Marlin 1895 Newest Gun in ‘Turnbull Finished’ Line

Turnbull Restoration Co. is proud to announce a Marlin 1895 featuring Turnbull’s finishes as the newest offering in its Turnbull Finished line of production firearms. The “Turnbull Finished” line is a series of historically significant and classic firearms that are finished using Turnbull’s unique case color and other finishes to produce a classic gun worthy of being an instant family heirloom.

“The Marlin 1895 is a classic lever action rifle that is part of American history,” said CEO and Founder Doug Turnbull. “It was the logical next gun in our Turnbull Finished line. There are still original production 1895s in use.”

The Turnbull Finished Marlin 1895 rifles will be available in .45-70 Gov’t with a 4 round tubular magazine. The action is the same as the original – lever action with a solid top receiver, side ejection and an integral hammer block safety. The 22 inch barrel features Ballard type deep cut 6 groove rifling at a perfect 1:20″ rate of twist. The gun itself is 40-1/2 inches in overall length and weighs in at a comfortable 7 pounds.

The receiver, lever and hammer are finished in Turnbull’s unique color case hardening using the traditional methods. All blued parts retain the Marlin original factory bluing. The wood stocks and forend are refinished by hand to match Marlin’s original red shading and offer factory cut deep checkering. The rifles carry an MSRP of $1,300 and are available through Turnbull Restoration. Read more

NSSF Warns Retailers of Potential Brady Campaign “Visits”

Attention Retailers:
Brady Campaign May Approach You

It has been brought to our attention that individuals working directly for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence may be seeking to visit FFLs to engage with owners or employees in order to better understand the “Gun Culture.” NSSF strongly advises that if you or your employees are approached in person, by phone, over email or via social media that you decline to participate in any fact-finding visit or discussion.

The Brady Campaign on its website states: “Brady is leading the fight to change the gun industry and force it to reform by holding gun companies accountable to victims in the courts, and staging protests to challenge ‘bad apple’ gun dealers at their doorsteps.”

Make no mistake, no matter how friendly the approach, the Brady Campaign does not have your best interests in mind. To the contrary, the campaign has a long history of misstating facts, misleading the public, lobbying policy makers to enact punishing legislation and filing baseless lawsuits against members of our industry. You will not be able to affect the Brady Campaign’s course of action or reach any real mutual agreement. Anything you say could be used against your business and the industry as a whole. Read more

Michigan’s Deer Hunting Status

By Glen Wunderlich

Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has its hands full with wildlife issues, and accordingly, what follows is a brief outline of some of pro-active measures being proposed for adoption by the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) for the 2017-2019 deer regulation cycle.

CWD:  With the onset of chronic wasting disease (CWD) and its recent discovery in yet more areas, the DNR proposes amending the protocols and control measures in the Wildlife Conservation Order by adding Portland and Danby townships in Ionia County and Roxand Township in Eaton County to Deer Management Unit (DMU) 333.  This area encompasses that of the latest CWD discoveries and would create a new core CWD area, DMU 359, which includes Mecosta, Austin, Morton, Hinton, Aetna, and Deerfield townships in Mecosta County, and Cato, Winfield, and Reynolds townships in Montcalm County.

Deer checks would be required in DMU 359, as well as all protocol already in place elsewhere in the state.

Disease Control Permits also would be provided to landowners within DMU 359.

A disease management hunt may be authorized, lasting no longer than nine days between January 2 and March 31, if additional harvest is deemed necessary to meet disease management objectives.  This measure can be implemented in the event hunters do not kill enough deer during normal hunting seasons.

Antler Point Restrictions:  In 2013, the NRC approved a measure from the Northwest Michigan Branch of the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) for Antler Point Restrictions (APR)  in the Northwest Lower Peninsula requiring that hunters harvest an antlered deer only if they have at least one antler with three or more antler points.  A second antlered deer would need to have at least four points on one antler, which is consistent with current regulations elsewhere in the state.

This bold move had to receive a minimum of a 50-percent response level from the area’s hunters.  In addition, although the DNR conducted the survey, the expense of the undertaking had to be paid by the QDMA, and when the results were tabulated, an overwhelming minimum of 67 percent of respondents had to be in favor of the proposal.

The measure passed and those I’ve encountered in this area couldn’t be happier with the results.  Antler growth, as well as body size and health are appreciably stronger in just a few short years.  However, because the regulation has a sunset provision, another survey must maintain the regulation’s acceptance.  This re-survey is still being processed for the current APR, but preliminary responses show a 70-percent response rate and an overwhelming 76-percent of hunters in support.  Subsequently, the DNR proposes the NRC continue the APR without sunset beginning with the 2017 deer hunting season.

Antlerless Permits:  Finally, because of relatively mild winters the past two years, deer numbers are higher in certain areas of the Upper Peninsula and the northern Lower Peninsula.  As a result, 5 of the 22 Deer Management Units in the U.P. are proposed to be open for antlerless hunting, as well as the entire northern Lower Peninsula on both public and private lands.  Of course, all of the southern Lower Peninsula is to remain open to liberal antlerless hunting, as well.

Firefield Barrage Riflescopes

Stay on the attack with all-new Barrage Riflescopes!(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – Equipping shooters to engage their targets with extreme precision, new Firefield Barrage Riflescopes are ready to advance at any distance. Every aspect of these riflescopes has been redesigned and improved based on common industry suggestions to make them the highest quality price point hunting riflescopes available. Don’t waste your money on scopes that promise big and deliver small, the Firefield Barrage allows shooters to spend more money on ammunition, so they can spend more time doing what their gun was designed to do…SHOOT!

The perfect scope for hunting and target shooting at close- to long-range for all ages, Barrage Riflescopes feature an effective mil-dot reticle and protective capped turrets. Light transmission in low-light hours is superb thanks to fully multi-coated optics and an illuminated reticle. Barrage scopes boast a robust construction and an advanced single-piece mount design, cutting down on moving parts, improving overall reliability and ensuring problem-free performance with a recoil rating up to .308. Read more

MI DNR creel clerks to collect angler information this summer

DNR creel clerks to collect angler information this summer

As this year’s open-water fishing season gets under way, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources reminds anglers that Fisheries Division personnel are at lakes, rivers and Great Lakes ports collecting fishing data from anglers.

DNR creel clerks will be stationed at boat launches and piers around the state asking anglers questions as they return from fishing trips. Information will be requested on trip length, target species and number and type of fish caught. In some cases, creel clerks may ask to measure or weigh fish and to take scale or other body parts for aging. These data are key information in the DNR’s management of the state’s fisheries resource.

“The DNR appreciates anglers’ cooperation with these interviews, and it will only take a couple of minutes to answer the questions,” said DNR fisheries biologist Tracy Kolb. “This program helps us gather information that is critical in managing the state’s fisheries and is used in every aspect of our management efforts.” Read more

Federal Premium HST Micro 38 Special +P Load

Federal Premium Expands Personal Defense HST Micro Lineup
with 38 Special +P LoadANOKA, Minnesota –– Federal Premium Ammunition’s Personal Defense HST Micro loads fuel peak performance from subcompact, concealed-carry handguns. For 2017, the HST Micro line has been expanded to include a 130-grain 38 Special +P load with a deeply seated bullet that eliminates excess air space in the case. This results in the most consistent velocities and terminal performance. Shipments of the new loads are now arriving at dealers. Read more

MI DNR begins annual Lake Huron spring lake trout survey

Earlier this month the Michigan Department of Natural Resources began its annual spring lake trout survey on Lake Huron. This survey provides the DNR and its partner agencies with key information as they look to manage lake trout populations in the lake.

Since the Chinook salmon population in Lake Huron crashed in the mid-2000s, lake trout consistently have provided one of the best fishing opportunities there. Data from this annual survey show that for the first time in 40 years, Lake Huron’s lake trout population is nearly 50 percent wild. Gathering this type of information each year helps fisheries managers determine future stocking numbers and set fishing regulations. Read more

Nosler and MidwayUSA Launch 22 Nosler Sales Promotion

Bend, Ore –– Nosler, Inc. and MidwayUSA have partnered up with an offer to give customers looking to upgrade their AR-15s into a 22 Nosler®, a convenient combo pack available only at The combo pack includes an AR-Stoner AR-15 A3 Upper Receiver Assembly chambered in 22 Nosler and 100 rounds of Nosler Varmageddon® Ammunition.
The MSRP for this combo pack would normally run $583.89 but for a limited time only, the price on the AR-Stoner upper has been reduced by $100 and the Varmageddon Ammunition is FREE for a total package cost of $399.99. Read more

Smith & Wesson Short Barrel Combat Magnum Revolver

Smith & Wesson Now Shipping New Combat Magnum Model 66 & Model 69 RevolversSPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Smith & Wesson today announced that it has begun shipping the new short barrel versions of its Model 66 and Model 69 Combat Magnum revolvers. The new Model 66 and 69 revolvers feature a 2.75″ barrel and are chambered in .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum, respectively. The Combat Magnum revolvers are purpose-built for those seeking a magnum caliber in a medium size frame.

Jan Mladek, General Manager for Smith & Wesson® and M&P® Brands, said, “The two new shorter barrel length Combat Magnum revolvers, the Model 66 .357 Magnum K-frame and the Model 69 .44 Magnum L-frame, offer the consumer a powerful personal protection option. We are proud to continue delivering innovations to our revolver product line, and the new 2.75″ barrel length versions allow for easy carry and concealment of the highly regarded Combat Magnum series in these two popular calibers.”

The new Model 66 and 69 revolvers feature a stainless steel frame and cylinder, glass bead finish, and a 2.75 inch barrel. Innovative new features include a redesigned ball detent feature to strengthen the yoke to frame lockup to support heavy magnum loads, as well as a full length extractor for quick, effortless cartridge removal. Both revolvers come equipped with a red ramp front sight, an adjustable white outline rear sight, synthetic grips, ball-detent lock up, full top strap barrel serrations, and a two-piece barrel. The Model 66 revolver is equipped with a 6-round cylinder to handle both .357 Magnum and .38 S&W Special +P, and the Model 69 features a 5-round cylinder capable of handling the large .44 Magnum caliber, as well as .44 Special.

For more information on the Model 66 and Model 69 Combat Magnum series revolvers please visit

Kahr Pistols in Kryptek Camo

Greeley, PA – In May 2015, Kahr Firearms Group introduced an exciting new Kryptek finish on two of their most popular limited edition Desert Eagles. The pattern was so widely accepted that it sold out almost immediately. Now, Kahr Arms is once again bringing back the popular Kryptek finish, but this time it will be offered on four of their small conceal carry Kahr pistols. These models are from their Value Series and include three 9mm pistols and one .380 ACP.

The CW9093KRT model features a 3.5″ barrel with conventional rifling, an overall length of 5.9″, and a height of 4.5″. All three models offer a trigger cocking DAO, lock-breach, “Browning-type” recoil lug, and a passive striker block with no magazine disconnect. The pistol sight offers a drift adjustable white 2-dot rear, and a white-dot pinned in polymer front sight. Capacity is 7+1. The pistol features the new Kryptek Camo pattern which utilizes a water transfer method which has been successfully tested for durability. The slide, trigger and slide stop lever are all finished in the Cerakote® Armor Black coating. MSRP is $495.

Next in the line-up is the CM9093KRT which features all the features of the CW9093KRT except that it has a 3″ barrel, an overall length of 5.4″, and a height of 4″.The MSRP on this model is $499.00.

The new Kryptek finish with Armor Black slide is also found in the CT9093KRT. Like the other pistols listed above, it has all the same features, except that it has a 4″ barrel, overall length of 6.5″ and a height of 5.08″. The MSRP on this model is $477.

The smallest, most popular conceal carry pistol in this new Kryptek Camo pattern is the CW3833KRT. This .380 ACP features a 2.58″ barrel, overall length of 5″ and a height of just 3.9″. It has a smaller slide width as well at just 0.75″. Like its bigger brothers, it too has a white 3-dot sight, 7+1 capacity, 7 lb. trigger pull, and also ships with one magazine. The MSRP on this pistol is $439. Read more

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