Buy a Burris Veracity Scope and Save $100

GREELEY, CO —There’s no time like the present to get the best deal on a Burris Veracity riflescope. For a limited time only, Burris Optics is offering a $100 mail-in rebate when you purchase a Veracity scope from now until September 30, 2017.

The Burris Veracity is our top-of-the-line hunting scope, and designed for small game predators up to dangerous big game animals. Each scope is waterproof and offers a 30 mm nitrogen-filled body tube preventing internal fogging in the cold and rain. Veracity scopes feature a high-grade glass providing excellent clarity and have a Hi-Lume multi-coating for low-light performance and glare reduction.

The scope recently won both the Editor’s Choice and Great Buy Awards from Outdoor Life Magazine. The editors stated it was “an attractively priced first-plane do-everything scope with an awesome warranty,” and that it was “near perfection.” Read more

SAF Sues Michigan Over Gun Grab

SAF Sues Michigan Agency Over Civil Rights Violations Against Foster Parents

The Second Amendment Foundation today filed a federal lawsuit against the head of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) on behalf of four Michigan residents, alleging civil rights violations under color of law for enforcing restrictions on the Second Amendment rights of people who want to be foster or adoptive parents.

SAF is joined in the lawsuit by William and Jill Johnson and Brian and Naomi Mason. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan, alleges that MDHHS caseworkers told Mr. Johnson, a 100-percent disabled Marine Corps veteran who sought custody of his grandson that he would have to give the agency the serial numbers of all of his firearms. When he questioned this, the caseworkers allegedly told him, “If you want to care for your grandson you will have to give up some of your constitutional rights.” This was after the state asked the Johnsons to be foster parents to their grandson.

Two weeks later, the lawsuit alleges, a Gogebic County Court judge told the Johnsons that if they wanted their grandson placed in their care, “We know we are violating numerous constitutional rights here, but if you do not comply, we will remove the boy from your home.” Read more

Of Mice and Moles

By Glen Wunderlich

From time to time, innovative products come to market that are game-changers.  If you are bothered by moles or mice, here are two inventions that have become my go-to tools to control these nuisance animals.

Recently, ground moles have become active in search of their food sources near the surface of the soil and are doing substantial damage to lawns and gardens.  Although poisons can be used to kill their food sources such as grubs, they can also wipe out beneficial earthworms.  Apart from the exorbitant cost of such products and their limited usefulness on larger tracts of land, who wants unnecessary poison to leach into the ground water that many of us rely upon for drinking?

The best American-made mole trap has been improved since last I wrote about it years ago:  the Wire Tek 1001 EasySet Mole Eliminator Trap.  Although the older model of this trap was effective, often times it was temperamental to set. The folks at Wire Tek solved this issue by upgrading the trap’s base to a flat steel design instead of the previously used round rod concept.  In addition, the trigger mechanism has been enhanced.


Once mole activity is discovered, the raised tunnels must be tamped down and marked in some visual manner.  (Those utility flags work great!)  When particular runways reappear, that’s where to set the traps.  However, there’s no need to purchase numerous traps – at least not initially – because one mole can damage up to 18 feet of lawn per hours.  When one varmint is caught, you’ve accomplished a lot.

Product features include safely setting the trap with foot motion only – no digging.  And, since the business end of the trap is underground, it is safe around pets and youngsters.

The cost is under $40 shipped from online sources such as Ebay and Amazon.  If you find them substantially cheaper, watch out!  They are most likely imitations from China with very similar names, or they are the older discontinued models that don’t perform as well.

When it comes to mice, most of us have had experience with antiquated wooden and wire traps that are difficult to set, or even some more modern models made of plastic.  Certainly, there are other methods to control mice, but nothing has impressed me more than a recent discovery:  the Tomcat Press ‘N Set Mouse Trap.  I’ve been using these traps for a number of weeks in my hunting shacks and each time one of these modern marvels is sprung, it contains one very dead mouse.  These traps have a trigger design that’s astonishingly light but at the same time easy to set.  Once set, slide them into a small box fashioned to force mice in from the front direction rather than just leaving them in the open.

A little peanut butter in the small cup and that’s it.  And, mice can be released without touching them and the trap can be reset. 

Sometimes “new and improved” is just that!

Michigan: Action Plan Shares Direction for Arctic Grayling Efforts

A PDF version of the brand new Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative Action Plan can be found online and details future efforts to reintroduce the extirpated species.

The Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative – a statewide partnership effort focused on restoring self-sustaining populations of this native fish – unveiled its official action plan at Thursday’s Natural Resources Commission meeting in Lansing. The plan details the initiative’s goals and various activities it plans to accomplish over the next several years.

This initiative, founded by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, was announced in June 2016 and consists of 32 organizations. Read more

Thompson/Center Arms Launches Mail-in Rebate Offer

Thompson/Center Arms™ Launches “More Bucks in your Pocket”
Mail-in Rebate Offer on All New T/C® Firearms

Buy Any New Thompson/Center Firearm and Get Up to a $75 Mail-in Rebate

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Thompson/Center Arms today announced the launch of the new “More Bucks in Your Pocket” mail-in rebate program, valid from July 15, 2017 to December 31, 2017. Consumers purchasing a new, qualifying T/C Compass®, Venture™, Dimension®, G2 Contender®, Encore® Pro Hunter™, Triumph®, Triumph® Bone Collector®, T/C® Strike™ and T/C® Impact!™ will be eligible to receive up to a $75 mail-in cash rebate. Read more

Conservation Officers Recognized for Lifesaving Actions


Michigan Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officers Mike Evink and Ben Shively, center, receive the department’s Lifesaving Award on July 13 for their respective actions that enabled two victims to survive serious accidents in the Upper Peninsula and Oceana County earlier this year. Presenting the awards are DNR Law Enforcement Division Chief Gary Hagler, far right, and Assistant Chief Dean Molnar, far left.

Contact: Lt. Skip Hagy (Upper Peninsula), 906-293-5131 or Sgt. Mark Bomay (Lower Peninsula), 231-775-9727

DNR Conservation Officers Mike Evink, Ben Shively cited for lifesaving actions

Victims of U.P., Oceana County accidents survive thanks to officers’ quick reactions

Two Michigan Department of Natural Resources conservation officers were recognized Thursday for saving the lives of accident victims in the Upper Peninsula and Oceana County earlier this year.

Conservation Officers Mike Evink and Ben Shively received the DNR’s Lifesaving Award for their respective actions in the separate incidents. The awards were presented during the regular meeting of the Michigan Natural Resources Commission in Lansing.

“Conservation Officers Evink and Shively are perfect examples of the type of law enforcement professionals we train our officers to be,” said Gary Hagler, DNR Law Enforcement Division chief, who presented the awards. “Because of their rigorous training and professional demeanors, both officers immediately responded to their respective situations and were able to save lives. The DNR is proud to have Mike Evink and Ben Shively in its ranks.”

In January, Evink’s training was put to the test when he was dispatched to a home in the Upper Peninsula’s Schoolcraft County. A propane deliveryman found Inwood Township homeowner Ronald Haug on the garage floor, unresponsive after being overwhelmed by carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless, toxic gas. After attempting CPR, the deliveryman made an emergency phone call before being overcome by the gas as well.

Evink, who was 15 miles away when the call came in, went to the home, maneuvering his four-wheel-drive patrol vehicle through nearly 6 miles of unplowed roads. Both the homeowner and deliveryman were unresponsive when Evink arrived. Evink found Haug had no pulse and that the deliveryman was barely alive.

Evink opened the garage door to provide the victim with fresh air and continued performing lifesaving measures. An ambulance arrived about 15 minutes later and transported the deliveryman to Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital in Manistique, where he recovered. Unfortunately, Haug did not survive. Read more

Nikon BLACK X1000 6-24×50- Illuminated MOA Reticle

Melville, NY – Nikon introduces another member to the recently introduced BLACK riflescope series­–a new category of dedicated optics with models engineered for both precision long-range rifle and action-shooting AR enthusiasts.

For the precision rifle shooter, Nikon’s BLACK X1000 is now offered in a 6-24x50SF Matte Illuminated X-MOA tactical-style reticle synchronized to elevated windage and elevation turrets. Accurate and repeatable, the adjustments enable precise dialing of elevation come ups and wind compensation, while the new reticle design presents the shooter with a visually clean, yet highly functional and advanced tool for estimating range or maintaining holdovers.

The Black X1000 features a Side Focus Parallax Adjustment, which allows adjustment without changing shooting position and Illuminated control with 10 intensity levels with incremental “OFF” between settings, allowing you to be at your favorite illumination setting with “OFF” rotating in either direction.

BLACK series riflescopes all feature a 30mm main body tube built with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and Type 3 hard anodizing, providing exceptional ruggedness and optimum strength-to-weight ratios. Each riflescope has an optical system built from Nikon’s lead- and arsenic-free glass, which is optimized with the company’s full multilayer coating on all air-to-glass lens surfaces. Spring-loaded instant zero-reset turrets provide precise, repeatable corrections. Like all Nikon riflescopes, the new BLACK series is backed by the company’s No Fault policy for repair or replacement.

Nikon’s new BLACK X1000 6-24x50SF IL X-MOA will be available Summer 2017. Read more

Bushnell Offers New AR Optics

Four New Optics Fill Out the AR Optics LineOVERLAND PARK, Kansas –– Bushnell, an industry leader in high-performance optical solutions for more than 65 years, has extended its popular AR Optics line with four additional sights that are each optimized for the modern sporting rifle.

Bushnell’s line of AR Optics is already the category leader for MSRs. New this year, the AR Optics line has grown with the release of two new purpose-built, caliber-specific riflescopes, the cutting-edge Accelerate 3x prism sight and the ambidextrous Transition 3x Magnifier.

The 6.5 Creedmoor has quickly become a favorite of long-distance shooters and hunters alike. Bushnell’s new AR Optics 4.5-18x 40mm scope with Drop Zone 6.5 Creedmoor reticle is designed to maximize the round’s performance by providing holdover points for shots out to 600 yards. Tactical-style target turrets allow lightning-fast adjustments, and the side parallax focus allows clear target images at any range. The fully multi-coated optics give a bright, crisp sight picture and are housed in a durable 1-inch aircraft-grade aluminum tube. Read more

Lake Trout Survival Release Study on Upper Great Lakes

A critical component of fisheries management is understanding what happens to fish when they are caught and released. Most recently the DNR has been looking specifically at what happens to lake trout after they are caught through a mortality assessment survey.

To ensure accurate data is being collected on fish being lost from angling, mortality estimates must include both fish harvested and fish that are released and then die as a result of fishing. The DNR’s Fisheries Division gathers this data through its creel clerk program. Creel clerks, stationed at Great Lakes ports throughout Michigan, measure lake trout that have been caught and released. The data are used in fish population models used to estimate harvest quotas for recreational and commercial fisheries.

“Underestimating mortality of angler-released fish will result in unreliable harvest quotas that are not protective of this important sport species,” said DNR fisheries research biologist Shawn Sitar. “Therefore, reliable estimates of the mortality of released fish are critical to the DNR’s management of lake trout.” Read more

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