Poachers Cheat Sportsmen

By Glen Wunderlich

Jeff Kerr of Lapeer County is famous – for all the wrong reasons. When he chose to hunt deer without a hunting license, he chose to become a poacher. And, when he killed a trophy whitetail buck, he began to live a lie that will follow him wherever he goes.

Kerr shot a trophy 13-point buck after his hunting buddy missed, claiming “…I couldn’t let it go…” Actually, he could have let it go, but he chose to complicate his life when he pulled the trigger. If he ever wanted notoriety, he sure got it; the story of this cheat is all over America.

He ended the lie when he fessed up to conservation officer, Ken Kovach, but it doesn’t change the image captured of a cheater posing for photos in the back of his pickup truck.

For a fee of $15 he rolled the dice. He must have thought the odds of getting caught were slim to none. And, they probably were. He weighed risk versus reward, when he made the decision to cheat the system. Oh, but what a tangled web we weave…

The point of all this Read more

Michigan Man Gets Caught Cheating; Loses Trophy Buck

Jeff Kerr, hunting in Lapeer County, Michigan couldn’t miss on the trophy buck of a lifetime.  And at 10 steps, he didn’t.  Life has got complicated for the short-term hero now that everyone – including the law – knows he bought his license after the fact.  Click here for the story and photo of the big buck he lost on a “technicality.”  From hero to zero as quick as you can say busted.

Australian Poachers Arrested in Idaho

By Evin Oneale – Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Three Australians suspected of poaching were arrested last week on multiple charges and later booked into the Elmore County jail.

Eleven charges have been filed against the men, with a combined bond set at $165,000.

Anton Kepeller, 58, Darren Tubb, 43, and Samuel Henley, 18, all from Tasmania, Australia, were contacted and later arrested Read more

IDNR Conservation Police Charge Michigan Residents in Deer Poaching Case

Springfield, IL – The Illinois Department of Natural Resources Office of Law Enforcement announced recent charges filed in Cook and Sangamon counties against five men from Illinois and Michigan. The arrests came after a five month long deer poaching investigation.

Illinois DNR Conservation Police conducted an investigation into a group of hunters who were taking several trophy-quality whitetail deer. After a thorough investigation with the assistance of Michigan Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officers, Indiana Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officers and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, five hunters were charged with committing numerous Wildlife Code violations involving 31 whitetail deer. The largest buck, taken in Cook County, was a large non-typical deer scoring 213 5/8 inches and valued at $25,000. Read more

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