Ohio House Passes Bill to Eliminate “No Gun” Victim Zones

COLUMBUS, OH – Sub. HB 48, sponsored by Ron Maag (R-Lebanon), passed the Ohio House of Representatives today with a 63-25 vote. The bill is now headed to the Senate for further consideration.

HB 48 makes several critical changes to Ohio firearms laws.

Currently it is against the law to possess a firearm on school property. There is an exemption for Concealed Handgun License (CHL) holders “immediately in the process of picking up or dropping off a child,” provided the license-holder remains in the vehicle. But drop off a spouse (not a “child”) for work, or your kids lunch/medicine/science project, and parents are subject to felony penalties. Parents with a CHL are prohibited from leaving the vehicle as may be required to sign a child out of the office or nurses’ station.

HB 48 would fix this by simply stating that the gun, as opposed to the license-holder, must remain in the vehicle. It fixes a problem with which license-holders, schools, law enforcement and prosecutors have had issues. Such a simple and commonsense fix should enjoy unanimous support. Read more

Bill That Eliminates “No-Gun” Victim Zones Scheduled for Ohio House Floor Vote

COLUMBUS, OH – Substitute House Bill 48 sponsored by Ron Maag (R-Lebanon), is scheduled for a vote by the full House on Tuesday, November 17, 2015.

The bill, which passed out of the House State Government Committee back in June by a 9-2 vote, seeks to restore Ohioans’ right to carry in day care facilities (unless they post “no-guns”), private airplanes, school safety zones, and in non-secure areas of police stations and airports.

The substitute bill also contains “opt-in” language which would to allow authorities governing college campuses and certain government buildings the ability to allow concealed carry. Read more

Expansion of Michigan CPL to Pistol Free Zones

Recently, Senator Green introduced a different bill, SB 442, which is co-sponsored by MCRGO Board Members, Senators Meekhoff and Casperson .

Link: You can find it here.

SB 442 would allow for any CPL holder to request an exemption from the “Pistol Free Areas.” There would be no fee if the request is made at initial licensing, or upon renewal. If the request is made during the term of a CPL license, there would be a fee up to $20 for the issuance of a new license. This bill has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Hearings have not been held yet. In other words, it is early in the legislative process. No vote has been taken as of the date of writing this article.

Read more: http://www.ammoland.com/2015/10/expansion-of-michigan-cpl-to-pistol-free-zones/#ixzz3nmKHyMHy
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Litigation Promised Should California Senate Bill 707 Become Law

SACRAMENTO, CA– Civil rights advocates at Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) are preparing to file a federal lawsuit should California Senate Bill 707 become law.

The bill, passed by the Legislature last week, would expand criminal liability under the “Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1994” to handgun carry license holders and criminalize the mere possession of ammunition on the grounds of any school or college campus, even for trained gun owners who have a license to carry issued by their police chief or county sheriff.

Among the tens of thousands of licensed California residents who will be immediately impacted by SB 707 are victims of domestic violence and stalking, judges, prosecutors, and public defenders. Read more

New Courses Offered at Gunsite Academy

It seems like every day the headlines read: Active shooter! Terrorist alert! Home invasion! Natural disaster! Stories about riots, carjacking, armed robbery etc. are at the top of the news feeds. These types of things are happening all across our country with more and more frequency. The odds are increasing that each of us may face any one of these incidents on any given day.

Gunsite Academy, the world’s premier and longest running privately owned firearms training facility is announcing 5 new courses that will be added to the 2016 schedule. These courses have been designed to meet the current challenges and concerns facing everyday American citizens. These courses are now up on our website and open for enrollment. Gunsite.com Read more

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