Wolves Killed Alaska Teacher

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has confirmed, through DNA testing, that at least two wolves chased and killed, Candice Berner, a teacher who was jogging last year near a rural Alaska village.

Biologists cite the reason for the attack as simply aggression.  In retaliation, eight wolves were killed.  The trouble is that because of protections still in place, more attacks are likely.    Read more at the link…

Arizona Confirms Wolf Conservation Support, Objects to New Wolf Releases

PHOENIX — The Arizona Game and Fish Commission (Commission) today voted 3-1 to continue both its financial and infrastructure support of Mexican wolf conservation in the state, but voted not to support the release of any new wolves until the federal government completes certain critical planning measures. Previously, all initial releases of captive Mexican wolves in the U.S. have occurred in Arizona with the concurrence and support of the Game and Fish Department. Read more

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