisition. Ideal for tactical, home defense and hunting applications, the ReadyFire G6 easily mounts to any firearm with weaver/picatinny attachments.

The Sightmark ReadyFire G6 delivers an ultra-bright, 515nm 5mW green laser able to be seen 50 yards during the day and an impressive 300 yards at night. This ergonomic laser features a low-profile design and finger adjustable clicks for incredibly quick and easy adjustments. Perfect for the AR-15 and MSR platforms, the ReadyFire G6 allows users to choose between push button and pressure pad operation. Read more

Quantum Lite Thermal Monoculars Heat Up Outdoor Pursuits

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – Launched at the 2017 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Pulsar’s Quantum Lite Thermal Monoculars are guaranteed to turn the heat up on your surveillance and outdoor adventures with premium, feature-rich, high-tech optics.

With ultra-easy user interface, blazing two-second startup time, seven color display mode options including “white hot” and “black hot”, brightness and contrast adjustability, three operation modes, three calibration modes, defective pixel repair, variable magnification, stadiametric rangefinding technology, ergonomic button layout, video-out recording, and long-range heat signature detection, Quantum Lite Thermal Monoculars are the perfect advanced optic solution for hunting, surveillance, search and rescue, wildlife observation, game recovery, boating and even indoor or outdoor troubleshooting. Read more

Steiner eOptics Releases DBAL-A4 v2

Steiner eOptics is celebrating the release of its DBAL-A4® v2 at the 2017 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) being held in Tampa, Florida.

May 12, 2017—As a leader in laser aiming solutions for the soldier, Steiner eOptics is celebrating the release of its DBAL-A4® v2 at the 2017 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) being held in Tampa, Fla. Steiner will feature its products in booth #236, as part of Beretta Defense Technologies.

The release of the DBAL-A4® v2 marks a milestone in the continued design, development and manufacturing of Laser Aiming Solutions provided by Steiner eOptics. The DBAL-A4® v2 provides the complete functionality of Steiner eOptics’ DBAL-A3 and MK4 Battle Light in one compact unit. The DBAL-A4® v2 combines a visible laser pointer, an infrared laser pointer, a long-range as well as a second short-range, wide field-of-view infrared illuminator, and a white light illuminator into one integrated, all-aluminum package. The DBAL-A4® v2 was designed by Steiner eOptics’ engineering team in Vermont and built in its new 50,000 square foot facility in Ohio. Read more

Sightmark Unveils 10th Anniversary Ultra Shot Plus

Sightmark is proud to unveil the Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Ultra Shot Plus Reflex Sight! The 10th Anniversary Ultra Shot (SM26014) not only commemorates Sightmark’s important milestone, it embodies the brand’s cornerstones of commitment: performance, innovation, a lifetime warranty and world-class customer service.

A full decade after pioneering into tactical territory, Sightmark continues to cater to demanding protection and defense advocates, precision marksmen, fist-full-of-dirt hunters, competitive shooters and recreational plinkers at all experience levels, on six continents without compromising core principles. Read more

Sightmark Wolverine CSR-LQD

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – From stalking prey in the woods to executing important law enforcement missions, intense moments call for maximum functionality. The new Sightmark Wolverine CSR-LQD (SM26021-LQD) delivers big on close-quarters efficiency, helping hunters, law enforcement and competition shooters alike make their mark.Designed for exceptionally quick target acquisition on MSR’s and shotguns, the Wolverine CSR-LQD is a red dot sight with a 4 MOA dot reticle and features a locking, quick detach mount, enabling the Wolverine to be detached and attached when seconds matter, while user-friendly digital switch brightness controls make the sight quick and easy to operate. There’s no need to fret over batteries, as the Wolverine’s extremely low power consumption allows the sight to be used continuously for 1 million hours, or over 6 years, on just a single AA battery. Read more

Steiner Releases the DBAL-RL and SBAL-RL



As a leader in laser aiming solutions for the soldier, Steiner eOptics is celebrating the release of its DBAL-RL® v2 and SBAL-RL v2 at the 2017 National Rifle Association Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Atlanta, Ga.

The advancements in the upgraded units demonstrate Steiner eOptics’ continued design, development and manufacturing of advanced Laser Aiming Solutions. Identical to the DBAL-PL® v2, the DBAL-RL® v2 combines a visible laser pointer, an infrared laser pointer, an infrared illuminator, and a white light illuminator into one integrated, all-aluminum package. However, the DBAL-RL® v2 has an end cap that enables the user to plug in and operate the unit with two remote paddle switches. Similarly, the SBAL-RL® v2 combines a visible laser and white light illuminator with a single receptacle end cap for remote switch operation. Both units, available with green or red visible lasers, were designed by Steiner eOptics’ engineering team in Vermont, and built in its new 50,000 square foot facility in Ohio.

The remote switching capability is Steiner eOptics response to the unique requirements presented in Close Quarter Battle (CQB) environments where the use of a shotgun or short-barrel rifle are mandatory. Read more

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