Michigan’s 2014 elk hunting season just completed

Michigan’s 2014 elk hunting season just ended with multiple successes. Hunters experienced a one-of-a-kind hunt and filled the freezer with local meat, while also helping to accomplish valuable elk management on both public and private land.


DNR staffer with harvested elk“The elk hunt is an exciting time for everyone,” said Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist Jennifer Kleitch. “We control the elk population through very intense management – we target specific areas and properties during certain time periods.”


The elk season had two hunt periods – the early season, Aug. 26-29, Sept. 12-15 and Sept. 26-29 and the late season, Dec. 6-14. Just fewer than 30,000 eligible Michigan hunters applied for 100 elk licenses. Both the early and late season had quotas of 15 any-elk or bull licenses and 35 antlerless licenses. Continue reading

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Great Lakes Wolves Protected by Obama-Appointed Judge

et al.
,Plaintiffs,v.SALLY JEWELL,
Secretary of the Interior 
et al.
,1Defendants,v.STATE OF WISCONSIN,
et al.
Intervenor-Defendants.Civil Action No.13-186(BAH)
Upon consideration of the plaintiffs’ Motion for Summary Judgment,ECF No. 24,the defendants’ Cross-Motion for Summary Judgment, ECF No. 27,defendant-intervenor Hunter Conservation Coalition’s Cross-Motion for Summary Judgment, ECF No. 33,thesubmissions of defendant-intervenors, the States of Wisconsin and Michigan, ECF Nos. 29 and 30, the submissions of amici curiae the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, ECF Nos. 31 and 38,the Administrative Record submittedby the defendants, ECF No. 45,the related legal memorandain support and in opposition,the exhibits,declarations, and affidavitsattached thereto,and the entire record herein, for the reasons set forth in the accompanying Memorandum Opinion,the Court finds that “there is no genuine dispute as to any material fact,” F
.P.56(a), and it ishereby
that, because the plaintiffs areentitled to judgment as a matter of law,the
Pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 25(d), Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior, is automatically substituted for her predecessor in office.
Case 1:13-cv-00186-BAH Document 53 Filed 12/19/14 Page 1 of 2
2 plaintiffs’Motion for Summary Judgment,is GRANTED; and it is further 
thatthedefendants’ and defendant-intervenor’s Cross-Motions for Summary Judgment are DENIED; and it is further 
that, because therule Revising the Listing of the Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) in the Western Great Lakes(the “Final Rule”), 76 Fed. Reg. 81,666 (Dec. 28, 2011), isarbitrary and capricious and violates the Endangered Species Act of 1973,as amended, 16 U.S.C. §§ 1531
et seq.
, the Final Rule is VACATEDand SET ASIDE; and it is further
that therule in effect prior to the Final Rule vacated by this Order, namely, the rule regarding Reclassification of the Gray Wolf in the United States and Mexico, with Determination of Critical Habitat in Michigan and Minnesota, 43 Fed. Reg. 9607(Mar. 9, 1978), is REINSTATED to govern management of gray wolves in the nine states affected by the vacated Final Rule, pursuant to the Endangered Species Act;and it is further 
that theClerk of the Court close this case.
Date: December 19, 2014
This is a final and appealable Order.See F  ED.R.APP.P.4(a).
 __________________________ BERYL A. HOWELLUnited States District Judge
Case 1:13-cv-00186-BAH Document 53 Filed 12/19/14 Page 2 of 2
Digitally signed by Beryl A. Howell DN: cn=Beryl A. Howell, o=District Court for the District of Columbia,
ou=District Court Judge, email=howell_chambers@dcd.uscourts.gov, c=US Date: 2014.12.19 14:38:35 -05’00’
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U.S. Appeals Court Expands Gun Rights

A Cincinnati appeals court deemed unconstitutional a federal law that kept a Michigan man from owning a gun, because he was briefly committed to a mental institution decades ago.  Details here…

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RMEF Joins Wyoming, Feds in Next Step Toward Possible Wolf Appeal

RMEF Joins Wyoming, Feds in Next Step toward Possible Wolf Appeal MISSOULA, Mont. -The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, along with the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the State of Wyoming, filed a notice of appeal in the Wyoming wolf case issued by the District Court of the District of Columbia. In essence, the legal move preserves RMEF’s ability to go forward with an appeal, if it is decided to do so.

“We maintain that state agencies, not the federal government, are in the best position to manage our wildlife-that includes wolves in Wyoming,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. “The judge removed that responsibility from Wyoming wildlife managers on a technicality that has since been addressed.”

U. S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson recently disagreed with most of the environmentalists’ claims. She ruled that wolves in Wyoming are not endangered, are recovered as a species and that there is plenty of genetic connectivity. However, she rejected Wyoming’s wolf management plan that took effect in 2012 by stating the USFWS should not have accepted Wyoming’s nonbinding promise to maintain a population of at least 100 wolves and 10 breeding pairs outside Yellowstone Park and the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Continue reading

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First-Ever Hornady Rifle is 2015 SHOT Show Auction Gun

Grand Island, Nebraska–The first and only firearm ever manufactured by the Hornady Manufacturing Company will be featured as the 2015 SHOT Show rifle and made available to Hornady fans around the world on www.GunBroker.com.

Recognized for decades as one of the most respected and innovative names in ammunition and reloading equipment manufacturing, Hornady has placed its name on a firearm for the first and perhaps only time in the company’s history.

“We don’t mean to alarm our friends at Remington, Winchester or Ruger. Hornady has no plans of going into the gun business,” commented Hornady President, Steve Hornady in announcing the gun. “The concept of creating a one-of-a-kind Hornady rifle has been percolating for several years and we are excited to make “The Hornady Number One” a reality for 2015– especially since the gun has been selected as the 2015 SHOT Show Rifle.”

Hornady has teamed with the Hunting Heritage Trust and some of the most innovative and respected names in the shooting sports industry to create “The Hornady Number One”. The rifle is a hunting-style bolt action in .300 RCM caliber with serial number H-001. Continue reading

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NRA Donates $50,000 to Harrisburg, PA PD

FAIRFAX, Va. – The National Rifle Association is pleased to announce the donation of $50,000 (from the NRA Foundation) to the Harrisburg, PA Police Department for the purchase of a fully equipped Police Cruiser. A special check presentation will take place Thursday at 11:00am at the Hoffman Ford dealership on Jonestown Road in Harrisburg.

“The people of Central Pennsylvania were very supportive this February when the NRA launched the Great American Outdoor Show,” said NRA General Operations Executive Director Kyle Weaver. “This is our way of thanking the community for welcoming us to the neighborhood.” Continue reading

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Guns & Ammo Names Leupold Mark 6 3-18×44 2014 Optic of the Year

Leupold & Stevens, Inc., is proud to announce the Mark 6® 3-18x44mm riflescope has been named Guns & Ammo 2014 Optic of the Year.

The 2014 award winners were chosen by a select group of staff and contributors from Guns & Ammo magazine. The awards were judged based on merits of performance, proven long-term durability, product value and availability to the consumer.

The staff was impressed by the Mark 6 3-18x44mm’s Tremor 2 reticle, 1/10th-mil pinch-and-turn turret adjustments, DiamondCoat™ 2 lens coatings, front focal plane reticles, power selector, Xtended Twilight Lens System™, length and weight. Continue reading

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SCI Foundation’s HLF Aid Anti-Poaching Efforts in Tanzania

(Washington, DC) On December 17, 2014, SCI Foundation’s Hunter Legacy Fund (HLF) donated $100,000 to provide the Wildlife Conservation Foundation of Tanzania (WCFT) with vehicles to be used by anti-poaching patrols.

SCI Foundation has outfitted anti-poaching units with two fully equipped Toyota Land Cruisers to monitor the Selous Game Reserve. These new Cruisers will allow teams to locate and track areas most susceptible to poachers.

“I am very sure that the elephants and other wildlife are more secure today and we already see the difference in the bush,” WCFT Trustees and Executive Vice President Eric Pasanisi said. “On behalf of the Wildlife Conservation Foundation of Tanzania, I would like to sincerely thank you for your generous donation to our fight to preserve our wildlife in Tanzania.” Continue reading

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Home Invader Shot Dead by Teen Protecting Grandmother

A would-be robber is shot dead by a 14-year old, while trying to steal some prescription medications from a North Carolina residence.  Details here…

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Heizer Defense Ships the Pocket AR Pistol

Heizer Defense is excited to announce the shipping of the new PAR1 “Pocket AR Pistol” in .223. The pistol is the next caliber offering in the Heizer Defense Pocket Pistol Family. The Pocket Pistol Family currently consists of the PS1 “Pocket Shotgun”, chambered in 45LC/410 & the PAR1 “Pocket AR”, chambered in .223, and the Hedy Jane Empowered line, geared for women. The pistols are multi-caliber with interchangeable barrels. Accessory barrels and a number of new caliber offerings will be launched throughout 2015. Continue reading

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