The Prime Centergy X1 Target Bow

The Prime Centergy X1 Target Bow:
Unrivaled tunability in a true center-grip bowMemphis, Michigan —Prime Archery®, by G5® Outdoors—the leading manufacturer of premium technologically advanced archery equipment, is proud to introduce the X1 series of Prime compound bows. Designed as a premium competition bow and available in 36″ and 39″ axle to axle options, the X1 bows feature the superior performance of a true center-grip bow with tunability that is unmatched.

The superior performance of the X1 is achieved via three key technologies:

True Center Grip Riser Design. The center grip design creates a more stable platform to aim from while under load. The riser is balanced with an equal amount of the bow below your grip and an equal amount above the grip, delivers significantly reduced pin movement at full draw – resulting in a better aiming bow.

Swerve Riser Design. The Swerve ensures that the riser flex and movement above the grip and below the grip are the same. This allows for easy tuning, unlike other center grip bows, but more importantly this technology significantly improves arrow flight and accuracy.
Asymmetrical Cam system: The newly designed TRC parallel cams feature a larger cam at the top and smaller cam at the bottom to maintain dead-level nock travel, even with a center-grip technology.

An appropriately placed grip, a riser that is designed to flex and work in unison at top and bottom, and a cam system that works with this riser technology to maintain level knock travel results in a bow that aims better, tunes better, and ultimately shoots better.

Prime X1 Series Stats:
Axle to Axle: 39″ & 36″ inch options
Draw length: 25.5″ to 31″ for 39″ bow, 24.5″ to 30″ for 36″ bow, in 1/2″ increments
Brace height: 6.9 inches on 36″, 7.2 inches on the 39″
Mass weight: 4.3 pounds 36″, 4.6 pounds 39″
Draw weight: 40, 50, 60, and 70 pounds
IBO speed: 325 fps 36″, 320 fps 39″ ATA
Color Options: Black, Recon Gray, Ghost Green, Tactical Tan, Teal, Orange, Blue, Emerald Green, Malbec Red, Blood Red and Magenta Satin
MSRP: $1,599.00

Prime Bows are proudly made in America, by Americans. Designed by diehard hunters and dedicated archers, Prime’s high-quality standards will continually increase with the perpetual dedication to be the leaders of technological advancements in the archery world

Get locked on—and stay locked on—with the new Prime Centergy. Stop by your local dealer to shoot a G5 Prime bow today, and forever change what you should expect from a bow.

To learn more about the new Prime Centergy or any other Prime products, contact Glenn Walker at, visit or call (866) 456-8836.

About G5 Outdoors:
G5 Outdoors L.L.C. is a family owned business established in 2000 and backed by more than 40 years of precision manufacturing experience. G5 strives to provide superior products that are Designed to Hunt™ through precision manufacturing and innovative design.

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