Aerial Control of Alaska’s Bears

The Alaska Board of Game has approved the use of aerial bear control to increase the numbers of moose for residents.  “All bears within the 540 square mile area will be removed, but that total will  include many more black bears than grizzlies,” Fish and Game spokeswoman Cathie  Harms wrote in an email.
Read more:  Fairbanks Daily News-Miner – Alaska Game Board OKs aerial bear control in Kuskokwim region

Hunter Green

GW:  I thought this was good years ago and it still is.

By Steve Sanetti

Today’s green movement uses certain buzzwords — organic, locavore, renewable — to the wry amusement of 15 million to 20 million of us who’ve actually lived the eco-friendly lifestyle that these words describe.

We are hunters.  As a subset of America, we’re admittedly somewhat smaller than we used to be. Our numbers have been steadily pressed beneath a culture growing ever faster, more complex and distant from its rural ancestry.  Now, like growing vegetables, gathering fresh eggs and raising farm animals for the table, the proclivity and skill to harvest Earth’s bounty of wild game — and to pass on this tradition to those longing for simpler ways of life — reside in only a relative few of us. Read more

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