USFWS Disappoints DSC with Final Rule for Alaska Wildlife Refuges

DALLAS – DSC is dissatisfied with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) final rule pertaining to management of wildlife in Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuges. The ruling takes away Alaska’s authority to set predator control regulations and other established means and methods of hunting in the state’s 77 million acres of refuges. The rule goes against decades of legal precedent and pre-empts Alaska’s authority to manage its wildlife.”The impact of this ruling could be felt for generations and may possibly be the first of many government overreaches that directly affect our traditional hunting heritage,” said DSC Executive Director Ben Carter. “Wildlife Refuges in Alaska will now be under the direct influence of a governmental body that has routinely capitulated to the emotions of anti-hunters.”

With the declaration, the USFWS has usurped Alaska’s authority to manage the publicly owned wildlife. Not only has Congress previously directed that the state has the primary authority to managing rules for wildlife, the USFWS ruling conflicts with the provisions of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act.

DSC agrees with U.S. Congressman Don Young, of Alaska, when he characterized this ruling as “an unilateral power grab.” This intervention could stand as a dangerous precedent for future exploitations to take control of traditional and successful state management of wildlife.

“Hunters across America should take notice of this evolving situation,” said Carter. “Our rights to hunt are being methodically eroded. If we don’t protect these rights now, it is only a matter of time before we lose our proud heritage.” Read more

Birchwood Casey Olympus Resetting Target

The new Olympus™ Resetting Target from the Birchwood Casey® World of Targets® line offers fast- paced, gallery-type action for rimfire rifles and handguns.The Olympus Resetting Target has three 3-½ inch paddles to knock down and a fourth paddle that resets all three knock down paddles when hit. There are no ropes to pull or mechanisms to reset. The target has an extremely rugged portable design that can be set up quickly without tools.

The Olympus Resetting Target is proudly made in the USA and has a suggested retail price of $213.40. Read more

Great Outdoors Jamboree set for Sept. 11 at Lake Hudson Recreation Area

Pheasants Forever, the Michigan Pheasant Restoration Initiative and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources invite those looking for a fun, free way to enjoy the outdoors to attend the fourth annual Great Outdoors Jamboree at Lake Hudson Recreation Area in Lenawee County Sunday, Sept. 11. Taking place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., this outdoor experience for the whole family offers a chance to learn about Michigan’s outdoor recreation opportunities and participate in a variety of activities for new and returning Jamboree visitors alike.

A flag-raising ceremony at 10:30 a.m. presented by American Legion Post 368 will honor veterans and first responders.

Attendees can spend an exhilarating day in the great outdoors learning the skills necessary to hunt, fish or enjoy just about any outdoor recreation pursuit. More than 40 vendors will display, discuss and give hands-on instruction in archery, live birds of prey and wildlife rehabilitation, target shooting, bass fishing, campsite exploration, rope-bridge crossing, and many more nature-based activities. Read more

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(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – When every close-quarter trigger-pull counts, the Sightmark Core Shot Reflex Sight helps you achieve consistently accurate shooting, even when sight alignment is a less than perfect.The Sightmark Core Shot Reflex Sight employs parallax correction and an advanced, anti-reflective, coated, curved glass system to keep your sight picture crystal clear, field of view wide and red-dot centered even when your sight-alignment is off-angle for faster target acquisition and more confident shooting. Read more

The Auto Mag Pistol is Back

LBM leads the marketing and public relations efforts for the new company undertaking the redesign and manufacturing efforts behind the legendary Auto MagFlorence, S.C. – Auto Mag LTD, Corp, a new company created for the sole purpose of reviving the classic Auto Mag pistol, has signed Laura Burgess Marketing for all marketing and public relations efforts.

Auto Mag prototype upper on original lower
The history of this much-loved and lauded pistol began in 1958, when firearms visionary, Harry Sanford, developed a pistol around the .44 Auto Mag cartridge, specifically for handgun hunting. Ten years later, through the efforts of a dedicated team of firearms designers and engineers, the big bore handgun was finally brought to market in small numbers. The Auto Mag Pistol (AMP) was a full-sized semi-auto featuring a multi-lugged rotating bolt and was operated by the short recoil system. The AMP was machined from stainless steel with a 6.5-inch barrel and total overall length of 11.5 inches. The magazine capacity was seven plus one in the chamber. The Auto Mag was expensive to produce and was underpriced on the market. It is estimated that Auto Mag lost $1,000 on every pistol produced. Read more

Final MI experimental early teal hunting season begins Sept. 1

2016 marks the third and final year of Michigan’s experimental early teal hunting season, which runs Sept. 1-7. These small ducks, especially blue-winged teal, are some of the earliest duck species to migrate each fall.

This statewide teal-only season is possible because of growing teal populations. Hunters may take up to six teal per day and hunt from sunrise to sunset. Read more

Rage Launches #TimeToHunt Photo and Video Contest

SUPERIOR, Wis. (Aug. 24, 2016) — With archery seasons opening nationwide, Rage, the number-one-selling mechanical broadhead on the market, announced the return of the #TimeToHunt consumer social media photo and video contest. This exciting contest encourages hunters nationwide to share how they gear up and prepare for the upcoming hunting season. Three lucky winners will receive a Rage Cage quiver and two packs of the wildly popular Rage Hypodermic broadheads. One grand-prize winner will take home a Rage Cage quiver, two packs of Hypodermic broadheads, a BLOCK target and an IQ Pro Hunter bowsight.

Participating in the #TimeToHunt contest is simple: just take a photo or video of yourself preparing for the upcoming hunting season, and post it to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account simply by hashtagging #TimeToHunt. The uploads can be anything associated with preparing for the season from practicing, to hanging treestands to fletching your arrows. Contestants can enter as many times as they want before the closing deadline of 11:59 p.m. on Sept. 14. Read more

Obama Administration Closes Alaska to Predator Hunting/Trapping

By Glen Wunderlich

Fundamental change is, once again, being thrust upon Americans by the autocrats in Washington D.C.  This time, it involves a controversial and inexplicable maneuver that reeks of hypocrisy.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and its appointed director, Dan Ashe, have issued new regulations closing 77 million acres of land in Alaska to state wildlife management, including effective predator control and other established means and methods of hunting and trapping.

First, the hypocrisy:  This is the same FWS that has banded together with states in the Great Lakes region, including Michigan, in a lawsuit to return wolves to state management.  And, since the management of wildlife has always been the responsibility of each individual state according to its priorities, how does the heavy hand of central command’s rulers swing so much legal clout?  It doesn’t!

Our wildlife doesn’t belong to Washington, D.C. or any landowner; it belongs to the states.  When we purchase hunting and fishing licenses, we do some from state agencies and are required to follow the laws of the respective states issuing said licenses.  There exists no federal management program for any wildlife.  Until now.

When Alaska was granted statehood in 1959, its ownership and control of game populations – including that within federal lands – was specifically enumerated in three acts:  Alaska Statehood Act (1959), Alaska Lands Act (1980), and the Refuge Improvement Act (1997).  With the vested power of Congress, these acts were clearly approved.

Once again, the feds purport to know what’s good for us, as it dishes out the distasteful medicine.  Ah, but there’s a fly in this ointment.  Behind the scenes, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) – the most powerful anti-hunting lobby in the world that despises all forms of hunting and hunters – was thanked by Ash in a tweet.

The stench gets stronger.  The rule changes include provisions that abruptly deny American citizens of their collective voice relative to management of the National Wildlife Refuge through the following:

  • Doubling the length of emergency closures of refuge lands from 30 to 60 days
  • Removing requirements for public hearings on such closures
  • Complete elimination of the maximum length of a temporary closure

Mr. Ashe, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do.

This precedent, if left unchallenged, shall lay the groundwork for non-affected city slickers to push their radical agendas throughout the nation.

As “We the People” are relegated to irrelevance, what is to prevent more power grabs in the Western states, where apex predators threaten to destroy what is left of its once-thriving populations of elk and mule deer?

The Sportsmen’s Alliance strongly opposes these rules and is working closely with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA), Alaska hunters and hunting guides, and the Alaska Congressional Delegation to block the Obama Administration from enforcing these new “HSUS rules.”

Sustainability has been built into all regulated hunting since its inception.  There is no movement to totally eradicate any species, including a couple years ago, when Michigan established a hunting season for wolves.  A mere 23 wolves were taken by hunters – about half of the established quota – a small fraction of the 600-700 wolves roaming the northern reaches of the state.

It’s called game management and that’s what hunters do.  And, that’s the way it should be.

SIG ELECTRO-OPTICS Introduces The ECHO Reticle Maker

NEWINGTON, NH– SIG SAUER, Inc and the SIG SAUER Electro-Optics Division, is pleased to announce the launch of the ECHO Reticle Maker for the new ECHO1 Thermal Reflex Sight.The ECHO Reticle Maker allows you to create, save and share custom reticles and ultimately upload them to the ECHO1 Thermal Reflex Sight for use in the field. Now you can develop unique reticles that match your personal shooting and hunting requirements.

The ECHO Reticle Maker is an online program that allows you to build a completely custom reticle, download it to your computer, and then upload that reticle directly to your ECHO1 Thermal Reflex Sight. If you can imagine it, the ECHO Reticle Maker will help you make it a reality. Read more

Century Arms AK Optic Mounting System

Delray Beach, Fla. –– Century Arms, North America’s premier AK manufacturer, is proud to announce the introduction of the new addition to their AK-47 accessory line, the AK Mirco Dot Side Mount. This solid and easy-to-install mount contains features that set it apart considerably from other side mounts currently available on the market.The AK Micro Dot Side Mount is machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and is hardcoat anodized per MIL-A-8625F Type III, Class 2 specifications, giving it superior overall strength. The AK Micro Dot Side Mount is the first AK side scope rail mount that has true return-to-zero capability. The mount offers four times the clamping engagement over traditional side scope rail mounts, improves sight acquisition for follow-up shots and allows for complete field stripping of the rifle without removal of the mount. It is compatible with most standard T1/H1 style optics and provides a modular mounting system to adjust the optic from front to back. Read more
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