Bushnell Announces AR Optics Laser Sights

Three Laser Sight Systems Join the Popular AR Optics LineOVERLAND PARK, Kansas – – Bushnell, an industry leader in high-performance optical solutions, announces the addition of three high-end laser sights to its industry-leading line of AR Optics.Bushnell’s AR Optics line is already the category leader for MSRs. New this year, AR Optics now offers laser lighting systems in the Haste, Chase and Rush. Each model is a purpose-built laser sight with advanced features and high-performance output.

Waterproof, ergonomic and ready for every MSR – including AR pistols — the Bushnell AR Optics Haste is the epitome of forward-grip lasers. Available in red or green laser options, the Haste mounts under the bore, and provides a bright, continuous, long-lasting beam with the push of a single button. The waterproof construction ensures it won’t falter in bad weather. Read more

Hudson H9 Pistols Now Shipping to Distributors

Hudson Manufacturing’s Cy Hudson has released the following statement:

“It has been less than a year since we announced the production of the Hudson H9 at 2017 SHOT Show, and we are proud to announce that the H9 is now shipping to our distributors. We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone who trusted that Hudson Mfg would be an exciting new name in the firearms industry, and we are thankful for everyone who is passionate about the H9. The H9 is in the wild, and we will keep advancing our company, brand, and products.”

LWRCI Fall Promotion

LWRCI™ ANNOUNCES EXCITING FALL GAS PISTON CONSUMER PROMOTION$300 Trijicon MRO Instant Rebate with Purchase of any eligible LWRCI Gas Piston Rifle Now Through December 15, 2017Cambridge, MD – LWRCI™ has launched its fall consumer promotion in partnership with Trijicon, offering a a $300 Instant Rebate on the popular Trijicon MRO optic to customers who purchase any LWRCI Gas Piston rifle through December 15, 2017. Read more

Lyman Products to Unveil the GuardianGrip at NASGW

The patented design of the Pachmayr GuardianGrip™ carries like a compact and shoots like a full-size grip.

Middletown, Conn. – Lyman® Products is proud to unveil the first in a grip that offers the concealment of a compact with the shooting control of a full-size grip: the GuardianGrip™, by Pachmayr, a division of Lyman Products. The patented design allows the user to simply squeeze the button on the front of the grip and a spring loaded finger extension drops down out of the GuardianGrip, converting a two-finger compact grip into a controllable three finger grip. Read more

S&W M&P Shield M2.0 Pistol Series

The M&P M2.0 Family Just Got Slim…and BrightSPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Smith & Wesson Corp. today announced the launch of its new M&P Shield M2.0 pistol series, including the M&P Shield M2.0 pistol with Integrated Crimson Trace® Laser. Available in 9mm and .40 S&W, the M&P Shield M2.0 pistol family builds upon the popular M&P M2.0 platform, delivering professional-grade features and proven performance in a slim, lightweight, and easy-to-carry profile that incorporates the enhanced M2.0 feature set. Read more

MTM Introduces Cleaning Rod Case

First case specifically for storing and transporting cleaning rodsSince 1968, MTM has continued to design and produce products for the shooting enthusiast. From ammo boxes to gun rests to clay target throwers, MTM offers a huge variety of products essential to the sportsman. For 2017, MTM is proud to release the first case made exclusively for cleaning rods— The Gun Cleaning Rod Case. Read more

The Michigan Gun

By Glen Wunderlich

Many years ago, Michigan’s response to urbanization created the shotgun zone (Zone III) in a day when shotguns and muzzleloaders didn’t pack the punch they do today.  Much has changed since then.  Modern in-line muzzleloaders and shotguns loaded with sabots and modern powders produce much higher velocities than anything imaginable back in the day, yet Michigan residents have experienced no adverse safety effects, as a result. 

Conventional wisdom was finally condemned in a 2007 study by Mountain Top Technologies, Inc. for the Pennsylvania Game Commission when it was charged to determine if shotguns and muzzleloaders pose less risk than centerfire rifles for hunting deer. As part of the study, details such as ballistics, projectile construction, projectile type, topography, land use, population density, hunter density, and structural density were examined.

The study concluded that shotguns are not always as risky as centerfires! Shotguns firing modern saboted ammunition have a larger danger area than the .30-06 rifle when firing with a small or no-aiming error at approximately zero degrees. All this is based on ricochet characteristics. 

Thus, the door was opened for Michigan to update its hunting regulations and did just that in 2014 to include certain straight-wall cartridges for deer hunting.  Today in Zone III the use of .35 caliber or larger rifles loaded with straight-walled cartridges with a minimum case length of 1.16 inches and a maximum case length of 1.8 inches is legal. 

It comes as no surprise that firearms manufacturers recognized the potential sales of newly compliant firearms for Michigan hunters and have followed suit with offerings by Ruger, Savage, Remington and others.  Many hunters are trading in their slug guns, as a result and there are several reasons for so doing.

First, there is the cost factor.  At some $3 per round, modern shotgun ammo is expensive.  In comparison, the relatively new .450 Bushmaster comes in at about $1.35 per round. 

But, what about performance?  A 20-gauge shotgun firing a 250-grain sabot slug produces about 1800 feet per second (fps) velocity with a corresponding 1800 foot pounds of muzzle energy.  However, that .450 Bushmaster propels a 250-grain bullet at 2200 fps with energy at 2686 foot pounds.  Looking at trajectory, if the Bushmaster round is zeroed at 150 yards, it will be only 1.8 inches high at 100 yards and a mere 2.4 inches low at 200 yards.  Even with a conservative 6-inch kill zone, a hunter can hold dead center on a deer’s vitals for an effective point-blank range of 200 yards.  In addition, felt recoil is about the same with the 20-gauge and .450 Bushmaster examples. 

However, if one considers the more punishing recoil of the more popular 12-gauge loads, it’s easy to understand the ground-swell of popularity with the new “Michigan” caliber. 

Finally, the accuracy factor of a good, modern rifle with a decent trigger pull weight invariably will be better than typical shotguns and their inherent heavy triggers.  Plus, handloaders will be able to squeeze even more potential from custom load development.

In summary, if you are in the market for a Zone III firearm for deer, you may want to consider one of the new Michigan guns, which by the way, will be quite suitable in the expansive lands of the northern parts of the state.

Century Arms TP9SFL Pistols Shipping

Delray Beach, Fla. –– Century Arms, the exclusive importer of Canik handguns and accessories, has announced the newest addition to the Canik TP9 series handgun line, the TP9SFL.
The long slide TP9SFL was designed to provide shooters with a tactical version of the popular TP9SFX competition-ready pistol while maintaining all of its performance characteristics.

“The TP9SFL handgun, with its added sight radius, has the potential to be used not only as a self-defense pistol, but also as a competition gun.” said Jason Karvois, Century Arms Director of Sales. “It shares favorable features with the TP9SFx, Canik’s race-ready competition model, while having all the features needed in a full-size duty pistol.” Read more

Steiner Offers Two Promotions for the Holidays

GREELEY, CO — As shoppers begin to think about the holiday season and what to get the shooting enthusiast on their list, Steiner is offering two special promotions that are hard to resist. Both promotions run now through December 31, 2017.

The first promotion offers a set of free T-Series Rings ($230 retail value) with the purchase of any Steiner riflescope. The second promotion offers a free Spuhr mount with the purchase of an M5Xi 3-15x or 5-25x riflescope ($410 retail value). Optics must be purchased through Steiner authorized dealers and the offers cannot be combined. Visit www.steiner-optics.com/promotions for more details. Read more

Michigan Pheasant Restoration Initiative

Made up of many partners, MPRI is a conservation initiative to restore and enhance Michigan pheasant habitat (grasslands), populations, and hunting opportunities on private and public lands via pheasant cooperatives.

Mid-Point Accomplishments Report, detailing the work the coalition completed in the first five years of the MPRI partnership, is available for review. The 2016 MPRI Annual Report is also available.

Michigan Pheasant Season Outlook

“A few years ago, Outdoor Life magazine rated Michigan’s Thumb in the top 10 places in the country to go wild pheasant hunting, which points to the fact that pheasant hunting is still alive and well in our state,” said Al Stewart, Department of Natural Resources upland game bird specialist. “The DNR and our partners are making progress towards creating more quality pheasant hunting opportunities with the Michigan Pheasant Restoration Initiative, a collaborative effort to revitalize Michigan pheasants.”

While pheasant populations have been in decline for several years, pheasants can be found in southern Lower Michigan and in some areas of the Upper Peninsula. The best counties for pheasant hunting are in south-central to mid-Michigan and into the Thumb.

There are some localized concentrations of birds elsewhere based on habitat availability. Stewart advises hunters to look for warm-season grasses, especially idled farm fields. Late-season hunters can have success in cattail and shrub lands adjoining picked agricultural fields.

A Ring-Necked Pheasant Status Report for Michigan has recently been completed and is available for viewing.improve close to 3,500 acres.

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