Hogue Inc. Announces Rem. 700 OverMolded Stock

Hogue Incorporated is pleased to announce their OverMoldedĀ® rubber stock for the Remington 700 that now accommodates an Accuracy International (AICS) detachable box magazine. With the growing popularity of using a detachable box magazine with bolt action rifles, Hogue manufactured a stock that comes cut with what’s known as a “Badger inlet” and readily accepts M5 pattern bottom metal for a detachable box magazine.The inlet in the factory stock on the Remington 700 is too small to accommodate a bottom plate for a detachable box magazine. The inlet that needs to be cut has popularly become known as a “Badger inlet,” so in an effort to eliminate the burden of alterations for the end user, Hogue designed a stock that already comes cut with the inlet and fits the Remington 700 perfectly. The benefits are two-fold. First, the shooter has a much more comfortable and sturdy stock composed of Hogue’s OverMolded rubber, and secondly he or she is able to “turn grandpa’s bolt action rifle into a modern military sporting weapon,” stated owner Pat Hogue. “There’s really no better way to manage ammunition while using a bolt action rifle.”

The Remington 700 OverMolded stock with Badger inlet contains a full length aluminum bedding block inside the frame of the stock. This solid aluminum is a 7075 aircraft aluminum block that completely surrounds the action and extends full length into the forend. This full length block absolutely guarantees the ultimate in accuracy potential by providing rock-solid stability over the full length of the stock. In fact, the Hogue full bed block stock has been independently tested and was the only stock that retained zero movement after a 30 foot drop.

Currently the Remington 700 OverMolded stock with “Badger inlet” is offered in black for both standard and heavy barrels, and is priced at $259.95 MSRP.

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