Court Forces Seattle to Reveal Major ‘Gun Tax” Shortfall

BELLEVUE, WA – Acting in accordance with the order of a King County Superior Court judge, the City of Seattle on Monday afternoon revealed what had been suspected for more than a year, that its revenue from a so-called “gun violence tax” was far below projections when the tax was hastily adopted in 2015, the Second Amendment Foundation has learned.

According to court-ordered data provided to the senior editor of, a SAF-owned publication, the city collected $103,766.22. That is woefully short of the predicted $300,000 to $500,000 predicted by then-City Council President Tim Burgess when he championed the tax.

“We suspected all along that the city’s predictions were fabricated,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “That’s why we were happy to support the First Amendment-based lawsuit initiated by editor Dave Workman. Earlier this year when the city would only acknowledge that it had collected ‘less than $200,000’ we were certain that Seattle’s stubborn reluctance to reveal their actual revenue was a matter of embarrassment.” Read more

Weasel: One Mean Killer

By Glen Wunderlich

Standing in the doorway of my garage, I couldn’t help but notice movement at my feet.  The conspicuous black-tipped tail gave its identity away:  weasel.  It appeared to have something in its mouth, as it scurried along the foundation of the garage and later reappeared – this time inside.  It seemed oblivious to the presence of us two humans present, as it went about its business of survival, yet vanished before a photo opportunity.

Pound for pound, they may be the toughest and most prolific killers in Michigan.  Able to kill animals 10 times their size, the weasel is listed along with other nuisance animals in the hunting digest such as opossum, porcupine, red squirrel, skunk, ground squirrel, woodchuck, feral pigeons and others.  There is no closed season and no limit on take.

Michigan is home to three distinct types of weasels:  the least weasel, short-tailed weasel, and the long-tailed weaselAnd, anyone with chickens or rabbits knows how vulnerable they are to the weasels’ penchant for killing – many times much more than they can consume, at least immediately.  However, this seemingly wasteful behavior is crucial for their survival, as they stockpile food for winter.

The ermine and the long-tailed weasel exhibit delayed implantation – mating in summer or autumn.  Interestingly, the fertilized eggs span a short development period and then lie dormant within the female until spring, when they implant themselves in the uterine wall; approximately 25 days later, young are born. This delayed implantation assures that litters arrive at a time when prey is abundant and competition for food is lessened.  Female weasels give birth to 4 to 12 young, usually in underground nests.

Their senses of sight, smell and hearing are keenly acute, and they are aggressive, quick, and relentless in their pursuits, while finding prey mainly by scent.   Weasels pounce on their prey and bite at the base of the back of its skull, as they hang on with all four legs.

Weasels become white in the wintertime as an adaptation to camouflage themselves from other predators, but that black tip on the tail remains.  The white fur has been used to produce luxurious linings in coronation cloaks and crowns and the small, tanned ermine pelts go for as much as $30 to $40 on today’s retail market.

It may be my imagination, but the ground squirrels do not seem as numerous in and around the bird feeders this year and I may now have a clue relative to their welcomed and lowered population.

Gunwerks Announces New BR2500 Ballistic Rangefinder

Gunwerks announced today the release of it’s latest version ballistic rangefinder, the GSeven branded BR2500. The Newly updated BR2500 carries a major upgrade in laser rangefinding capabilities, extending the effective range of the BR2500 to over 2,500 yards dependent on conditions. The BR2500 also features the best available laser beam divergence, set at .75 MRAD and optimized for hunting conditions with advanced signal processing tuned for ranging animals instead of highly reflective objects like steel. As with previous models, the BR2500 features five on-device programmable ballistic profiles, sensors for range, pressure, temperature and incline, and provides outputs for wind compensation. Read more

Ballistic App for Accurate Shooting

Taking a truly long shot requires more than just steady aim. Regardless of skill level, long-distance shooting requires understanding of ballistics, wind, bullet drop, velocity and more.

Today’s military snipers are experts at determining these factors, as shown by the recent 2.2-mile shot made by a Canadian in Iraq. However, did you know that even the world’s best snipers use computer technology to help them calculate shots.

Ballistic calculates the many factors of shooting, such as wind, atmospheric conditions, ballistic coefficient, drift and drop. In fact, Ballistic has a load library containing information on more than 5,300 projectiles, factory loads, military loads and performance data from manufacturers, military testing and performance analysis. Read more

Styrka Instant Rebate on S9 and S7 Series Optics

Styrka Instant Rebate:
Save $100 On High Quality S9 and S7 Series Optics!From August 1, 2017, through September 30, 2017 purchase any Styrka S7 Series riflescope, S7 Series spotting scope or S9 series binocular and receive a $100 rebate on each unit you buy. Instantly! The $100 is deducted from the sales price of the optic when purchased from any authorized Styrka dealer. A list of Styrka dealers can be found on the Styrka website at Read more

LWRCI Launches Direct Impingement Rifle in 300 Blk

Now Available in 300 BLKHigh Performance Direct Impingement Rifle Delivers Best-in-Class Value

Cambridge, MD – Expanding on the huge success of its award winning Direct Impingement rifle line, LWRCI has officially launched the IC DI 300 BLK. The IC DI 300 BLK model is the newest member of the IC DI family whose lineage and design was born out of the US Military M4 PIP program that called for longer barrel life, full ambidexterity, better reliability and user configurable floating rail system.

“Based on the continued popularity of the 300 BLK platform it was a natural line extension for LWRCI and our IC DI line”, says David Ridley, senior vice president sales and marketing. “The LWRCI-DI 300 excels on all counts, offering our customers an accurate advanced DI rifle at a price that will surprise you. It is truly a ‘Step-Up’ from the basic direct impingement rifles on the market now in 300 BLK” Read more

New for 2018: Ranger Z520L Comanche and Z521L Comanche

FLIPPIN, Ark. – For 50 years, Ranger has led the way for tournament fishing design and innovation. That legacy continues with the latest extension of the esteemed Z500 Comanche line. This tournament-proven line of boats now includes the L Series with the all-new Z520L Comanche and Z521L Comanche and is built upon a celebrated hull design that delivers unmatched quality and fishability. The boats are packed with fresh features and sport new style lines and trade dress to create the unmatched fit and finish Ranger owners have come to expect.

“Ranger consistently strives to improve, but on many levels, I didn’t think that was possible with the current Z boat,” said Hank Parker, legendary television host and tournament angler. “But the new L Series, from the console and style lines to the new seats and LED lighting, has unquestionably raised the bar. This is the absolute Cadillac of tournament fishing rigs.” Read more

Ruger Issues Safety Bulletin for Certain Ruger Precision Rifles

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) has issued a Safety Bulletin for certain Ruger Precision Rifles. Ruger recently learned that some Ruger Precision Rifles may experience interference between the aluminum bolt shroud and the cocking piece (also known as the firing pin back). In rare instances, the interference can disrupt the firing mechanism and cause it to not function properly.

This interference can potentially lead to light primer strikes or, in extreme cases, the rifle may not fire when the trigger is pulled. If the rifle fails to fire when the trigger is pulled, it may fire when the bolt handle is subsequently lifted. In rifles where this condition exists, the issue often resolves itself as the parts wear and the interference is reduced. Therefore, rifles that have fired more than 100 rounds with no issues or concerns are unlikely to be affected, and no additional action is necessary.

Read more

Federal Premium Now Offers Its Famed Trophy Bonded Tip as a Component Bullet

ANOKA, MN – Federal Premium Ammunition is pleased to announce it is now offering its popular Trophy Bonded Tip as a component bullet for handloading. The full line of competitively priced component bullets is available in six popular caliber and weight options. Shipments of the bullets are being delivered to dealers.

Based on Federal Premium’s popular and historic Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, Trophy Bonded Tip’s proven design stands apart from all other big game bullets. It combines bonded construction, a bone-crushing solid copper shank, boat-tail design and a high-performance polymer tip that tightens groups at long range.

Take a free ride during Michigan’s Free ORV Weekend

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources invites residents and out-of-state visitors to enjoy Free ORV Weekend Aug. 19-20. During the weekend, Michigan residents and nonresidents legally can ride DNR-designated routes and trails without purchasing an ORV license or trail permit.

Free ORV Weekend not only offers access to nearly 3,700 miles of off-road trails, but also includes use of the state’s five scramble areas, including St. Helen’s Motorsport Area, Black Lake Scramble Area, Silver Lake State Park, Bull Gap and The Mounds. All ORV rules and laws still apply. Read more

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