Plano Reinvents the Arrow Box

Model 112400 Crossbow Max Bolt Case shown

Model 112400 Crossbow Max Bolt Case shown

Plano Reinvents The Plastic Arrow Box With The All-new Crossbow Max Bolt Case And All-new Arrow Max Case

Plano, IL – Archers’ arrows are where you find them: a few in the bow case, six in the quiver, and a dozen in that cardboard thingy behind the door. Specialized arrow tubes and plastic arrow cases see their share of action too, but have their limitations. Most arrow tubes provide great crush resistance, but access is limited to a narrow opening at one end. Plastic box-type cases provide better access and more efficient storage, but may not be as strong as tubes. Read more

Muzzy Introduces the New M.O.R.E. Turkey Broadhead

CARTERSVILLE, Ga. (January 7, 2015) – Named after four species of turkey-Merriam’s, Osceola, Rio Grande, and Eastern-the innovative new M.O.R.E.™ turkey broadhead from Muzzy is designed to stop a longbeard in its tracks with a massive 3-inch cutting diameter and 125-grain weight.

The Muzzy M.O.R.E. 3-blade is built with .051-inch-thick stainless steel blades that are precisely sharpened to provide instantaneous decapitation. The M.O.R.E broadhead is a true fixed-blade design, but it converts into a locked fold-back configuration with a 3/4-inch diameter for storage and transport with two twists of the stainless steel Trocar tip. When ready to hunt, simply loosen the tip, set the blades, and retighten the tip to lock it down. The blades have a 1.5 -degree right offset for improved accuracy and durability. Read more

Game & Fish/Sportsman Posts Exclusive Online Review Of New Zeiss Crossbow Scope

Excellent glass and a unique ballistic reticle make Zeiss’ XB75 crossbow scope worth a look for your crossbow hunting. Photo by John Geiger.

Terra XB75 boasts great glass, unique ballistic reticle in this growing segment of the hunting industry

Kennesaw, Ga. – The first review of Zeiss’ first-ever crossbow scope is now online, and hunters can now decide if the new Terra XB75 is worth the $400-plus price tag.

The review is at

John Geiger, senior editor at Game & Fish/Sportsman magazine and the editor of Crossbow Revolution, found that the German-engineered and -designed 2-7×32 rifle-style crossbow scope performed as billed and offered some innovative features. He also had a few suggestions for making it even better.

Glass is the heart of any scope, and the writer found that Zeiss’ MC coatings on the Schott glass were excellent, especially for a scope that hunters would likely use within 75 yards. Zeiss is known for quality optics that are effective at hundreds of yards for long-range rifle hunting. While crossbows can be accurate to more than 100 yards, environmental conditions, hunter skill, crossbow power and other factors often reduce the actual point-of-impact accuracy and kinetic energy at longer distances. As a result, most crossbow hunters consider an ethical shooting distance to be about 40 yards. At that distance and beyond, this glass will give hunters excellent clarity at first light and at last light, when game is often most active.

The scope’s reticle is designed to give the hunter quick arrow-drop compensation. Hunters can choose an aiming point from 17 1/2 yards all the way to 75 yards at an amazing 2 1/2-yard increments – without adjusting on the fly. Read more

Carbon Express® Unveils 2015 Whitetail® Arrow

Flushing, MI – Carbon Express®, creators of the finest arrows, broadheads, crossbows, crossbolts and accessories, introduce the 2015 Whitetail® arrow. With blistering speed and precision accuracy, this is an arrow that needs to find itself in every bowhunters quiver this coming season.

The new Carbon Express Whitetail arrow which was ranked Best in its class by the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), delivers exceptional shooting performance through use of lightweight carbon materials for slashing speed and tighter pin gaps from 10 to 50 yards. Engineered with compact NRG-2 vanes, allowing for extra arrow velocity and flatter trajectory. A premium polished finish delivers smooth release off the arrow rest and greater stealth in the field. Read more

The Intercept Axon® LT from Carbon Express

Flushing, MI – Carbon Express® has taken the original Intercept Axon Crossbow and made it even better. The new and improved Intercept Axon® LT is lighter and more balanced, featuring the specifications needed to become a more accurate and consistent shooter.

The ultra-compact Intercept Axon LT is a best-in-class crossbow that delivers a new level of performance. The patented Axon is built on the Intercept Chassis™ – a crossbow platform that uses the same reliable, modular component system as AR black guns. The Axon comes loaded with top-of-the-line accessories and is designed to be customized and adjusted to fit any shooting style and hunting situation.

The new 2015 Axon LT features a thinner extruded barrel and machined riser. The result is a lighter, more responsive front end, improved balance and better shooting performance. SilenTech™ Coating, a rubber-like exterior finish has been added to the Axon LT which reduces vibration and dampens sound on the crossbow for improved and quieter hunting in the field. The Intercept Axon LT comes ready to hunt with factory-matched components including a rope cocker, quick-detach 3 arrow quiver with side bracket, 3 Maxima Blue Streak® 20″ crossbolts, rail lubricant, 3 practice points and a 4×32 deluxe lighted scope for superior performance.

The innovative design of the Intercept Axon LT has made it compatible with the same modular accessories as AR black guns. It features 29 inches of Picatinny rail for unlimited modular customization options, including AR grips, optics, slings, butt stocks, mounts, lights, lasers, colors and more. Precision engineered with advanced features, including a CNC machined trigger box housing with precision internal components and anti-dry-fire mechanism with no-creep trigger that achieves a clean break at a pull weight of just 3.5 lbs. Read more

New Breed Archery Introduces the 2015 BLADE

Fultondale, AL – When it comes to choosing the right bow there are certain characteristics that discriminating hunters look for. Speed, forgiveness, a smooth draw and a quiet shot are just a few. However, finding them all in one place can often prove very difficult. Fortunately, the new 2015 BLADE from New Breed Archery makes the search easy. It has them all.

With a distinctive look, the BLADE sets itself apart from the competition with its cutting edge gusset brace riser, titanium bolt kit with stainless steel hardware, a fluted riser, two-piece extended pocket design and an adjustable cable guard. Together they provide the foundation for one lethal hunting bow. Read more

The Shuriken™ Broadhead from Carbon Express Makes the Cut

The Shuriken™ Broadhead from Carbon Express Makes the Cut
Flushing, MI – Carbon Express® will have you locating and following consistent blood trails like never before with the introduction of the Shuriken™ Broadhead. The lethal dual blade design of this broadhead has been built to create a deadly impact and exit wound allowing you to recover your trophy in little time and distance.

The Shuriken Broadhead sports a 30% size increase over the XT Dual Blade which has generated up to a 295% greater wound channel. The Shuriken is available in 3 packs of 100 grain size, with an MSRP of $29.99. The combination of accuracy and power has made the Shuriken Broadhead from Carbon Express a danger to all big game animals.

Carbon Express Products Increase Arrow Performance

Flushing, MI – Carbon Express® would like to introduce two new and innovative arrow accessory products that have been built to meet the needs of hunters and competitive shooters who demand top-of-the-line performance from their arrows.

The all new Carbon Express Nock Bushing has been engineered for insertion of a LAUNCHPAD® .244″ Precision Nock allowing use in larger diameter shafts. The upgraded bushing fits CXLTM Pro, Line Jammer® Pro, X-Jammer-27TM Pro and X-BusterTM models. With precision machined 6041 aluminum at a straightness of 0.001″ and weighing just 25.5 grains, this Nock Bushing will drive arrow performance to new levels.

Carbon Express has also developed a high performance Parabolic Field Point. These points boast a steel construction featuring a threaded weight with cut off groves for several different weight increments creating an extremely user friendly accessory. Read more

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