Hornady Announces 10th Edition Handbook of Cartridge Reloading

Grand Island, Nebr. – The 10th Edition Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading is currently shipping to retailers across the country. Featuring over 1,000 pages of reloading data, techniques and bullet information, hand loaders will have access to over 200 different calibers featuring a variety of loads for the full line of Hornady bullets, from 17 caliber varmint cartridges to large dangerous game loads,

New Hornady bullets have been added to this edition, including the ELD-X and ELD Match bullet lines. In addition, there have been extensions to the GMX, SST and FTX lines. New cartridges include the 280 Ackley Improved, 7×64 Brenneke and the 338 Federal. Well over 1,300 load combinations were shot to update and expand the reloading pages in this edition. Read more

Inland T-30 M1 .30 Caliber Carbine

A rare WWII, Korea, and early Vietnam Era Carbine is back for today’s shooters

MKS Supply, LLC, Dayton OH – From Inland Manufacturing, the maker of truly “authentic” M1 Carbines, comes Inland’s T30, reviving and reintroducing the historically significant predecessor to the M3 sniper version of the M1 Carbine of WWII, Korea and Vietnam fame.

This new Inland T30 Carbine is very similar to the T3 Carbine of WWII. It comes fitted with a period-correct Redfield-style scope base welded to the receiver like the original. The purchaser can have it with or without the 2.5-power M82 sniper scope. The M82 scope is manufactured by Hilux and is a 7/8-inch diameter telescopic sight with post/horizontal hair reticle that replicates the rugged Lyman Alaskan scope adopted by the military during WWII. Read more

Online Video Shows 86 Year Old Hunter with Buck Fever

Deer hunting over the 2016 rifle season continue with Pops Woods getting a chance at a buck and another doe! Click here to watch the video as an itchy trigger finger and buck fever work on this 86 year old hunter! Then stay tuned for more deer hunting action as the GrowingDeer team executes the deer management objectives for the Proving Grounds. Visit www.GrowingDeer.tv to see the hunts! Read more

California City Pays NSSF Legal Fees In Ordinance Lawsuit Settlement

NEWTOWN, Conn. – The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) announced today that it and co-plaintiff City Arms East, LLC have reached an agreement with the City of Pleasant Hill, California, to end a lawsuit challenging a 2013 ordinance that sought to impose burdensome and unlawful firearms and ammunition sales restrictions on local firearms retailers.

As a result of the settlement approved by the city council on Monday night, the City of Pleasant Hill will pay $400,000 to cover legal fees incurred by NSSF and City Arms in bringing the suit.

“We were successful in our goal to protect the ability of federally-licensed firearms retailers to open, operate and grow their businesses in the City of Pleasant Hill,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel. “As we predicted when the city council made its unfortunate decision to go forward with an ordinance, which only put into place duplicative, unneeded regulation and did nothing to enhance public safety, it was very likely that taxpayers would be left paying the tab for what amounts to an unwarranted political decision to target law-abiding businesses.” Read more

Michigan CO’s Nab Suspect Wanted in Two States

Michigan man returned to Ohio

Conservation officers from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ Law Enforcement Division arrested a fugitive Monday who led officers on a lengthy vehicle and foot pursuit through Hillsdale and Lenawee counties.

Randon Goebel, 21, of Waldron, Michigan was wanted in Ohio after failing to appear for sentencing on a felony abduction charge and violation of a personal protection order. He also had four bench warrants issued in Michigan for failing to appear in court.

The story of Goebel’s apprehension began around noon Monday.

DNR conservation officer Carter Woodwyk, who is assigned to Hillsdale County, was investigating a suspicious vehicle in a parking lot at the Lost Nations State Game Area.

Woodwyk stopped the Dodge Durango after it pulled out of the parking lot onto a road. The officer approached the vehicle and asked Goebel for his identification. Goebel complied with the request.

While Woodwyk was checking for outstanding warrants in the state’s Law Enforcement Information Network, Goebel fled in his vehicle.

Woodwyk pursued Goebel, ultimately traveling into Lenawee County, where Goebel abandoned his sport-utility vehicle and fled on foot near the Michigan-Ohio border.

Conservation officers Chris Reynolds of Hillsdale County and Eric Smither of Lenawee County responded during the chase.

They assisted with maintaining a perimeter and accompanying a K-9 unit from the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio tracking Goebel at the scene. Officers from numerous other agencies assisted in the pursuit.

Goebel was found hiding in a cornfield. He surrendered without incident. Read more

Groups Sue NY Gov and State Over Taser and Nonlethal Weapons

ALBANY, NY and SACRAMENTO, CA (December 6, 2016) — Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), Firearms Policy Foundation (FPF), and New York resident Matthew Avitabile have filed a federal Second Amendment civil rights lawsuit against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in an effort to strike down the state’s ban on the acquisition and possession of Tasers and other nonlethal (sometimes called “less-than-lethal”) weapons.

Individual plaintiff Matthew Avitabile is the mayor of Middleburgh, New York and would like to buy and keep a Taser for self-defense. But New York Penal Law § 265.01 states that “A person is guilty of criminal possession of a weapon” if “He or she possesses any….electronic dart gun” or “electronic stun gun,” making the crime punishable as a misdemeanor.

The complaint states that, “Given the [United States Supreme Court] decision in Heller, Defendants may not completely ban the keeping and bearing of arms for self-defense” or “impose regulations on the right to keep and carry arms that are inconsistent with the Second Amendment.” Read more

Concealed Carry Permit Numbers Up

The election of Donald Trump, endorsed by the National Rifle Association and cheered by gun owners who were skittish over Hillary Clinton, has sparked an aggressive new effort to force liberal states to take down their barriers to concealed carry permits and gun ownership, reports the Washington Examiner.

National gun groups — such as the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the Second Amendment Foundation and the U.S. Concealed Carry Association — are eyeing legal challenges to some 10 states that make it difficult for citizens to get a carry permit.

The emerging fight was sparked by Trump’s surprise victory over gun control advocate Clinton and increased concerns among Americans, especially women and millennials, about crime and terrorism.

“It’s pure self-defense that’s driving many,” said Tim Schmidt, president of the U.S. Concealed Carry Association, based in Wisconsin. “They see these terrorist attacks, and they put themselves in the shoes of those being targeted.” Read more

Meopta Introduces ZD 6-24×56 RD with MIL Turrets

HAUPPAUGE, NY – Meopta is pleased to introduce the newest model 30mm ZD 6-24×56 RD riflescope with resettable 1/10 milliradian (MIL) windage and elevation turrets. This is in addition to the introductory model with ¼ MOA turrets and both feature the illuminated MilDot II reticle.

Designed for sniper rifles, the Meopta ZD 6-24×56 RD is a precision long-range riflescope that allows shooters to achieve deadly-accurate shot placement at extreme distances. This scope features a 30mm one-piece, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy tube. The new MilDot II RD illuminated reticle, located in the second focal plane with integrated range-finding markers, is calibrated for accurate target estimation in standard calibers – 7.62×52 NATO, .308, .338WM and 12.7mm. The turret mounted parallax adjustment ranges from 27 yards to infinity, guaranteeing precision aiming at any desired range. Read more

Florida Good Samaritan Incident: What Does the Law Say?

If you read about or saw the descriptions of a recent incident in which a good samaritan in Florida came to the rescue of a Lee County deputy who was being beaten, you probably assumed that what the good samaritan did was legally justified in Florida. But what do the actual statutes in the Sunshine State say?

James Phillips, of the Katz & Phillips criminal-defense law firm in Orlando and a U.S. Law Shield of Florida Independent Program Attorney, researched the details of the incident and produced the following YouTube video to explain what the laws in the state are and how they might apply in this case:

Read more

Chiappa Little Badger Survival Rifle in 17 WSM

Chiappa Little Badger Survival Rifle in 17 WSMThe Little Badger is the ultimate packable survival gun. Available in .22LR, 22WMR, .17HMR and now finally in 17 WSM. This lightweight, ultra-compact, break-open rifle is designed to go anywhere at any time. When the action is opened and the gun folded, it measures a mere 17″ overall length and stows neatly in an included pack/case. The wire frame stock keeps weight to a minimum and the integrated shell holder in the back holds twelve cartridges so ammo is always at the ready. The Little Badger comes equipped with an M1 Carbine style front and rear sight. Picatinny rails are mounted top, bottom and on both side just forward of the receiver for mounting optics and accessories. An optional handle/cleaning kit combination accessory screws into the bottom of the receiver. Compact length and weighing only 2.9lbs, the Little Badger can truly be taken almost anywhere when the situation calls for a lightweight, versatile rifle. Read more
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