MGM Targets Introduces Sportsman Series Poppers

MGM Targets, the leader in steel target innovation for over 20 years, introduces innovative & economic Sportsman Series Popper targets.Designed to maximize clubs’ budgets and still provide reliable and safe targets, the American – made sets meet USPSA requirements and feature the three standard sizes of steel target silhouettes typically found in USPSA and 3 gun matches, as well as many practice and training events.

The standard 42 inch Pepper Popper or 28 inch U.S. and Colt Speed Plate Poppers each fit into the simple base which includes target angle adjustment bolt for calibration to insure proper action with various calibers of firearms.

Cut from durable ¼” thick MGM AR-500 target plate makes the targets 33% lighter than 3/8″ plate and therefor more easily transported and stored. When coupled with the new Sportsman Series base, they’re far more cost effective for clubs and ranges. The MGM ¼” Sportsman Poppers can easily handle tens of thousands of rounds and of course, they’ll deliver the distinctive ring of MGM steel with each hit.

Priced at $89.99 for the Sportsman US Popper or Colt Speed Plate Popper set, and $109.99 for the full size, 42″ Pepper Popper set, significantly lower price points than similar products from other brands. The Sportsman Popper series combines the simplicity, reliability and versatility of the well-known MGM Targets brand, staples of shooting competitions around the world and across the USA for over 20 years.

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