Keep Your Plot Clean

One of the most common problems in food plots, especially perennials, is weed competition. Weeds rob your plot of essential nutrients, water, and root space. Given time and opportunity, weeds will quickly mature, produce seed, and overtake a well intended food plot. The use of herbicides is one of the greatest tools a GameKeeper can utilize to keep weeds under control and get the most out of your plantings. Here are a few tips to get the most from your efforts. Continue reading

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Camp Chef breaks mold of traditional patio grill with new Somerset series

HYDE PARK, Utah – For more than 20 years Camp Chef outdoor stoves have been known for power, versatility and portability at the campsite. Now cooks can enjoy the same benefits on their patio with the recently upgraded Somerset series. Available models consist of two, three or four-burner versions.  Photos and descriptions below… Continue reading

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RICO Update: HSUS Affiliate May Be Financially Devastated

This update from

The Humane Society of the United States and two of its in-house lawyers are being sued under federal anti-racketeering (RICO) laws. The lawsuit, brought by Ringling Bros. owner Feld Entertainment, alleges that a suit brought by animal rights groups over 10 years ago regarding the treatment of circus elephants was malicious and involved illegal witness payments and bribery. Heavy charges. Continue reading

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Ohio Town Thanks Bowhunters for Reduced Deer-car Accidents

With an 80-percent reduction in car/deer collisions, the town of Indian Hill, Ohio credits deer hunters.  HSUS and its whacked out schemes to spend money can’t hold a candle to these results.  More here…

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Don’t miss the chance to hunt wild turkey this spring

Missed the application period for a spring turkey license? Opportunities for licenses are still available. New this year, spring turkey hunters may purchase a Hunt 234 license, a statewide hunting license valid for all open areas except public lands in Unit ZZ (southern Lower Peninsula and Beaver Island). Hunters can purchase a Hunt 234 license through May 31. Continue reading

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Arizona’s Warm Freedom

By Glen Wunderlich

After the most grueling Michigan winter in memory, the time had come for a dual-purpose trip to visit family and to work in a bit of coyote hunting in Arizona.  With desert temperatures already in the 90s, it was a radical departure from mid-Michigan’s slowly evolving spring.  Snowshoes were replaced with uninsulated hiking boots, snake gaiters, a rifle over my shoulder, and a pistol at my side.

Arizona respects the right of all U.S. citizens to carry a concealed handgun with or without a permit, or to carry openly while in the state.  Certainly, the cultural change is dramatic, when compared Michigan, where open carry is permitted but problematic; although legal where I come from, the only people who carry openly (other than law enforcement) seem to always be testing authority.  In Arizona, it’s common for many.

Long-time resident, fellow predator hunter and my informal tour guide, Eric Ahlstrom of Apache Junction, packed his bags for Arizona after a close friend was executed by robbers in Chicago, while in the performance of his duties at a pizza joint.  It scarred Eric for life, and as a result, now openly carries a .45-caliber pistol wherever he ventures. 

Nobody gasps or calls 911, either.  At first, I thought it might be best for me to carry my Bond Arms derringer concealed, but I wasn’t about to over-dress to hide the fact.  It became as natural as sand and cactus in the desert to carry it in plain sight in a belt holster.

My sidearm was stoked with 3-inch, .410 shotgun shells of 7 ½ shot – a perfect combination for quick, close-range snake defense. 

Bond Arms Century 200 .45 Colt/3-inch .410

Bond Arms Century 200 .45 Colt/3-inch .410


While Eric fueled his Jeep at a convenience store/gas station, I took the opportunity to stock up on some sandwiches for the long day ahead and proceeded inside.

I watched intently, as the female clerk rang things up, all the while anticipating some type of negative reaction.  Nothing other than a thank you came forth, however.  Nobody else freaked out, either.  And, for the first time in my life, I began to understand how natural it could be to exercise my Second Amendment rights.  I was much more than a few thousand miles from Michigan; I was in the old “wild” West.

However, there was nothing at all wild about this culture – maybe snakes, lizards, and mountain lions – but, not the common, natural, day-to-day existence.

As Eric and I proceeded farther and farther into the desert, it became obvious that self-reliance was essential.  While northerners prepare for cold, Arizonians prepare for heat – and, yes, it is a dry heat, but hot is hot – especially when shade is as scarce as honest politicians.  With no cell phone service, we were on our own.

The old Jeep aptly navigated remote, rocky two-track trails, while we signed ledgers provided at each gate we opened and closed to confirm our presence and reason for being in the wilderness.

The long day ended without our firing a shot.  But, the adventure was more than a hunt; it was a step back in time and a refreshing change of pace where freedom reigns.

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Arizona Senate approves four pro-gun bills

• House Bill 2339 would allow gun owners with concealed-carry permits to bring  weapons into government buildings, unless security measures- including armed  guards, metal detectors and gun lockers- are in place. The measure, by Rep.  Brenda Barton, R-Payson, excludes public K-12 schools, community colleges and  universities. Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a similar bill last year.

• House Bill 2338 would allow authorities to charge a person who’s accused of  wresting a gun away from someone else with aggravated assault. Doing so is  already a felony offense. Proponents said it is a preventative measure in case a  criminal were to take the gun of someone using it in self-defense. Democrats  said the measure is a waste of time because it rehashes what’s already a crime.  The bill was also sponsored by Barton.

• House Bill 2517, sponsored by Rep. Steve Smith, R-Maricopa, would impose  fines on cities, towns and their lawmakers who enforce gun ordinances more  strictly than the state’s own laws. The bill would impose a civil penalty of up  to $5,000 on city and town governments that violate the statute. It would also  allow the state to sue individual government officials, such as city councilors,  and would prohibit them from using public funds to defend themselves in court.

• House Bill 2483  would ban cities, counties and towns from restricting the  shooting of guns on private property. The bill was sponsored by Rep. John  Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills.

Senators must still cast a roll-call vote on all bills.

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Buy any Redfield® Battlezone™ Riflescope, Get $45 Back

BEAVERTON, Ore. – Redfield® wants to help tactical rifle shooters hit their mark by offering a $45 rebate on all Battlezone™ riflescopes purchased between April 15 and June 30, 2014. Continue reading

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SIG SAUER Introduces its First Line of Premium Centerfire Pistol Ammunition

Newington, NH  – SIG SAUER Inc., designer and manufacturer of the world’s most reliable firearms, introduces its Elite Performance Ammunition line – the company’s first-ever line of premium centerfire pistol ammunition. Designed specifically for personal defense, SIG SAUER Elite Performance Ammunition features a proprietary stacked hollow point bullet – the SIG V-Crown™ Jacketed Hollow Point – for reliable expansion, round after round.
The five introductory calibers and bullet weights are: 90gr .380Auto, 124gr 9mm Luger, 125gr .357SIG, 165gr .40S&W, and 200gr .45Auto. Continue reading

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MI DNR, DTE Energy Foundation award more than $75,000 in tree-planting grants

More than two dozen Michigan communities will get assistance with tree-planting projects this year.The Department of Natural Resources and DTE Energy Foundation recently announced the award of grants totaling $75,313 to 28 communities in Michigan for local tree-planting projects. Grants awarded under this program will be used to help purchase nearly 1,100 trees of various species and sizes to be planted this spring and fall.
This year marks the 17th year of the tree-planting partnership between the DTE Energy Foundation and the DNR. Together, the DNR, DTE Energy and its foundation have planted more than 20 million trees on state-managed land and in communities throughout Michigan.
“Healthy trees provide many important benefits to our communities and the environment,” said Kevin Sayers, DNR Urban Forestry Program coordinator. “These grants will help communities enhance local tree canopy cover while also promoting awareness about planting the right tree for the right location, especially as it relates to utilities.” Continue reading

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