West Virginia: Sunday Hunting Legislation Heads to Governor’s Desk

GW:  Never thought it would happen in my lifetime.  The bible belt has long resisted Sunday hunting, but the people have spoken.

Legislation to expand Sunday hunting opportunities in West Virginia has passed both legislative chambers and is expected to be signed into law by Governors Sportsmen’s Caucus member Governor Jim Justice.

Senate Bill 345, sponsored by West Virginia Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus Co-Chair Senator Mark Maynard, legalizes Sunday hunting statewide on private lands with the written permission of the landowner.

Senate Bill 345 was passed on March 1 with a 26-6 vote. Technical amendments to the bill were adopted by the House in early April, and the House voted 94-5 to pass the bill on April 6. The Senate concurred in the House amendments the following day, and the bill is currently awaiting the Governor’s signature.

Sen. Maynard said, “It was an honor to work with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources to enact legislation that will promote tourism and double the number of days the working man has to hunt.” Read more

HOWA Long-Range Rifle

RENO, NV – – Legacy Sports International, Inc., leading U.S. importer of firearms and shooting accessories, today introduced a new HOWA Long-Range Rifle featuring the GRS Berserk synthetic rifle stock. The new rifle is built upon the legendary HOWA 1500 Precision Barreled Action, and chambered in .204 Ruger, .223 Rem, .22-250 Rem, .243 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor or .308 Win.

The new offering is designed with comfort and precision in mind. With fully adjustable cheek riser and butt pad, the Berserk stock is made to fit any right-handed shooter. Having a custom fit to the rifle makes it much easier to extract every bit of precision out of the legendary Howa 1500 barreled action. The Howa GRS rifle also boasts textured rubberized grip and forend to ensure that the shooter maintains a positive, comfortable grip at all times. Dual front sling swivel studs make mounting a bipod and sling easy and comfortable while integrated flush cups provide more sling mounting options.

At the center of the Howa GRS rifle is the Howa 1500 Barreled action, which features a cold hammer forged barrel, forged one-piece bolt with two locking lugs, m16 style extractor and ejector. The Howa 1500 barreled action is also equipped with the Howa HACT 2-stage trigger set at 3lbs that provides a clean, crisp, creep free break. All of these great features are backed by Legacy Sports International’s Sub-MOA Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty for Howa Rifles.

Additional Features: Read more

Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus Members Introduce Bill to Enhance Recreational Fisheries Management

On April 6, Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus (CSC) Member Congressman Garret Graves, along with CSC Co-Chair Congressman Gene Green, CSC Member Congressman Rob Wittman and Congressman Daniel Webster introduced essential legislation that offers a solution to many of the challenges facing recreational anglers from federal fisheries management in our coastal waters.
The “Modernizing Recreational Fisheries Management Act of 2017” will provide much-needed modifications to the way the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) approaches management of the recreational sector and the nation’s 11 million saltwater anglers.
“Private citizens who like to fish are on the losing end of the federal government’s failure to bring the way it manages our nation’s waters up to speed with the information age.
Our bill is designed to fix that. By leveraging technology and data collection capabilities that already exist, we can use real-time information to improve fisheries management decision-making and enjoy the flexibility that comes with being informed by accurate numbers,” said Rep. Graves. “By modernizing federal fisheries policy, the Modern Fish Act will let us practice data-driven sustainability, get more people out to enjoy recreational fishing and unlock economic growth for coastal communities that rely so heavily on fishing activities.”

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Inland Mfg. .22 Rimfire Suppressor

Low-cost and high-efficiency–a double win!MKS Supply, Inc., Dayton, OH – Inland Firearms, makers of the incredibly popular Inland series of M1Carbines, is now producing a classic-looking sound suppressor for .22 rimfire firearms that will be marketed exclusively through MKS Supply and will be on display at the NRA Convention booth 4632.

Materials: The all-new PM-22 suppressor is constructed of 6000 series aluminum and weighs a feathery 3.5 ounces, making it one of the lightest such units on the market. The black anodized, one-inch-diameter tube is 5.5 inches long. For durability, the ½ x 24 threaded base adapter is stainless steel with a tough black oxide finish.

Interior sound baffles: The PM-22 uses a unique monolithic, X-design polymer baffle system core that can be used either “wet” or dry. Full disassembly can be completed without tools, and cleaning is simple using hot water and Inland’s dB Suppressor Foam.

Rimfire ammunition creates lower gas pressure, heat and flame than does centerfire ammunition. Inland’s patent pending polymer baffle system has been tested to 10,000 rounds (so far) without needing replacement. If baffle replacement does become necessary, the PM-22 has a lifetime warranty (NFA replacement and shipping rules apply).

Facts concerning this suppressor: Read more

Steyr Arms Introduces the AUG A3 M1 Long Rail

BESSEMER, Ala. — In response to an overwhelming number of requests for a longer top rail for its legendary AUG A3 M1 bullpup platform, Steyr Arms announced today that it is now in full production of a Long Rail version of the rifle. Offering 25 numbered slots, the new Long Rail version provides a significant increase in surface area to use both optics and back-up iron sights.

The top rail on this new Long Rail version of the AUG A3 M1 rifle boasts two more slots than the original flat-top AUG A3 SA but is still the same overall rail height over the stock comb, providing optimal cheekweld with a wide variety of optics and iron sights. The Long Rail extends a full 5.5 inches back from the receiver, placing its rearmost edge almost in line with the front of the ejection port for better placement of a rear iron sight.

The Long Rail also features lightening cuts along both sides and milled areas underneath to greatly reduce weight. Overall weight of the AUG A3 M1 Long-Rail is 7.8 pounds, and it is available in Black, Mud, OD Green or White for either the standard AUG stock or the NATO-style stocks, which accept STANAG magazines.

The AUG A3 M1 Long Rail includes one translucent polymer 30-round magazine and an owner’s manual. The suggested retail of the AUG A3 M1 Long Rail version is $2,099.The rail is available separately for $145. Read more

Winchester Repeating Arms Model 1866 Short Rifle

The Model 1866 lever-action was the very first rifle to wear the Winchester® brand. Its bright brass receiver was the basis for the nickname of “Yellow Boy.” For 2017 the legendary Model 1866 rifle is now available from Winchester Repeating Arms in a Grade I Short Rifle. This makes the “Yellow Boy” experience readily affordable for cowboy action competitors, hunters, casual shooters and everyone who enjoys spending a day at the range with a genuine Winchester lever-action classic.

The receiver, crescent buttplate and forearm cap are crafted from solid brass with a full bright polish finish. The stock and forearm are Grade I American black walnut with a satin oil finish. The folding ladder rear sight and Marble Arms® gold bead front sight get you on target quickly. A full-length magazine tube, open top ejection port and blued steel loading gate and action screws are also featured. Barrel length is 20″ and the average weight is 7¼ lbs. It is available in 44-40 Win. and 38 Special calibers at a suggested retail price of $1,299.99. Read more

Fieldcraft™ Lightweight Hunting Rifle – Barrett DNA

(Murfreesboro, TN) Rather than using exotic materials that can be problematic for wear and durability, Fieldcraft uses known gun steels and superior plating to make a reliable action.We spent a lot of time designing and testing, ensuring the action works in all conditions: dusty, hot environments; cold and wet; sand particles in the action. These are things that a lot of hunting rifles get subjected to, but many on the market are not tested to actually perform in those kinds of conditions. This one has. Read more

Small snail, big problem: Researchers track invasive New Zealand mudsnail in Michigan rivers

New video illustrates key identification points of this invaderA tiny invader is threatening prized trout streams in Michigan’s northern Lower Peninsula. A mere 1/8-inch long, the New Zealand mudsnail is barely distinguishable from a grain of sand, but over time its invasive habits can affect the quality and quantity of trout and other fish in the Au Sable, Pere Marquette and Boardman rivers where it has been found.New Zealand mudsnails were first discovered in the United States in Idaho’s Snake River in 1987. Since then, infestations have spread throughout the western states and into areas of the Great Lakes. The discovery of New Zealand mudsnails in the Pere Marquette River in August 2015 signaled the first detection in a Michigan inland waterway. Within the next year, populations were confirmed in the Boardman and Au Sable rivers. The U.S. Geological Survey has developed an animated map illustrating the New Zealand mudsnail’s movement through the states.What harm can a snail do? Read more

The CMP M1A Match

By Team Springfield

Do you love the M1A™? It’s a classic battle rifle that’s served in the U.S. Armed Forces as the M14 and can still be seen in service, albeit in a limited role. It first entered service in 1957 and was standard-issue from 1959 to 1970. In fact, this year is the 60th anniversary of the M14’s entry into service.

In honor of this rifle, over the past 11 years, Springfield Armory® has sponsored the M1A™ Match at Camp Perry.

Not familiar with the match? We spoke with Springfield’s Facilities Manager Mike Doy to give us some background and details on this decade-old tradition.

MIKE’S STORY Read more

DSC Frontline Foundation Rushes Emergency Funds to Continue Helicopter Search for Missing Guide

DALLAS TX – A professional South African hunting guide has been missing from a hunting expedition in Zimbabwe since Friday, April 7. An extensive land and air search is underway to find Scott van Zyl but the guide has yet to be found. DSC Frontline Foundation has approved an emergency grant to support the helicopter search efforts.

Van Zyl and his tracker left their vehicle and set off on foot into a rural area. Both men split up and traveled in different directions with van Zyl never returning to the vehicle. The guide’s dog returned and a cursory search of the area turned up no trace of the guide. Van Zyl reportedly left his firearm and personal items in the vehicle. Helicopter search teams spotted van Zyl’s backpack on the banks of Limpopo River but the man was not found.

“The Frontline Foundation wants to do all that is possible so the search for Scott can continue,” said DSC Frontline Foundation President Karl Evans. “We hold out hope that he will be found alive soon. Scott has worked with DSC members in the past and he is someone we consider a colleague and friend. Our hearts and prayers go out to Scott’s wife and children in this time of uncertainty.”

A friend of van Zyl who is involved with the search said they would need approximately R500,000 (US$36,000) to keep the helicopters in the air. The Heritage Protection Group, the SA Professional Hunters’ Association and Limpopo’s search and rescue teams are still searching for the guide.

Individuals or groups who wish to help fund the search and rescue of Scott van Zyl can either donate at this GoFundMe page or make a tax deductible directed donation by credit card to the DSC Frontline Foundation here by following the donate and support link. Donators should be sure to indicate the donation is for van Zyl. Read more

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