Massad Ayoob Delivers the Facts on Lethal Force Law

Cincinnati, Ohio – Firearms and self-defense law authority Massad Ayoob lays out the rules of engagement for armed citizens in his latest title from Gun Digest Books, Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense. Ayoob draws from more than three decades of experience as an expert witness in weapons and homicide cases to educate responsible gun owners about the legal, ethical and practical use of firearms in self defense.

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NWTF Wins $45,000 for Conservation Efforts

EDGEFIELD, S.C. – Nationwide’s “Preserve your Passion” contest recently ended with the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) collecting the highest voter percentage and winning the top prize of $45,000.

Recognizing the importance of hunting and fishing to its members and conservation partners, Nationwide created the “Preserve Your Passion” contest to give $75,000 to conservation and help create or preserve outdoor opportunities.

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NRA Museums Loans Rifle to Alamo Exhibit

FAIRFAX, Va. – The new Firearms of the Texas Frontier exhibit at The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, features a Colt Model 1855 Revolving Carbine on loan from NRA Museums.

The exhibit showcases the technological evolution of the firearms industry and the role firearms played in settling Texas and the Battle of the Alamo. Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn how to load and fire the period guns through an interactive kiosk. Continue reading

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Crosman Auction Benefitting Navy SEAL Foundation Ends This Weekend

BLOOMFIELD, New York (October 31, 2014) Bidding for the Benjamin Armada Navy SEAL Foundation Edition air rifle has topped $3,000 for the two week auction that ends this weekend on Crosman has partnered with industry leaders Magpul, Surefire, Zeiss Sport Optics and Tarjac to create a one-of-a-kind package with 100% of proceeds going to support the Navy SEAL Foundation. SKB has joined the effort and contributed an iSeries 5014 rifle case in popular OD Green, bringing the retail value of the package up to $3,300.

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Pincus Releases DVD on Backup Guns

St. Augustine, FL – Rob Pincus, owner of I.C.E. Training Company and the developer of the Combat Focus® Shooting Program recently released a new DVD in the Personal Firearm Defense Network series that cover many topics about the fundamentals of personal and home defense. Continue reading

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New Survival Video Series from Panteao

Columbia, SC – Panteao Productions is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the Make Ready to Survive instructional video series. This line of instructional videos is a departure for Panteao from the firearms training videos the company is known for producing.

“This was a pretty large undertaking for us. In order to get the shots we needed, our crew filmed on location in the everglades of FL, the back country of Ohio, the mountains of Colorado, and eastern Texas. Five instructors were selected to teach the series based on their background and life experiences. Each brought something different to the table and combined makes for one heck of a learning experience,” said John Tormey, Director of the Make Ready to Survive Series. Continue reading

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Liberty Ammo Introduces 10mm

GW:  A true magnum with energy between a .357 and .44 Remington Magnum, this caliber is one of my favorite’s for concealed carry.  And, it’s good to see some more ammo options – especially one as hot as this cartridge.

Liberty’s Lead-Free Civil Defense Line of ammunition for personal defense and law enforcement features approximately twice the velocity, three times the terminal effect, 30% more energy and less felt recoil.

Bradenton, FL- Liberty Ammunition, the global leader in high performance, lead-free ammunition for military, law enforcement and civilian markets, is pleased to announce the 10mm Auto as the newest addition to its Civil Defense line of high performance personal defense ammunition. The 10mm Auto is ideal for personal defense, tactical use and for hunting. Liberty’s high-performance ammunition delivers approximately twice the velocity, three times the terminal effect, 30% more energy transfer, noticeable reductions in felt recoil, while considerably reducing the weight of all loaded weapons.

In testing at Liberty’s production facility, the Civil Defense 10mm Auto achieved velocities greater than 2,400 FPS, creating 780 FPE. This velocity is nearly double that of standard 10mm ammo. The Civil Defense line of lead-free ammunition features nickel-plated, solid copper projectiles and nickel-plated brass cases. Every round exceeds match-grade quality in performance.

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Northern Michigan Deer PLAN projects aim to improve habitat, health of the herd

GW:  I was shocked to see how a Democrat running for the 85th district of the Michigan House of Representatives criticized the incumbent, Ben Glardon, for voting for an increase in hunting license fees.  It was the sportsmen and women who supported the idea and here is just one example of how it’s working.  The losers will spin anything to get elected and it’s sickening.

When hunting license fees went up in 2014 (for the first time in 17 years), hunters were told that a good portion of the increased revenue would be used to improve wildlife habitat across the state. The question on many hunters’ minds this fall as they purchase their deer license has been: How is that money being spent?Deer PLAN habitat grant work

A prime example is the Department of Natural Resources’ new Deer Private Land Assistance Network, a grant program funded by hunting license sales that is designed to improve deer habitat on private land in the northern Lower Peninsula.

Commonly known as the Deer PLAN, the grant program, which is administered by the DNR’s Wildlife Division, aims to produce tangible deer habitat improvement benefits and reduce negative impacts to agricultural operations, while fostering positive relationships between the DNR, sportsmen’s organizations, private landowners, and other partners.

Deer PLAN grants were awarded for the first time in 2014 to 12 recipients, and another 10 projects were approved for completion in 2015. The grants can be used for projects within six counties in the northern Lower Peninsula — Presque Isle, Montmorency, Alpena, Crawford, Oscoda, and Alcona — for work ranging from selective timber cuts and planting of mast (fruit and nut)-producing trees, to the creation of wildlife breakout areas and food plots. To participate in the program, landowners who receive grants are required to pay a minimum of 25 percent of the project costs. Continue reading

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DNR seeks denned bears in northern Lower Peninsula

While out in the field, hunters and trappers might come upon a denned black bear. The Department of Natural Resources is looking for those northern Lower Peninsula locations where denned bear are spotted, in order to fit them with radio collars for an ongoing bear research program. Continue reading

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Williams Gun Sight to Expand Facility

Williams Gun Sight Company of Davison Township has announced an expansion of its facility, which will see a state-of-the-art indoor shooting range and larger retail space.  Grand opening is slated for September 2015.

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