Joe Reynolds Hammers Michigan Gobbler

Inside the Browning Powerhouse hub blind, Joe and Glen work a young, yet hefty, Tom turkey into range. The Winchester Long Beard XR, 3-inch turkey loads in #5 shot hit hard at 42 yards.

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Birchwood Casey Introduces Two Exciting New Rimfire Spinner Targets

Birchwood Casey® has introduced two new targets into their World of Targets® line. The Little Rattler™ and Sidewinder™ Spinner both are designed to provide hours of fun at the range for shooters of all types.

The Little Rattler has a heavy duty frame that suspends the gong between two swivels. Shooting the target makes it spin and rattle, providing plenty of action to keep shooters of all ages and skill levels engaged for hours. The Little Rattler comes packaged with a set of extra swivels to keep the action going if one of them is accidentally shot.

The Sidewinder Spinner features a swiveling double paddle target mounted on a tough, heavy duty stake. The target spins when shot for challenging fun and excitement. The self-correcting paddles always return to face the shooter, so there’s no need to go down range to reset it. The Sidewinder Spinner is lightweight and easy to set up anywhere it is safe to shoot.

Minimum distance to both targets for shooters and observers should be 25 yards.

The World of Targets Little Rattler and Sidewinder Spinning targets are proudly made in the USA and sell for $68.40 and $45.60 each.

Visit the Birchwood Casey website at, write to 7887 Fuller Road, Ste. 100, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 or call 800-746-6862 for more information.


Little Rattler Spinner

Sidewinder Spinner

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Cobb County (GA) SWAT Chooses Bergara Rifles

Bergara offers law enforcement agencies mission-specific, customizable precision rifles.

Duluth, GA – Bergara USA, a division of BPI Outdoors, announced today that it has obtained a contract to supply tactical rifles to the Cobb County Police Department S.W.A.T. unit. Cobb is an Atlanta metro county that includes a large percentage of the city’s north western suburbs. According to company officials, the rifle is based on its “Heavy Tactical” model and includes various customized features and components. The rifles are also equipped with the Dead Air Keymount™ combination muzzle brake and suppressor mount, specially designed for the attachment of the Dead Air™ Sandman™ suppressor, also manufactured by BPI Outdoors. Continue reading

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Browning’s New 4-in-1 Survival Pen

Browning’s new 4-in-1 Survival Penfeatures an innovative combination of flashlight, cap light, writing pen and a tactical glass breaker with hardened tungsten carbide point.

The body of the 4-in-1 Survival Pen made from rugged aluminum. The pen features a lock on/lock off twist switch to prevent accidental operation of the flashlight and a pocket clip for easy access.

The white LED has an effective distance of 22 yards, and four LR41 button batteries give the pen an 8-hour run time.

Suggested Retail: $22.00. Continue reading

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Arsenal Releasing Limited Supply of SARPK 5S

Arsenal Inc. is releasing an extremely limited quantity of the SARPK 5S. The collector’s rifle has not been available for several years, and will be a welcome addition to many enthusiasts’ collection. This 5.56×45 RPK offers increased operational range and enhanced accuracy due to its hammer forged than milled receiver, RPK heavy barrel, 14mm threads, removable muzzle nut, folding bipod, cleaning rod, blonde wood furniture, paddle style butt-stock, and scope rail. The rifle ships with 1- 30 round magazine, sling, oil bottle, and cleaning kit.

The rifle is while quantities last available for sale at×45-Caliber-US-Made-Milled-Receiver-RPK-74-Variant-Rifles/. Continue reading

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Birding Opportunities Abound Now in Michigan State Parks, Trails and Nature Areas

Spring means bird migration, and that makes for prime birding opportunities in Michigan’s woods and waters. The Department of Natural Resources has pulled together some tips on enjoying this special time of year in state parks, trails and natural areas:

  • May is the best month to be on the lookout for colorful warblers (more than 40 species of warbler have been observed in Michigan). Songbird (passerine) migration peaks in mid-May in southern Michigan and shortly afterward in northern parts of the state.
  • Watch the weather. Strong southerly winds can result in good overnight flights of birds (most passerines migrate at night – in fact, in a dark campground, birders might even be able to hear the flight calls and see birds passing in front of the moon). When southerly winds run into storm fronts at night, this can create “fall-out” conditions where migrating birds are forced to land. Fall-out can result in heavy concentrations of birds in their respective habitats.
  • Continue reading

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Man who ‘liked’ his own most-wanted post arrested

Levi Charles Reardon, 23, featured on the Cascade County Crime Stoppers Facebook page as an April “most wanted” suspect and who apparently “liked” the Internet post appeared in court Monday on a $2,500 warrant.  Just wondering if he likes it now.  Details here…

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Mexican Wolf Biologists Look for Cross-Fostering Opportunity

Mexican wolf biologists remain vigilant for cross-fostering opportunity

Technique promises to improve genetics of wild population

PHOENIX — The Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team (IFT) is observing from a distance the potential denning behavior of Mexican wolf packs in the wild looking for a cross-fostering opportunity. Cross-fostering is a technique to move very young pups from one litter into a different, similar-age wild litter with the hope that the receiving pack will raise them as their own. Cross-fostering is undertaken to introduce genetically-desirable pups into the litter of an experienced female and wild-proven pack.

Last year, two pups were successfully cross-fostered from a wild, but inexperienced female, into the den of the proven Dark Canyon pack in New Mexico – a first for the Mexican wolf recovery program. A key to cross-fostering is timing. Donor pups and the litter of a receiving female must be whelped within days of each other.
This year, that requires close coordination between captive rearing facilities in the binational Species Survival Plan rearing facilities and packs in the wild. Continue reading

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ZEISS Partners with Kimber on Rifle Package

NORTH CHESTERFIELD, VA – Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, the world’s leading manufacturer in high performance sports optics, is pleased to announce their partnership with Kimber Manufacturing, one of the industry’s most admired firearms manufacturer. With this partnership, ZEISS provides their industry-leading Conquest HD5 rifle scopes decorated in the Gore Optifade Concealment patterns to be packaged with Kimber’s extremely popular, lightweight Mountain Ascent (Open Country pattern) and Adirondack (Elevated Forest pattern) rifles.

“This project is truly special for the premium consumer,” said Mike Jensen, President of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics. “This partnership combines Kimber’s leading quality and engineering of high-performance rifles with ZEISS’s 170+ years of optical excellence. Premium consumers will appreciate what Kimber and Zeiss have accomplished.”

These decorated models exclusively sold through Kimber, (6) different SKU’s of Conquest HD5 rifle scopes in both the Optifade Open Country and Optifade Forest patterns, are offered, for a total of (12) scope options. Scope offerings range from the standard 2-10×42 Plex, great for all-around hunting and shooting, up to the 3-15×42 Rapid-Z 600 and Rapid-Z 800, with ballistic reticles for mid-to-long-range hunting and shooting pursuits.

Pricing for the decorated Conquest HD5 riflescopes start at $979.99 for the 2-10×42 Plex and goes to $1,199.99 for the 3-15×42 Lock Plex. Kimber also offers Talley scope mounts, dipped in the two Optifade Concealment patterns, to round out the package. Continue reading

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Rage Introduces New Rage Krossbow KORE ™

Rage Revolutionizes Crossbow Broadhead Technology with the New Rage Krossbow KORE ™

CARTERSVILLE, Ga. (May 5, 2015) — As crossbow popularity continues to grow, Rage continues to push the envelope in broadhead development. The introduction of the new Rage Krossbow KORE—featuring the same ground-breaking and game-taking Rage 3-Blade Broadhead with KORE Technology—sets Rage apart from other companies in its technology and its commitment to this market.

Razor-sharp blades on the new Krossbow Kore instantly open upon contact and produce cuts in six directions with a 1.6-inch star-like cutting diameter, resulting in a hole that exceeds three inches in total cutting area.

Rage engineers recognized that separating and orienting the blades away from the center of the ferrule would prevent any possibility of binding against one another. They created a unique skeletal design with a precision-ground solid-steel ferrule that utilized the patented and proven Slip-Cam™ blade deployment system. The revolutionary design of new Krossbow KORE’s unique skeletonized ferrule eliminates any potential for binding, making them legal wherever mechanical broadheads can be shot. Continue reading

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