Defining Ethics in Long-Range Shooting

By Glen Wunderlich

When it comes to long-range shooting relative to hunting, I suspect most Michiganders would consider 200 yards a reasonable limit.  If one hunts in the southern portion of the lower peninsula – known as the shotgun zone or limited firearm deer zone – 150 yards would fit the description for most sportsmen.  In Western states the maximum ethical range is much farther.  So, the issue becomes how far is too far?

Just as modern motor vehicles are capable of speeds well beyond any legal limit, most firearms will outshoot the operators’ potential, as well.  As ammunition, optics, firearms and related gear continue to be improved,  it’s only natural to push the limits.  While doing so can be challenging at the practice range, it’s entirely another matter afield.

“It’s not about distance; it’s about intent,” said Bill Demmer, Boone and Crocket Club president.

He explained, “Hunters have varying degrees of marksmanship skills and capabilities. Some are steady only out to 100 yards. Others are very efficient at much longer distances. All kinds of field conditions also factor into what is or isn’t an ethical shot. So, within reasonable sideboards, it’s impossible to use distance as a measurement of fair chase.”

The Club urges all hunters to think carefully of the consequences of long-range shooting, whether hunting with a rifle, bow, muzzleloader, crossbow, or handgun, and not confuse the purposes and intent of long-range shooting with fair chase hunting.

Although getting too close to game can be problematic, any sportsman should define his own personal limits and doing so comes from practice.

There’s no excuse for not understanding terminal ballistics or the energy needed to humanely kill big game animals.  It’s all out there with every major ammunition manufacturer providing free ballistic programs online.  Obviously, a bullet that becomes anemic downrange must be ruled out in fairness to the quarry.   But, how else can a sportsman determine limitations?

First off, nobody’s perfect, but with myriad variables there’s a simple barometer for any hunter to follow:  the 9 out of 10 rule.  Whatever the chosen firearm or bow, a shooter must be able to hit the target 9 out of 10 times.  And, “the target” should be somewhat smaller than the kill zone of the game being pursued, thus allowing a larger margin for error.

While it makes for challenging competition at the practice range, a sportsman translates the limiting results afield, and therefore, defines his personal ethical standards.

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Rock Island Armory Now Shipping .22 TCM Rifles to the US

August 20th, 2014 (Pahrump NV) – Rock Island Armory this month shipped the first batch of 100 production .22 TCM Bolt-Action Rifles to the United States. The company plans to continue serving the American market with a recurring supply of 300 additional rifles every month for the foreseeable future. This rifle is exclusively designed to harness the power of the Armscor .22 TCM 40-grain jacketed hollow point cartridge and averages 2,800 feet per second out of the barrel.

“We’re excited to bring this rifle to US consumers,” said Martin Tuason, CEO of Rock Island Armory and Armscor Precision International. “The door is now open to an entirely new segment of shooters to enjoy the merits of this new and powerful cartridge.”

The first shipment of .22 TCM Rifles can be found through Big Rock Sports, Ellett Brothers, Davidson’s, RSR Group INC, Williams Shooters Supply and Zanders Sporting Goods. Additional distributors and online retailers will have their own inventory upon later shipments.

Rock Island Armory .22 TCM Rifle Feature Set:
- Bolt-Action
- Chambered exclusively for .22 TCM ammunition
- 5 round standard capacity
- Interchangeable with .22 TCM 17 round pistol magazine
- 22.75 inch barrel
- Overall length 40.5 inches
- Parkerized finish
- Light at 6 lbs. empty
- Rail mount scope
- Ideal for mid-range use hunting

See the .22 TCM in action here: Continue reading

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State-owned surplus land in Cheboygan County to be offered

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources will offer two parcels of land in Cheboygan County for sale by live public auction Saturday, Aug. 23, 2014 in Rogers City, Michigan. The auction will begin at noon at the Rogers City High School gymnasium, 1033 W. Huron Ave.

Registration will begin at 11 a.m. Bidders may pre-register at The site also includes information about the live auction, as well as details about the properties. Click on “DNR Auction Burt Lake Waterfront” for minimum bid amount, photos, map, and conditions of sale.  Continue reading

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Plan Ahead for Food Plot Success

The month of August can be a very busy month for wildlife management chores. Dove season is right around the corner as well as archery season for deer. Formulating a plan this time of year on what, when, and where you are going to plant cool season plots can save time and frustration. Waiting until the very last minute and scrambling to find seed, equipment or fertilizer can be a major headache.

A great task for this time of year is to go ahead and do an equipment check and see if any repairs are in order before planting season. Pull your tractor under a shade tree and make sure all fluids, belts, hoses, and tires are up to snuff and ready for use. Bush-hog blades can be checked for sharpness, and the gear box for the proper amount of fluid. Discs may have bearings or blades that need to be replaced, this is also a good time to grease all bearing fittings. Fertilizer and seed spreaders are always in need of some repair it seems. Give your spreader a good run through and see if there are any parts that need repair or replacement. These all seem like common sense farm chores, but doing them before planting season rolls around can help fall planting go much more smoothly by avoiding break downs in the field that cost you valuable time. Continue reading

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Public tours of Black River sturgeon hatchery offered Aug. 23

The Department of Natural Resources, Michigan State University, Tower-Kleber Limited Partnership and Sturgeon For Tomorrow will host sturgeon hatchery tours at the Black River facility near Onaway, Michigan, Saturday, Aug. 23. Tours will run from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Continue reading

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Maine Bear Hunting Under Attack!

firstforhuntersblackbearheadonThe Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is trying to put an end to Maine’s bear hunting season on the November 4, 2014 ballot. Through a statewide ballot petition, the HSUS is attempting to ban the most common forms of bear hunting in Maine, including hounding, baiting, and trapping.

However Maine’s hunting community, and hunters throughout New England, are not standing idly by. Maine’s annual bear hunting season is about to begin and sportsmen all over the state and throughout the country need to guarantee 2014 isn’t Maine’s last bear season.

SCI’s membership in Maine along with the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, Sportsmen’s Alliance of Maine, the Maine Professional Guides Association and other partners are aggressively fighting a campaign against the HSUS and their anti-hunting friends. With the November 4th election less than 90 days away your support is needed now. Continue reading

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One Last Step To Protect Conservation In Michigan: Your Help Is Needed TODAY


Contact Your State Representative TODAY

Lansing, MI – On Wednesday, August 27th the Michigan State House of Representatives will take the final step to pass a citizen-initiated law called the Scientific Fish & Wildlife Conservation Act (SFWCA).  Safari Club International (SCI) and all hunters support SFWCA – And today you need to pick up the phone to call your State Representative.  Ask for their support on August 27th for SFWCA.  Make sure your representative is calling their fellow legislators asking for their support as well.

Call 517-373-0135 and ask to speak with your Representative today.

Or you can find your own personal Representative online

To find your Representative click: Michigan House of Representatives or visit Continue reading

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Outfoxed on Michigan Wolves

This from


There’s been a fight in many states over how to manage the resurgent wolf populations. The gray wolf, which was once hunted to near extinction, has through the past few decades made a substantial recovery and is no longer endangered in certain areas of the US. That has led some states to propose different management plans, because wolves can, for example, kill animals on ranches.

Michigan planned to have a limited wolf hunting season to help manage the population of the predator. But this was reflexively opposed by HSUS, an organization that is against hunting–its CEO has even spoken against hunting for food. What’s happened since has been a bit of gamesmanship.

Essentially, the Michigan legislature allowed for the hunting of wolves (there are estimated to be 600 in the Upper Peninsula) after the delisting of the animals. HSUS tried to start a ballot measure to overturn this law. Then, the legislature passed a second law to neutralize this HSUS initiative. HSUS then started a second initiative to overturn this law.

Then, hunting and conservation advocates started their own initiative, proposing a law that would neutralize the second HSUS ballot measure. They turned in about 300,000 signatures last month, and the initiative was sent to the legislature for consideration. (The legislature has 40 days to either approve the bill or put it on the ballot.) Yesterday, the Michigan Senate approved the measure, and the House is expected to do so within two weeks.
In other words, HSUS’s two initiative drives will be pointless. HSUS will have been outmaneuvered. Continue reading

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Montana Democrat Candidate for U.S. Senate

How liberals think:

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Remington Announces Layoffs in New York

According to reports from WKTV-TV, Remington Arms has told its unions there will be 105 jobs lost at the nation’s oldest gun manufacturing facility in Ilion, New York. In May, Remington announced it would be relocating 80 jobs from the Ilion facility to Huntsville, Alabama. The jobs were relocated, but the employees were not. We’re following the story and will update you as news develops.

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