The Pedersoli Howdah Now Available Through Italian Firearms Group

Devastating Firepower and a Fascinating History
AMARILLO, TX (September 28, 2017) – Imported exclusively by the Italian Firearms Group, Pedersoli’s Howdah 45/410 is a double-triggered, breech loading reproduction of the famous Auto & Burglar pistol produced by Ithaca in the 1920’s. Yet, Pedersoli’s version incorporates very different design features, making it completely legal for importation and purchase in the United States.

The Howdah 45/410 is chambered in 45 Colt, and features rifled, 10.25-inch barrels, with lengthened chambers to also handle three-inch .410 shotshells. The pistol is furnished with a ramp front sight and folding rear leaf sight. The rear grip fits snugly in the hand allowing easily controlled use.

You won’t find polymer or other synthetic materials on the Howdah! The grip is made of hand-checkered American Walnut, the receiver is case colored, and a fine checkering pattern covers the unlocking mechanism for easy handling. The rear trigger fires the left-side barrel, the front trigger the right side, and the triggers break cleanly at right around 3.5 pounds.

A great choice for home defense, the Howdah’s nifty size also makes for a fine truck gun. When loaded with a pair of .410 shotshells, it’s first-rate “snake medicine,” too.

The Howdah is based on the muzzleloader, flintlock Howdah pistols carried by hunters in Africa and India in the early 19th century. Fitted with two or four barrels, they were used for up-close defense against dangerous game.

In 1922, the Ithaca Gun Company introduced the Ithaca Auto & Burglar, a 4.5 lb. side-by-side pistol with a 10-inch double-barrel chambered in 20-gauge. As the name implies, it was intended to be kept in a car or truck in case of potentially dangerous encounters with highwaymen (a very real threat in those days) or as a nightstand gun for home defense.

The Pedersoli Howdah continues these legacies, combining very potent firepower in a handy package. The Howdah is legal to purchase without an NFA Tax Stamp–or NFA wait times. MSRP: $1350.00.

For more information on the Pedersoli Howdah and other fine firearms for hunting, shooting, and tactical markets , contact Italian Firearms Group at (800) 450-1852 or visit

About Pedersoli
Founded in 1957, Davide Pedersoli and Co., Gardone, Italy, manufacturers a diverse collection of working reproductions and historically-based firearms for recreational shooters, re-enactors, and hunters. Pedersoli offerings range from dueling pistols to revolvers, from target and hunting rifles to infantry muskets. Also included are some of the most icon firearms in American history, like the 1874 Sharps Silhouette rifle and the black powder Hawken.
About the Italian Firearms Group Established in 2010, the Italian Firearms Group (IFG) is the importer of four respected Italian firearms manufacturers: F.A.I.R.; Sabatti; Tanfoglio; and Pedersoli. Each gun maker produces at least one of the four primary categories of firearms manufacturing–competition handguns, hunting rifles, sporting shotguns, and historical recreations—combining European craftsmanship with cutting edge technological design and manufacturing. To better serve the American market with timely delivers and customer service, IFG’s headquarters, warehouse and distribution center are located in Amarillo, Texas. Dealer inquiries are welcome.

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