Mexican Wolf Recovery Program Finds Evidence of Cross-Fostering Success

The Arizona Game and Fish Department and our Wolf Team partners have had success placing captive-born wolf pups with wild packs to raise as their own. The practice, known as cross-fostering, helps to bolster the genetic diversity of wild wolf packs. Read morePhoenix, AZ.— In their native habitat of the southwestern United States, the success of cross-fostered pups among the Mexican wolf population is being documented due to dedicated and collaborative efforts among several agencies and organizations, including the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the Chicago Zoological Society (CZS), the Endangered Wolf Center (EWC), and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). The organizations are working together to reintroduce the species to its native habitat in the American Southwest and Mexico.

In April 2016, five Mexican wolf pups were born at Brookfield Zoo in Illinois. As part of the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program, two of the pups were placed in the den of the Arizona-based Elk Horn Pack of wild wolves with the intention that the pack’s adults would raise the two with its own litter. In this process, known as “cross-fostering,” very young pups are moved from a captive litter to a wild litter of similar age so that the receiving pack raises the pups as their own. The technique, which has proven successful with wolves and other wildlife, shows promise to improve the genetic diversity of the wild wolf population.

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Deer-Vehicle Collisions Peak During the Rut. Use These 8 Tips to Avoid Trouble

ATHENS, GA – As the peak of the rut approaches in most of the whitetail’s range, so does the peak of deer-vehicle collisions. The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) offers suggestions based on scientific research to help motorists avoid unwanted encounters with whitetails.
While the peak of the deer breeding season, or “rut,” varies in timing throughout North America, the majority of whitetails breed from late October through December, with a peak in November.
The peak in breeding also brings a peak in deer movement, and this puts more deer in roadways than at any other time of year. Numerous scientific studies have shown a strong correlation between breeding dates, deer movement, and deer-vehicle collisions (DVCs).

“Bucks are covering a lot of ground during the rut in search of does, they’re chasing many of those does, and until they are receptive, many of those does are running from the bucks,” said Kip Adams, QDMA’s Director of Education & Outreach and a certified wildlife biologist. “A lot of these deer are crossing roadways in the process, and that’s why we see a peak of deer-vehicle collisions in November.”

It is estimated that more than 1 million DVCs occur annually in the United States, resulting in approximately 200 human fatalities and nearly $2 billion in property damage. Here are some tips that can be effective at helping motorists avoid deer on highways. Read more

Liberty Ammunition Offers Halloween Sale

Liberty Ammunition is offering 20 percent off all ammunition storewide from Oct. 27 – 31, 2016. Orders of $100 or more receive a free gift.Bradenton, Fla. (October 2016) – Liberty Ammunition is pleased to announce a special Halloween Sale. All ammunition will be 20 percent off storewide from Oct. 27 – 31, 2016 at Orders of $100 or more will receive a free gift.

Ammunition available on the Liberty Ammunition website includes 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, 380 Auto, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, 10mm Auto, 45 Long Colt and .223 Rem in Liberty Ammunition’s Civil Defense line and .308 Winchester and 30-06 Springfield in Liberty Ammunition’s Animal Instinct line. Check out the entire line of high performance, lead-free Liberty Ammunition, as well as apparel products, at Read more

Nosler® Introduces Their Most Powerful Cartridge Yet – The 33 Nosler®

Bend, OR –Nosler®, Inc. is excited to introduce the patriarch of the Nosler® cartridge family – the 33 Nosler®. The “33” shares the same parent case (404 Jeffery) as the rest of the family but fires .338 caliber bullets which are generally known for being tough on big game as well as having high Ballistic Coefficients and Sectional Densities for excellent interior, exterior and terminal ballistics.

The 33 Nosler® is capable of propelling a 225gr AccuBond® at 3025 fps and the brand new 265gr AccuBond® Long Range at 2775 fps. That’s 275 fps faster and 20% more energy than the 338 Winchester Magnum using the same length action and 25fps faster than the 338 Lapua Magnum at the muzzle while burning 18% less powder.

The 33 Nosler® is a SAAMI standardized cartridge making for consistent brass and chamber dimensions industry wide. Nosler will be supporting this new cartridge with Nosler® Brass, Trophy Grade™ Ammunition and naturally, their full line of M48 rifles in 26″ barrel configurations which should be made available for delivery by the end of Q1, 2017. Read more

Hornady Announces New Products for 2017

Grand Island, NE – Hornady® Manufacturing, an industry leader in bullet and ammunition technology, is proud to announce a comprehensive lineup of new and technologically advanced products for 2017. These new ammunition, bullet, reloading and security products will be available from stocking dealers, major retail sporting goods stores and their websites. Dealers can be found by visiting the Retail Locator on about the 2017 new products lineup at Read more

G2 Industries Introduces .45 ACP Civic Duty Round

G2 Research debuts new stop them in their tracks roundWinder, GA, October 26, 2016, G2 Research– new .45 ACP round means nearly instantaneous stopping power.

Consider an already large .45 ACP round which has proven over many years to stop fights quickly and render it 2-3 times more effective. That is a serious stopping power!

Old news: The 230 grain .45 ACP at 850 FPS was designed to stop or wound people quickly on a battlefield. A benefit on the battlefield but not for civilian self-defense due to over penetration of the intended target and becoming a danger to others. Newer and hotter .45 ACP hollow point rounds in the 185 grain 1,000 FPS range are an improvement – they expand up to .65 caliber (16.51 millimeters) yet still produce over penetration harming property or innocent people.

Good new news: The new G2 Research Civic Duty .45 ACP + P round solves several problems. It is designed to penetrate 6 to 8 inches in ballistic gel, depositing all its energy into the target. The design prevents it from passing through the target, instead quickly and fully opening inside the gel or fluid to prevent over penetration. It will expand to nearly 11/2 inches (nearly 38 millimeters). The large copper petals open like airplane propellers causing a large wound channel. It will stop the fight–quickly! Read more

Sightmark 3000 Lumen Spotlight Lights the Way

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – Our world doesn’t stop turning after sundown. From camping and hunting to critical missions… and everything in between, the Sightmark SS3000 Tactical Spotlight (SM73011) goes to work when most people turn-in for the night. Whether your goal is to locate an objective or blind and disorient the bad guys, 3000 jaw-dropping lumens of white light packed into the SS3000’s compact body does the job exceedingly well.

Perfect for hunters and tactical operators alike, the three-mode SS3000 Tactical Spotlight boasts a red lens filter, digital selector switch, 7x Cree® U2 White LED for 1500 lumens of throw on low, 3000 lumens on high and 800 lumens on strobe. A 4x 18650 rechargeable battery pack (SM73011.001) delivers up to 1 hr. of battery life at 3000 lumens, 2 hrs. at 1500 lumens and up to 4 hrs. on strobe. Additional battery packs also are available. Read more

Introducing 100 Yard 3″ Groups from Ravin Crossbows

New Ravin Crossbow Delivers Unmatched Downrange Accuracy
Through Exclusive TechnologyWith patented HeliCoil™ technology, the Ravin crossbow measures just six inches from axle-to-axle and delivers unprecedented downrange accuracy – with groups as tight as three inches at 100 yards.

SUPERIOR, Wisconsin. (October 26, 2016) – The hunting world gets a wake-up call today as a new brand is born and a revolutionary crossbow hits the market. Powered by the groundbreaking HeliCoil™technology, the new R9 Crossbow from Ravin delivers rifle-like accuracy, handling and devastating killing power.

Designed from the ground up to be the most accurate and efficient crossbow technology ever, patentedHeliCoil technology coils the cables away from both the top and bottom of the cams in helical grooves. This keeps the cams perfectly balanced for increased speed and downrange accuracy.

The exclusive design allows the cams to rotate to a near full rotation of 340 degrees while keeping the cams perfectly level when drawing and shooting the crossbow. This also results in a 100 percent free-floating arrow when fired, eliminating the friction that other crossbows experience. The result: increased speed and deadly accuracy at longer ranges.

“HeliCoil technology is the starting point for a crossbow that literally changes the way crossbows function,” said Ravin’s Mike Weinkauf. “Our goal was to reimagine every piece of the bow, with the goal of delivering a rifle-like experience for the shooter. Once we perfected the HeliCoil design, everything else fell into place. The Ravin R9 provides unmatched downrange accuracy and incredible killing power from the most compact axle-to-axle measurement on the market.”

Downrange accuracy is Ravin’s calling card with prototype and initial production bows regularly holding six-arrow groups at three inches or less at 100 yards. But the similarities between the new crossbow and a rifle go well beyond accuracy. The overall axle width in the un-cocked position is a mere 10.5 inches, and is an amazing six inches when fully drawn, making Ravin the smallest, most compact crossbow in existence. Read more

Walther Introduces the Creed

(FORT SMITH, Ark.) – Walther Arms, Inc. is proud to announce the new Creed pistol. A Creed is a set of fundamental beliefs. For Walther, those beliefs are superior ergonomics, excellence in trigger design, and unparalleled accuracy, quality, and reliability. The new Walther Creed makes a statement in modern polymer-frame handguns that all of these features can be achieved with?an economic price-tag. The Creed offers a reinforced polymer frame with signature ergonomics that shooters have come to expect from Walther. The non-slip grip texturing, standard on most Walther pistols, ensures the gun remains firmly in the shooter’s hand during use. The Creed features a pre-cocked double-action trigger system and a bobbed hammer that ensure a no-snag draw from a concealment. This system provides the shooter with a light and smooth trigger pull, consistent from the first shot to the last. All metal components are treated with a corrosion and abrasion resistant TENIFER® coating, providing a matte black hardened surface. With an ambidextrous magazine release, low profile steel 3-dot sights, and front and rear cocking serrations on the slide, Walther refused to compromise on the quality or features of the Creed. Offered in 9mm with a 4-inch barrel and 1/10 twist. The Creed comes with two sixteen round 9mm magazines. The overall length is 7.3 inches and an empty magazine weight of 26.6 ounces. Read more

Hunters: Always Consider Surroundings Before Pulling Trigger

As deer season continues across the state, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission’s Home From The Hunt™ safety campaign reminds hunters to always take their time and positively identify their target before pulling the trigger.

“It’s easy to get excited when you’ve got something in your sights,” said Chet Clark, the Commission’s eastern outreach manager. “It’s important to collect yourself and ensure there are no houses, vehicles or people in front of or behind your target.”

The four basic rules of firearms safety:

Always point a firearm in a safe direction.
Treat every firearm as if it were loaded and never assume a firearm is unloaded.
Keep your finger out of the trigger guard and off the trigger until ready to shoot.
Be sure of your target and what is beyond your target.

Clark advises all hunters to always point their guns in a safe direction. One good practice is to use binoculars to first identify a target and then sight through a scope only when ready to fire.

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