Arizona Confirms Wolf Conservation Support, Objects to New Wolf Releases

PHOENIX — The Arizona Game and Fish Commission (Commission) today voted 3-1 to continue both its financial and infrastructure support of Mexican wolf conservation in the state, but voted not to support the release of any new wolves until the federal government completes certain critical planning measures. Previously, all initial releases of captive Mexican wolves in the U.S. have occurred in Arizona with the concurrence and support of the Game and Fish Department. Read more

Obama Breaks Another Promise: Horsemeat is Back

I sure don’t know how many times I have consumed horsemeat.  But, I do remember when McDonald’s got in trouble for sneaking it into its burgers years ago – many years ago when I was a kid.  No, I am not horsing around.  I have a vivid memory regarding the horsemeat/fine announcement, although I have yet to find anything on the net referencing anything more than rumors.

I don’t recall the specific year, but I do remember where I was when I heard about it.  I was returning from Plumbrook Golf Course (in suburban Detroit) with my father, after caddying for him in a golf league event.  So, this would have put the matter on the calendar about 50 years ago.  The news came over the am radio in the car on the way home, that McDonalds had been fined for using horsemeat in its burgers.  Seems like the fine was $15,000 but I wouldn’t be on it.

Now, Obama has gone back on his campaign promise made to animal-rights whackos to keep horses from being slaughtered for meat.

Without getting into the debate about eating relatives of Mr. Ed, the point of this post is simple:  Obama lied – again when he said he would support “a permanent ban on horse slaughter and exports of horses for human consumption.”

Guess what administration stopped the practice of killing horses for food.  Yep, Bush did it when he stopped the funding of federal inspections in year 2006, thus ending the practice.


Woods and Water Columnist, Herb Boldt, Dies

A fellow writer, Herb Boldt, with whom I had shared print space in The Argus-Press, has died at the age of 84.  Herb wrote a weekly column called “Woods and Water”.  He retired in 2005 and once commented that he had the greatest job in the world.

I agree, Herb.  In fact, it never seems to be a job at all.  Some of Herb’s work is below.–Woods–Water/

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